How To Apply Update From Adb Sideload?

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Is there any problem with Updating your Android mobile? I have got the coolest method for you. Some android users can’t download the latest update on their phones. Today you will get to know about how to apply updates from ADB sideload?- For Windows and Mac.


How would it be if you could update your Android mobile using your PC? That’s the topic that we are going to cover through this article.


You may not be familiar with ADB. Within a while, you will also learn how to run ADB on Windows and Mac. Therefore, you can get rid of Android update-related issues. Let’s skip the intro and make a dive forward.


What is ADB?


ABD is the short form of Android Debug Bridge. This is an Android Development Tool used for applying commands through USB connection. Using ADB you can update your mobile, install apps and share media files. For some reason, there might be a problem with the “Over The Air” update on your phone. In that case, you can apply updates from Adb Sideload. Sideload is the method of transferring files from a PC to a Mobile.


Are you wondering how to use ADB? You’ll learn about that in the below part of this article. However, you can put different commands and apply changes through ADB. Permit me to inform you how to install it.


How To Download And Install Adb Drivers For Windows?


Step 1: Download ADB Drivers For Windows


You will get ADB Drivers for Windows 7,8 and 10 from here.


Drivers files are available in Zip format.


Step 2: Extract The Zipped File


In the 2nd step, you have to right-click on the compressed file and select “Extract Here”




how to apply update from adb sideload




You can do that using 7zip or Winzip.


Step 3: Install The Exe File


Double click on the file and allow the necessary permission to install the exe file. You will see an interface like this.




how to apply update from adb sideload




Step 4: Turn On USB Debug


Go to the connectivity settings of your device and turn on “USB debugging”. After that, connect your Android mobile with the pc with a cable. ADB application shows you the detailed information of your device.


Step 5: Install Drivers


Have you connected your phone with your pc? Well, the ADB tool will show you the “install” option. You ought to click on this to install ADB drivers on windows.


So, that was the process to install the Adb driver on Windows pc. Are you using MAC? Well, we have covered this one too. Here you go.


How To Download And Install Adb Drivers For Mac?


Step 1: Download ADB Drivers For Mac


You ought to start with downloading the ADB drivers for Mac Version. You will get the file from here.


Step 2: Extract The Compressed File


As you can see, the file will be downloaded in Zip format. You have to extract the file by using any extractor application. Extract the file to the Desktop location.


Step 3: Deploy Command


Now, you have to open a terminal window and type “cd /Users/Abhijeet/Desktop/platform-tools/” command on your Mac device.


Step 4: Connect Your Mobile With MAC Pc


Using a USB cable, you have to connect your mobile to the computer. Next to that, you have to write “adb devices” on the terminal window.


Step 5: Confirm USB Debugging


You will get a floating notification on your mobile for confirmation.


From now on, you can apply updates from ADB sideload on Mac. Let me show you the entire process. This is going to be an easy process to apply updates through this method.


Apply Update From Adb Sideload- For Windows and Mac


Step 1: Download Updates File For Your Mobile


At the very first, you need to download update files for your mobile. Are you thinking about where to find the link? You can visit here to download the update file for your device.


Step 2: Connect Your Mobile With Windows or Mac PC


Take a cable and connect your mobile with the computer through it. Next to that, You have to copy the compressed update file and paste it on the desktop.


Step 3: Open Commands Window


For Windows Pc users, hold the shift key and right-click on your desktop. After that, you have to select “Open commands windows here”.




how to apply update from adb sideload




That will bring this command box to your screen.




how to apply update from adb sideload




If you are a Mac user, you have to select the terminal by right-clicking on the desktop. Later on, you ought to write the command “adb devices”.


Your mobile will show you a floating notification to confirm USB debugging. Confirm it and move to the next step.


Step 4: Open Recovery Mode


Write “adb reboot recovery” in the command box to enable recovery mode. Have you done this? At this point, click on the “apply update from fast boot”.


After that, go back to the terminal windows once again and write “adb sideload” on the command box. Within a while, your mobile will be updated.


By following these guidelines, you can apply updates from Adb Sideload.


Final Words


Without updating to the latest version, you won’t be able to utilize all features of your devices and install the latest applications. As you know how to apply updates from Adb sideload for Windows and Mac, you don’t have to rely on “over the air” updates anymore.


Share your thoughts in the comment box about this exclusive process to apply updates.



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1. What does applying updates from ADB mean?


This is the process of applying updates with the Android Debug Bridge tool. It indicates applying updates on Android using a computer.


2. How do I Update my Android firmware?


Go to the settings of your mobile and touch on the “Check for updates”


3. Is the “OTA” update safe?


Yes, the “Over The Air” update is considered safe. You should update your device to the latest version.


4. Should I apply update from ADB?


If you can’t update your device with the OTA method, then you can apply an update from ADB sideload.


5. Is ADB safe to use?


Yes, the ADB updating method is considered safe by the experts.

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