How To Change Dns On Windows 10?

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The world nowadays is heavily dependent on the internet. Though the identity online is your device IP, the DNS provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is also significant. It determines a lot of things that you would be able to do online. So many users wish to learn how to change DNS on Windows 10.


There are three methods you configure the DNS address on Windows 10. You can use the Windows 10 settings menu, the control panel, or the command prompt. You will have to navigate Network & Internet for the first two and change it from the “Adapter” property. For the last one, you will have to simply type in the command on the CMD prompt.


But before you learn how to configure the DNS, you need to know why and what to change. To change something without knowing about it might come back to bite you in the future.


What is DNS?


If we tell you what DNS is, the short answer would be Domain Name System. But not everyone is a tech expert. So let’s try and elaborate a bit.


DNS is the number or address your device will be identified as when you go online. So, it is precisely like IP, right?

Well, you are both right and wrong. DNS is similar to IP address as it turns the domain names into the IP address. But your IP address is the actual name that the online world would identify you with.


In simple terms, IP is your address, and DNS is the system that gives you this address.

When looking for a website or web page, your DNS helps you out, not the IP or browser. The DNS decodes the alphabetical search and finds the output you are looking for. If you try to surf the web without this, you will have tech-related nightmares.


The device that you have has an IP. It is this IP that helps you connect with other devices. But as a human, reading these addresses is impossible. With the help of DNS, even a non-machine can read the address. So you could say that the DNS server is a translator that translates your IP address.


Let’s say you are searching for a website. For example, the web address is

When you click enter and search for it, your browser doesn’t directly go to the site. It first sends the address to your DNS server. Then the server decodes the site name into an IP address and connects your browser to it.


This entire process happens in the background. In fact, when you see a webpage loading, it actually means that your browser is connecting to the DNS server and fetching the required IP. But this fetching can be faster or slower depending on your DNS server.


If searching a webpage takes time, that means it’s high time you change the DNS for better internet. So how to change DNS server? Well, you will have to change the number. But how to change DNS server on windows 10?


Why Change DNS?


Before we dive into how to configure the domain name system (DNS) on your network “windows 10,” you need to know why changing DNS might be necessary.


Your ISP generally pre-sets the DNS. So you don’t need to think about it in most cases. But if you are facing problems, then we suggest you change them. Some of the reasons you should change your DNS are as follows:


Better Internet Speed


Most of the DNS provided to you are from the default ones from your ISP. This means that multiple other users might use the same DNS as yours. But if you know how to change DNS settings windows 10, you can change that.


And once you do that, you will have an almost private DNS server if you are lucky. Even if you share the server, you will find that the speed is better than the default one.


This is because most users are in a public DNS while you are surfing on a semi-private server!


Dependable Browsing Experience


Unlike the Public DNS servers, many semi-private DNS servers have a cache memory. This memory stores the popular searches. So whenever you are in one such server doing a popular search, you will find the page is loaded significantly faster.


For example, one of the most searched websites is Facebook. So if you are on the default DNS windows server, your browser would take a bit to load the page. But if you are on a DNS that saves cache, you will feel the difference.

You will get a reliable speed and secure internet if you use a custom DNS server.


Block Content


If you have been using the internet for a long time, you know ads are annoying. And not only those but there are also many websites that do targeted ads and stuff.


For those who are ok with it, you can keep using the default DNS. But if you want to get rid o this annoyance, we suggest you learn how to change DNS on Windows 10.


Moreover, there are many harmful sites out there. If you have children using your PC for studies or just normal browsing, they are bound to come across such sites over time.


But with the help of some custom DNS, you can easily block out such contents. This is extremely helpful for parents who have tech-savvy kids.


Protect Yourself


Many business servers use private DNS to protect themselves. This is because often, the users will type in a non-existing domain. And when they do that, the ISP-provided DNS will redirect them to a targeted ad page. This is annoying.


But if you use windows 10 change DNS, you can block them. They also make it so that no one is watching you use your password or credit card information.


This is because most custom DNS have an anti-phishing tool programmed into their server. So if you want to be protected 24/7, we suggest you change the default DNS right away.


Unblock Content


Though many DNS block awful contents, they also let you access the good ones that are usually inaccessible.

For instance, you might not be able to go to a particular site because your DNS isn’t allowing it. There are two ways you can unblock that webpage.


The first is to get a VPN premium, hide your IP, and tunnel to the blocked content. Or you can simply learn how to change DNS and change the default DNS for free.


Definitely, the second option is the better choice. So instead of paying, use the DNS that does the “Tunneling” for you. Work smart, not hard!


Is DNS Device-Specific?


For those of you who are using a public network, you might be thinking, if I change DNS windows 10, will it affect others? Well, the good thing is it won’t. Changing Windows 10 DNS settings only changes the DNS for your PC, not for the whole network.


For example, you can change DNS server Windows 10 desktop or laptop and keep on using the same DNS for other devices. Try changing the DNS from your PC and then use the internet on your phone. You will find that your Phone is not affected by the change.


But if you change your router’s DNS, your whole network will be changed. In this case, you will have to use a custom server on your PC to connect to a different DNS. The same is applicable in the case of windows servers, phones, and tablets.


Using multiple devices on a single DNS server means that the windows server is shared among all the devices. This affects your internet speed. But if you have a different DNS for another device, then the server is allocated to your device. This increases the surfing speed and makes browsing easier.

How To Change/Configure DNS On Windows 10?


If you are sold on the benefits of changing the DNS, you must be eager to change it. Even if you are unwilling to change it, where’s the harm in learning how to configure DNS server on pc windows 10?


There are three ways you can change the DNS on windows. So which one is the best? We will explain all three processes. So judge for yourself.


