How To Add A Wireless Printer To An Ipad?

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Though we are living in a digitalized era, we still need to print paper. Sometimes we have to print pictures, files, and other documents. It is difficult to carry a wired printer everywhere. Don’t worry! Nowadays, wireless printers are also available. Before knowing how to add a wireless printer to an iPad, you have to know about AirPrint.


Suppose you want to add a wireless printer to the iPad. In that case, Most of the wireless printers can be compatible with the AirPrint. You can also connect a wireless printer without AirPrint.


What is AirPrint?


It is an application authorized by Apple technology. Moreover, it helps to print out documents, pictures, and files through wireless printers.


You don’t need to connect your iPad with a wired printer. Also, it ensures easy printing.


Let us share with you some wireless printer models that can be compatible with AirPrint.


Furthermore, the AirPrint enabled printer models are: Hp Deskjet 3522, Hp 5660, Canon imageclass mf240, Brother printers and more models. You will find the compatible models on Apple authorized websites.


Here you will know how to add a wireless printer to the iPad in two ways. Let’s dive in.


How to add a wireless printer to iPad with AirPrint


1. The first thing you have to do is check if your wireless printer is compatible with AirPrint.


2. Go to the files you want to print. Select your document from anywhere on your iPad.


3. Find the ‘Share’ and click on it. If you can’t find the button, then you have to check into the three straight lines.



how to add a wireless printer to an iPad




1. After that, you will notice the pop-up button. Click the ‘Print’ button.




how to add a wireless printer to an iPad





1. Then the ‘Printer Options’ will appear on the screen. So you have to choose the ‘Printer’.


2. Select ‘copy’. You can print multiple copies at one time.


3. Now you need to click on the ‘Print’ button. Your printing will start soon.


4. Before printing, you need to add papers to your wireless printer.


You can also add new printer details with a similar process. But if your printer has been compatible with AirPrint.


Now you will know how you can add a wireless printer without AirPrint. Here you go.


 How to add a wireless printer to iPad without AirPrint?




how to add a wireless printer to an iPad




1. If your wireless printer isn’t compatible with AirPrint, then you have to install the printer’s software. You will find it online.


2. The second step is to turn on the wi-fi connection of your wireless printer.


3. After that, you have to go into your iPad wi-fi settings.


4. Wait for a while and check the ‘Other Networks’ to find the printer.


5. Tap into your printer option. And you have to drag down the file or document you want to print.


6. You will find the ‘Share’ button. Click it. Now you can connect the printer with the software application.


7. Finally, you will get the printing option. And go through the copy selection process. You can print more than one copy. At last, click the ‘Print’ button.


Wrapping up


We hope by now you will realize how to add a wireless printers to iPad. You may think it’s quite simple. In that case, your assumption is correct. It is an easy-going process. You can add your wireless printer to iPad, iPad pro, iPad 2 and iPad air as well.


If you want to print with the AirPrint process, then you have to confirm its compatibility. Otherwise, you can follow the process without AirPrint. It is up to you.

That’s it.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Can you add a Canon imageclass wireless printer to my iPad?


Yes. You can. All Canon printers are not capable of connecting iPad with AirPrint. Some models of Canon imageclass wireless printers are capable. Thus, you can follow the steps that don’t require AirPrint as well.


2. How do you get your iPad to recognize your wireless printer?


First of all, check the printer switch. You have to make sure you have turned on your printer. Moreover, refresh the wi-fi tab of your iPad. Also, restart your wireless printer. We hope your problem will be solved.


3. Why will my iPad not connect to my wireless printer?


If your iPad is not connecting, you have to make sure you are using the same wi-fi frequency. You must use a similar frequency for your printer and iPad wi-fi connection. After that, check the printer connection and iPad settings.

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