How To Block Pornography Android : 4 Best Ways

Nothing is more disturbing than pornographic content or an advertisement that appears unexpectedly on your device screen. And you know, this always happens when you tend to show something to your parents, partners or friends. 


More importantly, protecting children from these offensive web contents becomes a matter of concern. Since the majority of inappropriate 18+ content is in the form of deceptive web content that is related to advertisements, pop-ups, and many more. 


In this article, we’ll guide you on how to block pornography Android using five different methods. Let’s not waste any more time. 


4 Methods to Block Porn on Android: 


We’ll mainly focus on two aspects. One is how to block porn content i.e. pop-ups, ads, widgets, etc. Two, take possession of browsers and apps as a parent, parental control. 


1. Executing OpenDNS: 


The families that have children, often want to block access to explicit websites like pornography, violence, mature content, and many more. That’s why adults can block the potential inappropriate content, simply by blocking the IP addresses. This can be categorized as sexual content, mature, and pornography.  


Using OpenDNS is one of the most effective methods to ban porn on Android. As well as you can block pretty almost any other offensive content.


how to block pornography android


Once you are connected to the internet, you are mainly using the DNS of your network provider. It is identified as the Internet Service Provider (ISP).


However, when you are using OpenDNS instead of your provider’s DNS, then all the traffic will be filtered precisely. What OpenDNS does is, it blocks all the harmful content and porn before you get it. Here’s how you can set up OpenDNS: 


IP Addresses for OpenDNS Family Shield DNS are:


The service restricts access to pornographic material including “Sexuality”, “Pornography,” and “Tasteless,” categories. Also, it blocks malware access. 


2. Use Google Play restrictions: 


You can simply draw a restriction line on the Google Play service. This will prevent kids from downloading harmful apps or games on your Android device. What exactly you need to do is:


  • Firstly, go to the Google Play Store on your device. 


  • Then open up your Play Store Settings. For that simply tap on the Menu icon on the top left corner and select Settings. 


  • Once you get to the Settings panel, select ‘Parental controls’, tap on it.


how to block pornography android


  • You’ll get the feature turned off. In order to turn it on you have to create a PIN. This way you’ll restrict the contents that you want your children don’t get access to. For the particular account, only you can access the parental control settings. Just keep the PIN number secret. 


This way you can control the age-based control over the category.


3. Introduce a Safe Browser: 


The other solution, similar to installing a parental control app, is to download a secure browser. This is an alternative to regular web browsers like Chrome and Opera, but it still blocks a large proportion of adult content.


Make these browsers default on your device. It’ll make sure only safe and secure content will be downloaded. 


4. Turn on Google SafeSearch: 


The most obvious way to prevent porn on your Android will be by allowing the Google Safe Search feature. SafeSearch is a Google Search feature that filters out pictures and videos that are offensive or pornographic. It provides an additional layer of security for malicious content. You can turn it on or off from the browser itself. 


how to block pornography android


Once you install it perfectly, it’ll automatically block all the potential inappropriate images, videos, and web content. 


Set Google search engine: The browser you are using (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. ) on your Android device makes sure Google is the default search engine. 


Enable SafeSearch: On your Android device open the Google app and tap on the menu icon. Slowly scroll down to Search Settings. Next, press on ‘Filter explicit results’ exactly under SafeSearch. 


Take a routine check: Make sure you check all the apps, websites, and games that your children are entertaining with regularly. If there are any changes you want to make or your SafeSearch option gets turned off. 




Q1: Can porn ads generate viruses?


Answer: Yes, they surely can. That’s why don’t click on such ads unless you trust the site. To be noted, if you see unwanted porn ads appear where they shouldn’t be on the websites, then you are probably under virus attack. 


Q2: How do I get rid of ads without an adblocker?


Answer: You can customize your browser and enable it with a strong pop-up ad blocker, but still not able to block all the ads. Besides, you may purchase a subscription to the service you are using. But this will cause you time and financial dilemma. So, you need a proper framework for blocking all the ads. You can opt for AdGuard for instance. 


Q3: Do ad blockers track me?


Answer: The true fact is genuine ad blockers don’t do such a thing. The trusted blocker’s main task is to block unwanted ads. But bear in mind that it only goes with the trusted developers only. In contrast, there are many ads blocked that tend to collect and locate your data. Therefore, use only the official and trusted blockers to avoid risks. 


Concluding Thoughts:


Right from the beginning, we discussed how to block pornography on Android. We introduced 4 unique methods to prevent porn or adult content from reaching your device. Porn is all over the internet. You can’t stop them from growing but taking measures is always better than doing nothing. 


Hopefully, in the end, we can ensure the following methods will give you a layer of protection. Do try them out. Let us know in the comment section if you found this article helpful. That being said, Happy browsing.

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