How To Change Brightness On Windows 10 Extended Monitor?

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When you adjust screen brightness on an extended monitor screen, you will find that it grays. This happens every time you choose the setting for the extended screen. Even though the display brightness slider is open for dragging, it will have zero effect.


In this case, using the button on your monitor, night mode, or third-party apps can be a way out. All these mentioned processes will allow you to set your display brightness at a suitable level.


To get your work done on your extended monitor screen, it is essential to adjust the brightness level. Knowing how to change brightness on Windows 10 extended monitor will allow you to be more efficient while working with two screens.


Why Need To Adjust The Brightness Of Extended Monitors


Mainly the extended monitors are used for professional editing of videos, soundtracks, or gamings. If you are working on any video or image editing on your extended screen, it is imperative to balance the screen’s brightness. Otherwise, it can tamper with the lighting of the video or image.


Not only this, if you are engaged in gaming with your extended external monitors, you will need to have a healthy level of brightness. Otherwise, spending a long time in front of the screen can cause severe eye damage.


Bright light on the screen during nighttime can damage your eye permanently. If you spend too much screen time, you should adjust the brightness of your screen from time to time.


There are some ways of adjusting the brightness on your extended monitor on Windows 10. If you try to use your default setting, you will find out your all screens are grayed out. You can follow other methods, in that case, to adjust brightness on your extended monitor screen.


Ways To Adjust Brightness On Extended Monitor On Windows 10


To work correctly on an extended screen, you will need to adjust the brightness of all the screens. Unfortunately, there are no settings installed in Windows 10 to adjust the brightness of all the screens at a time.


You can change the brightness of the main screen through the keyboard or Windows setting. But to adjust the brightness of the extended screens, you will need to use some external methods.


Here are some methods that can help balance and adjust the brightness of the screen of the extended monitors.


Using Monitor’s Button


As we have known earlier, there is no specified setting on Windows 10 to adjust the brightness of the extended screens. But you will be happy to know that every monitor has an external button to adjust the brightness of the extended screens.


Depending on the model of the monitor, you can have different types of a button for adjusting brightness. Some monitors have small joystick buttons placed at the bottom of the monitors, whereas the others have push buttons on the side or at the bottom.


Adjusting Brightness With Joystick Button


If your monitor has a joystick adjusting button, redirecting it in different directions, you can adjust the monitor’s brightness.


In the case of the joystick button, you will not need multiple buttons. Slightly pushing the button on the right side will increase the monitor’s brightness. On the contrary, moving it to the left side will decrease the brightness.


Remember, to work with the joystick, you will need to drive it with much delicacy to get the perfect setting.


Adjusting Brightness With Push Buttons


If your monitor model has push buttons to adjust brightness, it will come with a minimum of two buttons. In these two buttons, one increases the brightness, and the other decreases the brightness.


Pushing or holding the button will allow you to set the brightness at your required level.


In the case of using monitor buttons for adjusting the brightness level, it is always better to use the same model for all the external monitors. This will allow you to get the same brightness level in the same procedure for the screen monitor regardless of how many screens you have.


Using Night Light Feature


Even though there is no specified setting to adjust the brightness of the extended monitor, night mode can impact all the extended external monitors at a time. You can use the night light feature to adjust brightness on extended screens with the following steps:


Step 1: Open the Windows setting from the start menu or apps menu.

Step 2: Select System and open it.

Step 3: Now go for Display.



how to change brightness on windows 10




Step 4: From the display setting, turn on the toggle button for the Night light.

Step 5: Use the slider to adjust the brightness.




how to change brightness on windows 10




With this process, you can adjust the brightness of all the screens at a time. But there is one downfall of the process. It will turn your primary screen into dark mode.


Not everyone can be comfortable working in dark mode. In that case, you will need to turn off the night mode, and the night light feature will not work for you.


Third-Party App


If the mentioned two methods don’t work for you, you can go for third-party apps. Some noteworthy apps are available on the App Store for Windows 10 that will allow you to adjust brightness on your extended monitor screens.


Monitorian and Dimmer apps are two mentionable apps. These two apps allow you to control your external monitors’ brightness and are free of cost.


Monitorian App


The Monitorian app allows you to control the brightness of your extended screen. This app will enable you to control the brightness of each screen separately and all together. This app comes free of cost and is a great tool to work with.


To work with the Monitorian and apps, you might need to take the following steps.


Step 1: Go to the Microsoft store and download Monitorian app.

Step 2: If it is not installed automatically, install the app on your  Windows 10.

Step 3: Open the Monitorian app from the Start menu. For easy access, you can even pin to the taskbar. 

Step 4: After you open the Monitorian app, it will show you all the extended monitor lists. And you have a slider to adjust their brightness.

Step 5: Drag the slider to the right side to increase the brightness and to the left side to decrease the brightness.




how to change brightness on windows 10




With the Monitorian app, you can Enable moving in Unison or change adjust range. To do this, you will need to open the Monitorian setting by right-clicking on the app from the taskbar. Here you can also rename the extended screens.




how to change brightness on windows 10




Dimmer App


The Dimmer app is another tool app to control the brightness of the extended screens. It is pretty handy for Windows 10. But unfortunately, you will not find this app in the Microsoft store. But it can be easily found in other App Stores for Windows 10.


Here are the steps to use the app:


Step 1: Download and install the Dimmer app on your Windows 10. You can find any possible download link on Google. But make sure the link is authentic and safe.

Step 2: Open the Dimmer app from the Start menu or Taskbar.

