How To Add Google Drive To Finder On Mac?

Having Google Drive on your Mac device makes your cloud storage more accessible and more convenient for sharing. Again, having Google Drive into your Mac finder makes it more accessible to use. In that case, you might want to know how to add google drive to finder on mac.


Download and install Google Drive. You also need to have Backup and Sync downloaded and launched on your device. Once the Google Drive is added to the Application folder, it is ready to be added to the Mac finder. Go to the application folder and drag it to the desired tab on your device.


The apps in the Mac finders are easy to find and access. If you use Google Drive more frequently, then adding it to the Mac finder makes it more convenient to use.


Why Do You Need Google Drive on Your Mac Device?


Google Drive is one of the most used cloud storages. No matter which device people use, Google Drive is accessible to everyone. It’s not specified for macOS, Windows, or Android users. Therefore, people often use Google Drive to store their data.


In the case of macOS users, people often prefer to use iCloud as cloud storage. But if you are new to Mac devices, you might need to access your Google Drive to get your data into your new computer.


Let’s take a look at the possible reasons why you might need the Google Drive app on your Mac device.


  • If you are new to Mac devices, you might need to transfer your data from Google Drive to iCloud. Therefore, you will need Google Drive to sync your data into your device.
  • iCloud cannot be exchanged on Android or Windows conveniently. Therefore, to access your data on every possible device, people often choose Google Drive.
  • Google Drive lets you sync between local and cloud files.
  • If you have access to multiple Google accounts, it’s easy to share Google Drive files.


Even if all your devices are running macOS, having Google Drive makes sharing and storing data more accessible.


How To Download Google Drive


Google Drive is a cloud storage site for Google users. People often prefer to use iCloud as an online storage system for macOS. This is why you might think that you will not have Google Drive on your Mac device.


You will not find my Google Drive app on your app store from the Mac device. For this, you will have to take help from a third-party link. To do so, take the following steps.


Step 1: Open the search engine on your device.

Step 2: Now type “download Google Drive for Mac.”

Step 3: Lots of download links will appear. Make sure to choose the authentic one. Try to look out for reviews on the website before downloading from there.

Step 4: Select where to store the downloaded folder for the Google Drive app.

Step 5: Now confirm the download and save the file.


The downloaded file will be ready to get installed. If you’re feeling confused about choosing the correct link for downloading the Google Drive app on your Mac device, you can also follow this link.


How To Install Google Drive on Mac


Once you are done downloading the file for Google Drive, you can install it easily. It will take only a few steps to install Google Drive into your Mac device.


The steps are briefly discussed in the following:


Step 1: Go to the folder where you have downloaded Google Drive.

Step 2: Open the Google Drive file from the folder.

Step 3: Once you click on the file, you will be redirected towards the installation of Google Drive. Please take it sincerely and confirm the installation.


During the installation, the app will ask permission to use your space. Confirm the space requirement and agree with the terms and conditions.




how to add google drive to finder




Step 4: After the confirmation, Google Drive will get installed into your device, and sign-up will come on the screen.



how to add google drive to finder



With this, you will install Google Drive into your device.


How To Sign Up for Google Drive


If you have a Gmail account, you already have a Google Drive account. But in case you don’t own a Gmail account, you will need to open an account to access Google Drive. Opening a Gmail account is quite simple.


To open a Gmail account, take the following steps.


Step 1: With your search engine, go to “.


Step 2: Input your first and last names in the given bar.

Step 3: Choose a username according to your preference.

Step 4: Give your password and confirm it.

Step 5: To confirm your password, you can enable “Show Password.”

Step 6: Now click on Next.

Step 7: It will redirect you to input a security phone number or an email.

Step 8: Input the security code sent to you in your phone number or email account.

Step 9: Agree with the terms and conditions, and your Gmail account has been created.


Once you have created your Gmail account, it is ready to sign in to your Google drive app.


For this, go to your Google Drive app. On the given bar, give your Gmail address and press next. Now input your password for your Gmail account. With this, you will get logged in to your google drive.


How To Set Up Google Drive on Mac


To set up Google Drive on Mac, you will need to have Backup and Sync software on your device. This helps you access your Google Drive from your Mac device. Here are the ways to sync Google Drive with your Mac device.


Download Backup and Sync


After getting yourself the Google Drive app, it’s time to get Backup and Sync. To do so, take the following steps.


Step 1: From your web browser, go to Google Drive.

Step 2: On “For individuals Backup and Sync,” you will get the option for download.

Step 3: Click on Download.

Step 4: From the pop-up window for “Google Drive terms of service,” click on Agree and Download.


After this, Backup and Sync will be downloaded on your device.


Install Backup and Sync


After completing the download, it’s time to install Backup and Sync on your Mac device.


Once you have downloaded the file, a pop-up screen will appear. The pop-up window will have an “InstallBackupAndSync.dmg” file on it.


After a while, a new window pops up. Drag and drop the “Backup and Sync from Google” file over the application folder on that new window.


After this, the contents will get copied to the application folder. Once the transformation is completed, it’s time to close the window.


Launch “Backup and Sync from Google”


To launch backup and sync from Google, you will need to go to Finder and click on Application. You can locate it on the left side of your window.