Using Control Panel


The first method we will discuss is using the Control Panel of Windows 10. Follow the steps correctly, and learn how to change DNS windows 10.


Step 01: Go to the Control Panel of your PC.



how to change dns on windows 10




Step 02: Look for Network and Internet and open it.



how to change dns on windows 10




Step 03: Next, go to the Network and Sharing Center.




how to change dns on windows 10




Step 04: On the left pane, you will find “Change adapter settings.” Click on it.




how to change dns on windows 10




Step 05: Access the “Properties” option by right-clicking on the network interface, which helps Windows 10 to connect with the internet. Make sure the adapter you click on is not disabled.




how to change dns on windows 10




Step 06: Check the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) by clicking on it.




how to change dns on windows 10




Step 07: Open the Properties button.

Step 08: You will find the “Use the following DNS server addresses” option. Click that.




how to change dns on windows 10




Step 09: Make sure to specify the DNS setting to be manual before opening the option.

Step 10: In the input box, type your preferred and alternate DNS server addresses in their separate fields.

Step 11: Finally, click OK, and the DNS will be saved.

If you want to add multiple DNS servers, you will have to take a few extra steps.

Step 01: Open the Advanced option.

Step 02: Select the DNS tab and then Add button.




how to change dns on windows 10




Step 03: Specify the addresses and click OK.


Now that you have set up multiple DNS, you can easily swap between them. You might need a DNS manager to keep track of all the addresses if you add too many.


Using Settings


While using the Control Panel is good, you can also use the Windows 10 Settings option to answer your “how to configure local DNS on windows 10?” To complete the task, follow these steps:


Step 01: Go to Network & Internet under Settings.




how to change dns on windows 10




Step 02: Click on Wi-Fi or Ethernet depending on the type of connection you are using.



how to change dns on windows 10




Step 03: Select the network that is active. That is the one that is currently connecting Windows 10 to the internet.

Step 04: You will find the Edit button under the IP Settings option. Open it.



how to change dns on windows 10




Step 05: Within the Edit IP settings drop-down menu, you will find the Manual option. Click on it.



how to change dns on windows 10




Step 06: Click IPv4 toggle switch to on.




how to change dns on windows 10




Step 07: Now, enter the preferred and alternate DNS you want to use.




how to change dns on windows 10




Step 08: Finally, select Save and your default DNS will be changed.


This is the easiest and best among all the options to change DNS. But many might get confused as there is a lot of drop-down and scrolling involved.


Using CMD Prompt


Though we already talked about two of the easiest methods already, this method involves CMD prompt is still remaining.


For a non-tech person, this step may be a bit confusing. But this is the fastest and most secure way to change your DNS. For using this method, you will have to follow these steps.


Step 01: Search for Command Prompt or write CMD and open the option as administrator from the Start.



how to change dns on windows 10




Step 02: Type in the command shown below and hit Enter.




how to change dns on windows 10




Step 03: Next, type this command and again press Enter.

interface show interface




how to change dns on windows 10




Step 04: Finally, write the following command, and the DNS IP address will be changed once you press Enter.

interface ip set dns name=”ADAPTER-NAME” source=”static” address=”X.X.X.X”




how to change dns on windows 10




Don’t forget to change the ADAPTER-NAME with the one you found on Step 03. And also, change the X.X.X.X with your desired DNS address.


If you want to add more servers, just repeat the above steps. But you will have to increase the index option by one for each new DNS you add.


Best Free DNS


Now that you know all the possible methods to change your DNS, you might not be asking about how to change DNS on windows 10 anymore. But a new question may have arisen. What is the best DNS server that you could change to?


If you google DNS servers, you will find a lot of possible servers you could swap to. But for your ease, here are some of the most popular servers.


Provider Preferred DNS Alternate DNS
AdGuard DNS
Alternate DNS



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is DNS used for?


DNS or Domain Name System is basically a translator. It translates the IP address to alphabetized domain names that we humans can understand. This helps users surf the internet.


All browsers first send the web address to a DNS server and then translate it to the required IP address. Once the address is found, the browser receives the webpage and downloads it for the user.

So browsers are DNS forwarders, and DNS is your search box.


Is changing DNS legal?


Changing the DNS server address is a frequent activity. Moreover, there are tons of free DNS servers out there which are legal. Changing the server address is not illegal unless you start using a private DNS server without permission.

Will Changing DNS affect my internet?


Yes, changing the DNS server address affects the internet. To be exact, it will affect your network. In most cases, changing the DNS server increases the Internet speed. In some cases, the DNS will block ads and also malicious content.


How many ways are there to change DNS?


There are three ways to change the Windows DNS server. They are – using Control Panel, using the Setting of Windows 10, and using the Command Prompt. The Settings one is the easiest among these three, but the CMD prompt one is the swiftest.


Is using as DNS okay?


The mentioned DNS is the preferred or primary DNS for Google Public DNS. This is a free-to-use public server. So if you wish, you can change to this DNS server address without any worry. It is entirely safe.


How to configure Cloudflare DNS service on Windows 10?


Configuring the Cloudflare DNS on Windows 10 is similar to changing to any other server. You just need to know the preferred and alternate DNS addresses for Cloudflare. If you want to switch to Cloudflare, the required addresses are and


Will changing DNS on my PC affect others on the same network?


DNS changing only affects the PC or device that you switch it on. The network you use will not be affected unless you change the DNS on your router. So you can use the changed DNS address on your PC and use the default DNS on your phone simultaneously.



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Final Words


Internet is a mesmerizing place. Everyone wants the best from it, and one of the best ways to get it is by changing your DNS. So once you find out how to change DNS on Windows 10, you should reap its benefits.


There are three principal ways to change the DNS address. If you are smart enough, you can choose what suits you and change it from the default configuration. Stay safe online and browse fast!

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