Step 3: Once you open the app, you will find the brightness adjustment in the slider for each monitor. Drag the slider to respective sites for adjusting the brightness.




how to change brightness on windows 10




Remember one point: once you are done adjusting the brightness, do not close the Dimmer app. The app must run in the background for the brightness level to work on your screens. Once you exit the app, the adjusted external monitor brightness on your devices will not work anymore.


With these methods, you can individually or simultaneously adjust the external monitor brightness of the extended monitor’s screen. From all the mentioned methods, you can choose the one that can help you work with your device. This process has been proven effective by different users.


Monitorian Not Recognising Your Monitors


In some cases, after installing the Monitorian app, you might find that it is not recognizing your extended external monitors. For working with a Monitorian app, all the streams must be visible on the Monitorian app.


Here are two processes that can help Monitorian to detect your extended screens.


Enabling DDC/CI


One of the main reasons behind this can be  DDC/ CI support. For the Monitorian app to recognize your devices, you need to have DDC/ CI support enabled.


Depending on the different models, you might need to enable DDC/ CI differently. But we can explain a generalized process step by step that works for most external monitors models.


If your dual monitors have a physical button, this method will work for you:


Step 1: Press and hold any of the buttons on your monitor.

Step 2: Now select the option for Menu.

Step 3: With the help of the physical button, go to the System bar.

Step 4: Now, choose DDC/ CI and enable it.

Step 5: After the change, save the change.

Step 6: Now exit the settings menu.

Step 7: Exit the Monitorian app and relaunch it.


After this Monitorian should detect all the extended screens. Otherwise, you will have to work on Bright intelligence.


Disabling Bright Intelligence


Another reason for Monitorian app not working can be Bright intelligence. Bright intelligence adjusts the screen’s brightness depending on the lighting of your surroundings.


As it is an automatic process, it can prevent the Monitorian app from recognizing the extended screens. From the setting options, you can turn it off. Once you disable the Bright intelligence, you will find the Monitorian app is recognizing your extended screen.


Follow the given steps to disable Bright intelligence


Step 1: First, press and hold any button on the monitor.

Step 2: Now select and open the Menu option.

Step 3: From the menu option, go for Eye Care and turn off Bright Intelligence.

Step 4: Take your exit from the settings menu.


After disabling the Bright Intelligence, the Monitorian app will detect the extended screens.


Adjusting Brightness Of Main Screen On Windows 10


To work on your PC along with the extended screens, you will need to adjust the brightness of your mean screen. There are three ways to do so.


1. Using Keyboard Key

On your keyboard, you will find specified keys for increasing or decreasing the brightness of your screen. It can be located on your Function key array. This will directly adjust your monitor’s brightness.


If by any means you fail to access the keys for the brightness, you can do it from the notification area of the taskbar or the window setting.


2. From Notification Area


As a shortcut, you can adjust the brightness of your screen from your notification area on your Taskbar. Take the following steps to adjust the brightness.


Step 1: Go for the Notification area on the taskbar.

Step 2: Click on the brightness icon.

Step 3: It will pop up a sliding bar to adjust your screen’s brightness.

Step 4: Click or drag the sliding bar to adjust the brightness. Dragging it to the right increases the brightness. Again, dragging it to the left reduces the brightness.


If you don’t have the brightness icon on your Taskbar, you can adjust it from the notification manager screen. On the bottom of the notification manager screen, you will find the bar to adjust the brightness for your screen.


From The Setting App


The  Windows setting allows you to adjust your  PC screen’s brightness. Here you have to do it manually.


Step 1: From the start menu, open the Windows settings.

Step 2: Now, open Ease of Access from the all settings option.

Step 3: Open the display settings.

Step 4: Scroll down to Make Everything Brighter.

Step 5: From under Change the brightness of your built-in device, change the brightness of your original monitor.


With this, you can change the brightness of the original monitor by balancing it with the extended external monitors.

Also, you can change the contrast and other display configuration of your original monitor. But again, all the settings will be applicable for only your original monitor unless you have enabled night light.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I calibrate my dual external monitors?


To get the most synchronized match between your screens, adjust them to similar color temperature, brightness, and gamma settings. Utilize the screen with the most minimal brightness as your measuring unit for the other extended screens. Calibrating extended external monitors makes them more work efficient.


Why is one monitor brighter than the other?


In case you use various ports (DVI, VGA, HDMI) to connect your multiple extended screens, you can get high or low color depth and different brightness levels. Quit using the VGA port to solve these issues.


All things considered, it is best to use either DVI or HDMI port to associate the two screens and check whether you notice any visible improvement.


How do I make my multiple monitors the same brightness?


Hold your mobile device around six inches from one screen. Now take a look at the light level. Then, at this point, do the same cycle with your second screen. Match them as close as possible.


When you have your adaptive brightness matched up, change the other factors regarding color and picture. Match the values of the settings on all screens at the same time.


Why did my screen color change?


You want to Check the Display connection. A marginally unstuck cable link or one squeezed in the Hinge region will create those malfunctions. You can plug an extended screen into the PC to check whether the color settings show up on the extended screen.


Can I control the brightness of an external monitor?


Yes, you can control the brightness of an external monitor. For this, you might need to take help from the buttons on the external monitors or some third-party apps.


Even the default setting of the night mode on your PC will help you regarding the brightness adjustment on the extended monitor screen.


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Final Words


Once you know how to adjust brightness on extended monitors on Windows 10, your efficiency will increase manifolds. You can achieve the comfort zone for your eyes to work for a long time.


Having basic knowledge like changing brightness on extended monitors can help you in the long run. People often get panicked when they cannot adjust the brightness of the extended monitors. Reading this article is a way out of those minor difficulties.

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