How To Change C /Users/Username In Windows 10?

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While installing the system, you do not have the choice to change the user folder name as per your liking. Ask why? Because Windows automatically names the folder. And sometimes, your correct or full nickname might not be right there.


So you probably want to change it to make it look nicer or easier to remember. In this case, if you are looking for a way to do that, we are here with our detailed instructions on how to change c /users/username in windows 10 guide.


As you cannot change the C username folder name in the usual way, you will need some prerequisites. In order to make the process easier to understand, we will include the requirements list and how you can get a hold of them, especially if you do not have them already.


What Are the Requirements to Change the C/Users/Username in Windows?


There are some basic prerequisites or requirements to change the user folder name on your computer. Without these, you cannot follow the process successfully. Here are the things you will need –


  • A command prompt that comes with all versions of Windows. But if it does not work for the alternative CMDER, ConEmu, Xshell programs. 


  • An administrator account or account with administrative privileges to modify the username. It is a must as without it, Windows will not let you change the name. Even if you do not have this account, you can create it. 


Once you have these, you are all set to change the name for the c /users/username. So, with patience, follow our next section.

How to Change C/Users/Username in Windows 10 Without Losing Data?


It is a bit tricky to change the user’s folder name or the c/users/username on your computer. Because if you make any mistake while following the steps, you might lose all your data. So, carefully follow the steps below to change the name without any technical issues or data loss:


  • On your computer keyboard, press Windows + R keyboard, and it will open a Run box. In the box enter “cmd” and press the enter button to bring the command prompt. 




how to change c /users/username in windows 10




  • In the prompt, enter and run the following scripts or command.


net user new user password /add


  • Do not forget to add the new user and password to create the new administrator account.




how to change c /users/username in windows 10




  • The command you have executed in the previous step will add the new account to the list of users, and you need to add this user to the group of administrators list. For that, enter and run the following command.


   net localgroup Administrators Admin /add




how to change c /users/username in windows 10




  • To confirm you have successfully created the administrator user or account name, run the following command in the command prompt.




  • Then it will open a window, and you will get to see the new administrator user under the Admin section.




how to change c /users/username in windows 10




  • With the user name and password of your newly created administrator account, ensure to log in to that account. Before that, you need to sign out of your current user account. 


  • Once you have logged in to the new account, from your keyboard, press the Win+E keys at the same time to open the file browser window.


  • Then click on the C drive folder followed by the Users folder.




how to change c /users/username in windows 10



  • Now, you need to right-click on the target user folder you want to modify. A drop-down menu with options will appear, from there, choose the Rename or Modify option, then rename it. Do not forget the modified name as you will need it for the next steps. 


  • It is time to find out the SID number for your existing account to change the user folder name in the registry. For that, open the command prompt and enter the following scripts and execute.


wmic useraccount get name, SID


  • Once you run the command, it will show you the SID for the existing account, make a note of the SID.




how to change c /users/username in windows 10




  • Then from the keyboard, hold the Win+R keys to bring the Run box or window and enter the following command in its empty field.




  • Once you can see the Registry Editor on the display, go to the following path.


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList


  • From that location, click on the SID number for the account or user folder you want to modify. The SID should be in the left side panel of the display.




how to change c /users/username in windows 10




  • By using your mouse, right-click on the user folder name you want to modify. 




how to change c /users/username in windows 10




  • From the drop-down menu, click on the Modify option, and enter the modified name in the Value Data field. You need to enter the modified name after the C:\Users\ part.


  • Remember that, in the Value Data field, you need to enter the exact same name you have modified your C drive user folder name to.




how to change c /users/username in windows 10




  • After clicking ok, close all the sessions and sign out of the Administrator account.


  • Use your newly created account username to sign in to the user account.




how to change c /users/username in windows 10




  • Now go to My PC to open the C drive, and you will see that the modified user folder name will be there. 



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Is Changing the User Name and the Account Name the Same?


No, it is not the same. Because you use the user name when the computer starts, and it takes your real full name. But the Account name takes your nickname to store data in the user folder by that name. 


2. Can You Change the User Name without Editing the Registry?


Yes, you can from the C drive. But it is not effective. Because after changing the folder name, if you open the folder and search for a file, the computer shows the old name for the folder in the directory.  


3. Is There Any Third-Party Tool to Change the User Name Folder?


No, there are not any such Third-Party programs. But there are different programs and tools available to help you manage your computer. 


4. Why Do You Need the SID to Change the Folder Name?


All the users’ names or folders generate a security number or SID for security reasons. You need the SID so that you can prevent making your account unusable after changing the folder name.


5. Is it Safe to Change the Name of your User Folder?


Yes, it is safe to change the user folder name. But if you take any wrong step, it can break the commuter system and your data. 




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It is not an everyday task for newbie or experienced Windows users to change or modify the user folder name. So, it is no wonder why most users often post how to change c /users/username in windows 10 on most social forums.


Before you follow the methods we have reviewed above, make sure to read the steps thoroughly. And do not carry out any additional steps, or else, it might freeze your computer system.

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