How to Change Converge WiFi Password?

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How to change the Converge Wifi password? In the modern world, you can’t pass a day without internet connectivity, and without it you may get jobless too.


The pandemic has put us all into work from home or virtual offices. But the thing that connects you to your office, your wifi, can get stolen and someone may be hampering its speed. So, if you are in the Philippines and your ISP is Converge, you must know how to change Converge Wifi password.


What is the Converge wifi password?


As you know, what does a password do? It serves as a secret combination of alphabet, number, and symbol that only is meant to make your subscribed online access secure. As all other ISPs do, Converge gives you one too, with which you can access the broadband they provide.


Converge is a Philippine ICT company. They provide internet connections along with cable connections. They are one of the best ICT companies in the Philippines. Their customers are all over the Philippines and the number is up to 900,000.


If your password is secret no more, then unauthorized users will be able to get through and use your IP and also the internet connection.




how to change converge wifi password




How To Change Converge Wifi Password?


You are using Converge internet connection and you want to change your wifi password. Let’s keep up. We are gonna know how to change your Converge wifi password. Changing wifi passwords is not just about your ISP profile password. Your wifi router matters mainly, because it serves as the gateway to wireless connectivity to the provided network.


1. Change Converge Wifi password in Cisco router


You are a user of the Cisco router. And you want to change your wifi password. Just follow these steps.


  • Go to your browser and type Your admin portal will come to the page.




how to change converge wifi password




  • Here is your connection’s admin page. In the username and password field, there are default admin passwords are given. (If you are a first-timer). Otherwise, put in your name and password here. Now click on the login tab.




how to change converge wifi password




  • There is a management tab now. You have to rewrite your admin name and password. It will prevent others from accessing your admin page. Now click on the ‘Save” to finish.




how to change converge wifi password




  • Now write your new wifi username and password. It will prevent any unrecognized connection.




how to change converge wifi password




  • Now save all the changed settings.


2. Change Converge Wifi password in Huawei router.


  • Go to your browser and enter


  • Enter default login info:
    • Username as ‘root’
    • Password as ‘admin’ or ‘adminHW’


  • Access the WLAN main menu tab


  • Change your SSID username


  • Now change the PreSharedKey and tap on the ‘Apply’ button.


3.   Change Converge Wifi password for ZTE router.


  • Go to your browser and write


  • Use default login info:
    • Username as ‘user’
    • Password as ‘user’


  • Go to the SSID settings and change the SSID username


  • Go to Security Settings, and modify WPA


  • Tap on Submit to save the changes.


While using a wifi connection, security is an important fact. So make sure to change your wifi password in every three months.



Frequently Asked Questions.


1. Why is wifi password important?


Security always matters and when it comes to wifi, wifi’s security is quite different from the others. When we use a personal network and internet connection, our personal network is not for everyone. Without our consent, no one should have access to our personal network.


Why shouldn’t anyone access our network? For starters, our wifi router is limited to a limited number of people. So when users increase, the connection also gets weak. You may often get poor connections on video calls and very low download or upload speed.


 Is there anything else than this? Well, yes there is. What happens when an anonymous get access to our personal connection?  Well, they also get access to your personal information. So, it becomes a risk to your security as well as performance.


2. When should I change the wifi password?


There are some stages when you should change your password. Do you have an internet connection and you use it regularly? So you have to make sure your internet connection remains secure. So, you have to know when you should change your wifi password.


●  After the installation


At first, while installing your internet connection, your default wifi name and password are admin. If that remains anyone will be able to steal your connection. So, you have to secure your internet connection. To make sure it is secure, you have to change your wifi password.


● Routine change.


You have secured your password and your password is secure. That’s good. Still, you have to make a routine.

Why is it important? So that you can make sure that no one cracked your password and using it.


So you have to make sure you change your password after every three months. This is not only for your wifi connection. It will also help you with every online or secured site. Changing your passwords once every three months will prevent hacking and malfunctions.


3. Is it illegal to steal wifi?


Yes, you might be charged with a crime.


4. Is it OK to steal your neighbor’s WiFi password?


No, That’s clearly illegal.



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