Find “Backup and Sync from Google” and double-click on the file in the application. On the pop-up screen, select Open. It will redirect you to “All of your files at your fingertips.” Select Get Started from there.


Once you have launched Backup and Sync from Google, it is time to access your Google drive from your Mac device. Now you can sync your Google drive from your Mac.


The files can be synced into your Mac from Google Drive and from Mac to your Google Drive.


How To Sync Google Drive on Mac For The First Time


Once you have set Google Drive on Mac with Backup and Sync from Google, your account syncs automatically. But when the sync is done for the first time, it is a must to set preference.


To sync, you get two choices. Those are:


  • Stream Files: You can access My files from your computer and cloud in the stream file options. It makes the files available offline. In case of any changes, it syncs the update automatically.


  • Mirror Files: It will store My Drive files on the cloud and computer. It gets automatically updated once online.




how to add google drive to finder




Once you select your preference, it will be remembered by Google Drive every time you get logged in. But if you want, you can change the preferences anytime you want.


How To Know Which Preference to Select


Selecting the preference on Google Drive to sync is essential. But you might feel confused regarding which preference to select. Depending on the internet connection and hard drive space, you can choose between stream files and mirror files.


Knowing the preferences in detail considering the pros and cons will help you understand which one to select.


Stream files


If you consider the pros of stream file syncing, storage comes first.


Using stream files takes less storage on your Mac hard drive. Even though it takes less space, you can still access all the files on your Mac device. These files can also be edited from your Mac device.


But when you discuss the cons of stream file sinking preference, you will need more data for internet access.


In short, we can say that stream file syncing takes less space in your device but consumes more internet when online.


Mirror Files


In Mirror Files syncing, the pros and cons work opposite to Stream Files syncing.


When you prefer mirror files sinking, the files are saved on your computer and in Google Drive. The availability of the files on your computer is not based on the internet connection.


These are the pros of mirror files. It allows you to work on your files even when you’re offline. The updates are automatically synced in Google Drive when connected to the internet.


But there is a con of mirror files. It takes a lot of storage space in your computer’s hard drive. The space it consumes is doubled that of the stream file syncing. Therefore, you can choose mirror files as your preference if you don’t have any space crisis on your hard drive.


How To Add Google Drive To Finder On Mac


Once you download and launch Google Drive on your Mac computer, you can find it in the Application folder. But adding it to the Mac finder makes it more convenient for use. It only takes a few steps to add Google Drive to finder.


Take a look at the steps you will need to take to add Google Drive to the Mac finder.


Step 1: To access your hard drive, you will need to open a Finder window on your Mac device.


Step 2: From the opened Finder window, open the User Folder.




how to add google drive to finder




Step 3: From the User Folder, open the Home Folder and locate the file for Google Drive.




how to add google drive to finder




Step 4: After this, select, press, and hold the command key of your keyboard. Now drag and drop the Google Drive folder on the tabs you wanted to be found.


After reading this post, find your Google Drive in your Mac Finder. Mac finder versus shortcut in your Mac device. Once you add Google Drive into the Mac finder, locating your Google drive on your Mac device becomes more convenient.


How To Access Google Drive from Finder


Mac finder makes it easy to access Google Drive on your Mac device. If you are new to Mac finder and want to access Google Drive, take the following steps:


Step 1: Make sure that Google Drive is added to your Mac finder.

Step 2: Click on your Mac finder on your desktop window.

Step 3: Take a look at the left side of the screen and locate Google Drive on the top.

Step 4: Select and double tap on Google Drive Folder from the Mac finder.


In this way, you can easily access your Google drive from your Mac Finder on your computer.


You will need a few seconds more to access your Google Drive in the Application folder. But Mac finder is the ultimate shortcut to open Google Drive on your Mac device.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can macOS use Google Drive?


You can add Google Drive to your Mac computer. But you will need to have it synced up to the Google Drive folder on your PC.


When you download the Google Drive application, you can utilize Backup and Sync to transfer files between your Mac PC and Google Drive.

Why can’t I use Google Drive on my Mac?


Take a look at the Internet Connection associated with your device. Open the PC’s settings for “Network and Internet” to check whether there are any issues with your internet status, assuming there are any issues.


It could be causing Google Drive not to sync your Mac PC. Look down and click on “Network troubleshooter” to view and fix the internet connection.


Why is Google Drive automatically deleting my files?


Most users said that Google Drive continues to erase documents without their insight or consent.


The missing records can result from Google’s most recent storage policy. The first and most straightforward methodology is to check if your document is situated in the trash folder.


How do I create a Google Drive shortcut on my Mac?


Essentially locate the file on your PC, and right-click on it. Then, at that point, pick New and Shortcut.


Go to the file and folder in Finder on a Mac, right-click on it, then pick Make Alias. You’ll then drag and drop the alias file on your desktop window.


Likewise, you can make a shortcut route to the web version of your Google Drive files and folders.



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Final Words


Google Drive with Backup and Sync enhances your experience in cloud storage. It enables automatic syncing of data from your Mac device to Google drive and vice versa.  Once you know how to add google drive to finder on mac, it becomes more convenient to access.


But before you add Google Drive into the Mac Finder, you will need to download and install it properly. Also, make sure to choose your preference correctly!

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