How To Change Google Translate Male Voice?

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Having more than 100 languages, Google translate is arguably the best translator available nowadays. Users can translate any language from one to another and overcome language barriers. Along with the translation, Google Translate also helps its users by pronouncing texts. By default, Google reads the translation with a female voice. Sometimes, you may get bored with the female voice.


Would you like to try to Google Translate Male Voice? Is it possible to change Google translate voice to male? Through this article, we are going to discuss changing google translate voice. Hopefully, you will get an authentic voice for your native language. Within a while, you will learn how to change google translate voice on Android, iPhone, and Web Browser.


Can I change Google Translate Voice to Male?


The answer depends on which device you would like to try changing google translate male voice. If you are using a Web Browser, you can not change the voice manually from female to male. For Android devices, you can get a male google translate voice. Also, you can change Google translate voice to male on Apple devices.


How To Get Google Translate Male Voice on Android Phone?


By following the step-by-step procedure given below, you will be able to change the google translate voice to male.


Step 1: Run Google Translate Application


First of all, you have to run the Google Translate App. If you don’t have it installed on your device, you can download it from the Play store.



google translate male voice




Step 2: Go To Settings


From the top of the left side, you will get the “Setting” option. Here you can see.




google translate male voice




Now, let’s move to the 3rd step.


Step 3: Select Language


At this point, you have to select your preferred language that you would like to change the voice. You will get this option from “Region”. It will show you the list of different languages with their default dialect.




google translate male voice




Step 4: Change Regional Dialect


At this stage, you need to touch on the language and change the regional dialect of that language.




google translate male voice




That will change the Google translator’s voice on your Android device.


From now on, you should be able to get Google Translate male voice on your Android phone. But what about changing Google Translate voice on iPhone? You can do that by following the next method. Permit me to show you.


How To Get Google Translate Male Voice in iPhone?


The procedure is almost similar to the previous one. Let me inform you that some language dialects aren’t available on the iPhone. However, there are still plenty of dialects available to amuse you.


Step 1: Run Google Translate App on iPhone


If your device has the Google Translate App, you can run the app straightaway. Don’t you have the application? You can download it free from the Apple Store.


Step 2: Select Speech Region


Once you open the application, you have to select the speech region from the Settings. After that, there will be the language option. You need to select your preferred language.


Step 3: Choose Preferred Dialect


Ultimately, you have to choose your preferred dialect from the long list of regions. Along with changing the voice to male, you can also change the speed of translation voice from the settings.


How to Get Google Translate Male Voice in Google Chrome or Other Web Browsers?


Many of us are curious to know about how to get Google Translate male voice in Google Chrome or other web browsers. Unfortunately, we can’t change the voice gender of Google Translate in Web browsers manually.


But you can change the output language to hear different voices in Google Translate. Though most of the voices are pronounced by females, still there are some voices that are pronounced by males. What about trying one of those languages? Mmm, let’s do it.


Step 1: Visit To Google Translate


Jump on Google Translate on your Chrome or any other web browser. After that, type anything that you would like to translate.




google translate male voice




Step 2: Change Output Language


You have to click on the arrow key from the right and a list of 100+ languages will appear on your screen. Here you can see the list.



google translate male voice




Step 3: Select Italy


You have to select Italy as the output language. Next to that, click on the pronunciation key.



google translate male voice




Hurrah, you will hear a male voice from Google Translate.


In that way, you can also try changing different languages to find out which languages have a male voice.


Why Voice Gender Changing option isn’t available in Web Browsers?


At this point, this question might be popping up in your mind. You might know that Google Translate covers nearly 120 languages. It will be too much time-consuming to record each language both in male and female voices. That’s the main reason why you get a specific voice with either a male or female voice.


Final Words


So, you can get Google Translate Male Voice using your Android mobile or iPhone. However, some languages offer male voice on Google Translate in Web browsers. But it doesn’t give us the option to change the voice from female to male manually.



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1. How good is Google Translate?


Though Google translator doesn’t provide 100% results always, still it is one of the best translator applications of current days.


2. How do you change the voice on Google translate app?


You have to change the region and dialects to change the voice on Google Translate App.


3. How to translate a word in Google Translate?


You just need to type the word on Google translate and it will translate automatically to the output language.


4. Can you add your voice to Google Translate?


No, currently you can’t add your own voice to Google Translate.

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