How to Bypass Mega Download Limit?

Mega cloud storage is the most used cloud storage, right after Google Drive. But one of the drawbacks of these cloud storage is the download limit or the transfer quota. Once the allocation exceeds, the file transfer stops. Get to know how to bypass Mega download limit to get a clear idea of circumventing the barrier.


You can always take help from VPN to bypass the Mega download limit. It relocates your IP address, and Mega fails to determine your transfer quota. You can also choose to have paid subscription, install the Mega app,  provide contact details in the account or take the help of third-party software.


There are several methods to bypass the Mega download limit. If you barely use Mega cloud storage, having a paid subscription can be a waste of money. So, before you choose the way, you need to know which is necessary for you.


How To Bypassing Mega Download Limit?


One of the drawbacks of Mega cloud storage is its download limitation. If you choose to subscribe to the free plan, you can only download 5GB of files per day. This means you have a limit of 150 GB in a month.


Once you start downloading files in Mega, it will tell you “limited available transfer quota.” Then you will need to click on “Continue downloading,” and your download will get started. But once the limit is reached, you will be notified with the text, “Transfer quota exceeded.”




how to bypass mega download limit




The dependency on cloud storage is increasing day by day. Therefore having a limitation in Mega download can hamper your purpose. Here are some brief discussions on the possible ways to bypass the Mega download limit.


Get Mega’s Desktop And Mobile App


Mega comes in the form of desktop and mobile apps. As a marketing strategy, when you download and install Mega cloud on your desktop and mobile as an app, you will be gifted with a free download quota.


You will receive 40 GB Desktop and 30 GB on mobile. If you install both desktop and mobile versions, you will be gifted with 70 GB at a time.




how to bypass mega download limit




You can get the Mega app in Google Play Store or App Store. Once you install the app, make sure to log in to them with the same account. This is an easy way to bypass the data limit if you aim to download below 70 GB.


However, this is not a permanent solution for download limits. But if you are not looking to download a  large file, this procedure is quite convenient.


Adding Phone Number In Your Mega Account


Suppose you are in the middle of a download, and suddenly your download limit is exceeded. In this kind of situation, it is quite difficult to adopt any other procedure to bypass the Mega download limit.


The website will notify you to add a phone number in such situations. Once you add a phone number to your mega account, you will receive 24GB storage with a 40 GB transfer quota. This 40 GB transfer data will help you complete your task at that time. If any of the limits are left, you can use them later on also.


This method is proper when you need an extra quota as soon as possible.


Using VPN


To track the transfer quota, Mega uses an IP address. Mega identifies how much data has been transferred from your account with an IP address. Once it finds out that your free quota limit has exceeded, it blocks you for 2 hours. Every time the transfer quota exceeds, the waiting time will increase.


One of the easiest ways to bypass this download limit is to use VPN. In this process, when you use VPN to download one file and move to another, you will need to reconnect the Megasync app and relocate the VPN destination.


One major drawback of this procedure is that using a free VPN can cause disturbance in implementing this procedure. It is always better to use a paid  VPN while bypassing the Mega download limit. This will make your job easier and hassle-free.


MegaBasterd – Mega Downloader


MegaBasterd is a download tool for Mega cloud storage. This tool is quite complicated. It is a cross-platform Mega downloader with a smart proxy setting. This proxy setting helps to bypass the daily download limit in Mega.




how to bypass mega download limit




To use MegaBasterd, you will need to update your Windows and download the latest version of Java for Windows. After this, you will need to download a zip file for MegaBasterd and extract the zip file.


After the extraction is done, you will need to go to the setting from the file menu and change the download folder. Now enable the option for Use SmartProxy.




how to bypass mega download limit




After copying the root folder link, you will download a file from Mega without a download barrier. The exact process can be applied in case of uploading any files in the Mega cloud storage.


Buying Premium Subscriptions


With the paid subscription in, you get more cloud storage, with more bandwidth and transfer quota each month. It offers you different plans. From these plans, you can select the one convenient to you.


Having a variety of options will let you weigh your necessity with your budget. In that case, you will spend money on the storage you need.




how to bypass mega download limit




Buying premier subscriptions lets you download files from Mega without exceeding the transfer quota. This process of bypassing the download limit is only convenient if you use Mega quite frequently.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to bypass Mega download limit in Mac?


You can use a paid version of Mega cloud storage to bypass the download limit on Mac. Using VPN can also come in handy in the Mac version.


How to bypass Mega download limit PC?


To bypass the Mega download limit on a PC, you can use the desktop app, VPN, or third-party software. You can also go for a paid version.


How to bypass the Mega download limit without a dynamic IP?


If you want to bypass the Mega download limit without a dynamic IP, you have to take help from all other methods other than VPN. Using a paid Mega account can avoid using dynamic IP.



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Final Words


Once you learn how to bypass Mega download limit, you can apply it according to your convenience. The exact process will mend your curiosity to bypass the Mega free download limit.


The use of Mega cloud storage is increasing. If you remove the drawback of the download limit, then this storage system is quite convenient for users. To enjoy better service, you can always go for the paid version of Mega cloud storage. You can also look into a tutorial- on how to bypass the Mega download limit.

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