How To Change Android Id Without Root?

If you are not comfortable tinkering with your Android phone too much, you can change your Android ID without rooting. In such a case, you should know how to change Android Id without root.


To change your Android ID without rooting, you will need to factory reset your device. First, backup all your data into a remote storage system. Then perform a factory reset from your Android Reset settings. Your phone should now be set in such a way as if it were new. Therefore, your Android ID also gets changed.


The android device ID is vital information for any device. Some apps use this as a data security code. One drawback of changing Android ID in an Android phone is that you cannot set it into your choice. Your device will randomly generate it.


What Is Android ID?


Every Android has a number used to identify the device. Different apps use this Android ID to track the activities of that specific device in the app. While downloading an app, the ID is scanned by the app and set as a particular user ID.


The Android ID is usually used by the apps that need an account to run. It helps the software track if multiple devices are used in a single ID. Many apps use this ID to provide more secure facilities. This Android ID plays a vital role in gaming apps in assigned accounts.


Why Change Android ID?


Apps use Android ID to identify the user of an account. Using a user ID, they create an account for any specific user.


Sometimes you will see that even if you have downloaded an app, it is not getting installed, or you can fail to create an account in that app. This happens if your Android id has been used in that specific app before or your phone has been rooted, generating a new ID.


If you cannot open an account due to your Android ID, you can change it. Once you change the Android ID, the apps will recognize the new ID and will allow you to generate your account again.




how to change android id without root




How To Find Android Device ID


To change your Android ID, first, it is essential to locate your existing Android ID. Here are two easy ways to find your Android device ID.


Find Android Device ID Using Dial Pad


The first method to identify Android ID is through a dialing pad. Using a code will tell you your Android ID and the email id used in your device as a default.


Here are the steps that you will need to take:


Step 1: From your apps menu, open the Phone app.


Step 2: Locate the dialing pad on your screen.


Step 3: Input code *#*#8255#*#*.


An automatic message will pop up on the screen as soon as you enter the last “*.” This pop-top message will contain the Android ID of your device. Depending on the model of your Android device, you can also get the IMEI number and the email address in the same text.


Using App to Locate Android Device ID


If the dialing code method hasn’t worked for you, the next option is using a device ID app to locate an Android ID. In this process, you use a third-party app. The app scans your device and determines the default Android ID.


Here is the process to do so:


Step 1: Allow your device to download apps from an unknown source.


Step 2: Download and install Android ID identifier apps like Device ID. You can download it from Google Play Store or any Browser.


Step 3: After downloading and installing it, open the app and give it all the required permission. An Android ID will be displayed on your screen. 


These apps do not need internet connection permission. Therefore, your device information is safe and cannot be intervened by others.


How To Change Android ID Without Root?


Even if you do not want to root your device or it hasn’t been rooted yet, you can change your Android ID. But changing it without rooting your phone is a bit difficult.


The Android ID was generated on your device when it was first set up. Therefore, to change your Android ID without rooting your device, you will need to perform a factory reset. This will automatically generate a new Android ID in your phone.



how to change android id without root



The steps to factory reset your device are described below.


Step 1: First, back up the data and Android device settings.


Step 2: Go to the settings app on your Android phone.


Step 3: Open the option for General Management.


Step 4: Now open the option for Reset.


Step 5: Locate Factory Data Reset and select it.




how to change android id without root




Step 6: Scroll down to Reset Device and tap on it.


Step 7: Now, to confirm, tap on Delete All.


With this, your device will get a factory reset. After a factory reset, your phone has information like it was just set for the first time. Your old Android ID gets deleted and changed to a new one like all other information.


In this way, you can change your Android device ID without rooting your device. It allows you to spoof Android devices without root.


How To Change Device ID For Specific App?


If you want to change your Android device ID from a specific app, it is possible. The process is a bit tricky, and it might not work for all apps.


Nevertheless, here are the steps to follow:


Step 1: Several Android ID generator apps are available on the Google Play Store. Download and install one of these apps on your phone.


Step 2: After launching them, you will need to permit scanning your device.


Step 3: Once done with scanning, it will ask you to select apps for which you will need to generate an Android ID.


Step 4: The Android ID generator app will generate a random Android ID for the selected app.


Now that specific app will use the generated new Android ID for opening accounts and other purposes. Apps with higher security systems might not take the random Android ID rather than the default one.


How To Change Android ID Root?


When your Android device has been rooted before, it’s easier to change the Android ID. With the following steps, you can easily change the Android ID of a rooted phone.


Step 1: Open the Settings app and go to the Security setting.


Step 2: From the Security setting, enable download from Unknown Sources.


Step 3: Download any Android app like Device ID Changer Pro Apk on your device and install it.


Step 4: Back up all your data into a secured storage system.


Step 5: Open the app on your device and permit it to root your device.



how to change android id without root




Step 6: The app will ask you to provide a new Android ID of your choice. Also, if you want, you can ask the app to generate a random ID.



how to change android id without root




You can change your Android ID in a rooted phone anytime you want with the help of an app.





Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to get device ID in Android programmatically?


To get Android ID programmatically, you must take the following steps:


Step 1: Create a New Project with the Android Studio.


Step 2: Now, work with the activity_main.xml file.


Step 4: Go to the MainActivity.kt file and refer to the required code.


With this, an App will be created to help you generate device ID in Android programmatically.


How do I grant root permission on Android?


This process of granting root permission is for most Android models. Exceptions may exist. Here are the steps to take:


Step 1: Go to Settings.


Step 2: Tap Security, scroll down to Unknown Sources and enable it.


Step 3: Now, you can install KingoRoot.


Step 4: Then run the app tap One Click Root.


Your device should be rooted within about 60 seconds if everything is correct.


Is IMEI the same as device ID?


An IMEI number is a phone’s identification number. There aren’t two devices with the same IMEI number. An IMEI works the same way as a vehicle’s VIN. The MEID number is also a personal device identification number.


How do I hide my device ID?


You need to use a proxy service to hide your identity or device information from getting scanned by another app. It will act like a “go-between” that uses its systems to interact with the other app on your behalf. Some public VPNs also offer proxy services.



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