How to block private numbers android?

how to block private numbers



Blocking unknown callers on android phones is an important thing that you should do to learn. You will definitely not like it if you keep getting calls from anonymous people.


Many people even just turn off their phones due to getting random annoying calls from unknown People. It is really frustrating.


I have arranged today’s article with all the necessary information regarding how to block private numbers on android or private call block and other call blocking.


From now on, if you want to stop calls from unknown or private numbers, you will not need to switch off your phone.

Just follow a few steps and stay free from irritating calls.


How to block private numbers on android?


Private numbers are not any less troublesome. I am sure you have searched many times to block private numbers on your phone.  Therefore, I have come up with the easiest way of blocking private numbers on android. I have also shown the steps with pictures for your convenience.


Step 1 – Tap on the Dial Pad


Every phone has a dialing application. Open your dial pad or phone where you type the numbers to make calls.


how to block private numbers




Step 2 – Click on the ‘settings’ Button.


After opening the dial pad, here you can see a settings icon at the top right corner of your phone. Click the settings option to step for the next process.




how to block private numbers




Step 3 – Click on the ‘Block and Filter’ menu


Here you will see different call managing options. So, what you need to do is to tap on the ‘Block and Filter’ button. This is the junction of your block numbers. You can customize your blocking system.


 how to block private numbers




Step 4 – Hit the ‘call blocking’ option


On this page, you will see the call blocking menu. Tap on the menu and open the call blocking function.

Choose the SIM that you want to work on. For choosing, tap between SIM 1 or SIM 2, and the options will be the same.  If you’re going to set the same rules for both SIMs, set the rules or turn on the blocking option individually.




how to block private numbers




Step 5 – Turn on ‘Block Unknown Incoming Calls’


Entering the call blocking menu, you will see the ‘Block unknown incoming calls’ option. Tap and open it. Then, turn the switch on to stop every unknown incoming call.

After turning it on, you will get a popup window. Click the ‘ON’ button to confirm.




how to block private numbers


how to block private numbers



So finally, you have stopped the private and unknown incoming calls from annoying you. Now, you will get calls only from the numbers that are saved in your contact list. Therefore, don’t forget to add the most important numbers to your list unless you will miss your useful calls.


How to check your blacklisted numbers on android?


Every smartphone has blocking options. Often, it happens that you want to check your blacklist but can’t find the blacklist location.  For this, open the phone app or Dial pad. Go with the call settings. After that, click the block and Filter. Now tap on the block list. On this page, you get to see all the numbers that you added to your blacklist once.


Moreover, you can know how many numbers you can add to your blocklist. In sum, this menu is your call block managing option in every aspect.


How to add a certain number on the blocklist in the android phone?


If you just do not want to block every unknown number, the process will be slightly different. To put a particular number into your Android black list, you will have to open the call blocking option first.


  • Open the dial pad
  • Click on the settings
  • Now open the block and filter menu
  • Tap on the option named ‘blacklist’ to see the blocklist of your phone.
  • Now tap on the plus icon (+) or add numbers.
  • You will be asked to type the number in this step. So put the number to block it.
  • Click enter or ok in the last step.


By following a few steps you can add any numbers to your blacklist.

Besides, there is another alternative way. Open the dial list. Tap and long press on the number which you want to add to your blacklist. You will get a new options bar.


Now click on the ‘add to blacklist’ option. You are done.

In the same way, you can remove a particular number from your blacklist. To remove the blacklisted number, select the ‘remove from blacklist‘ option. Moreover, you can remove any number from the blocklist by following the block and filter menu.


Wrap Up


I hope this article will be helpful to learn the ins and outs of how to block private numbers on android or blocking any particular number and any unknown number.


You can feel relieved by stopping the harassing incoming calls easily. Please check the attached images if you did not get any of the steps or instructions, and it will help you to understand more clearly.


Make sure to list the essential contacts out of the block list. Otherwise, it can be a great mess.



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Frequently Asked Questions:



How to block unknown numbers automatically


Answer: If you are wondering how to block unknown callers, you are at the right place. Enter your call setting from the call logs or dial pad. Then go to the block and filter menu and call blocking.


Now you will get the ‘block unknown incoming calls’ option.  Select it and make it turn on.


Is there a way to block private phone calls?


Answer: Definitely, you can block private numbers by stopping unknown incoming calls from your Android.  Besides, you can use call blocking apps to prevent private phone calls.


Can I block messages from unknown numbers?


Answer: Obviously, you can. In Android phones, you can block unknown incoming messages. You need to almost follow the same way as the call blocking option.


How to block incoming messages from an unknown number?


Answer:  Kindly follow the mentioned way:

Open Dial pad > call setting > block and Filter > block messages > block messages from unknown numbers

Besides, you can block any messages with certain keywords to avoid harassment.

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