How To Change My Microphone Settings On My Android: 3 Minute Tricks

There is no such option named microphone settings on Android. You can manually select the microphone option for various apps. For instance, when you plug in a headphone, you can increase or decrease the microphone level.


This article will guide you step by step on how to change my microphone settings on my Android. There are some tricks involved, so be attentive. 


How would I change the settings on my microphone?

You can conventionally change Microphone settings using your phone’s Settings menu. Below are the steps for you: 

  • Open the Settings menu on your device. 
  • Choose System from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, select Sound to proceed further. 
  • In this step, select the Manage Sound device option from the Input section. 
  • Followed by select Microphone.
  • Now tap on the disable button.


This way, you can change the Microphone settings quite easily. You can use the shortcut method also. 



  • Press the Settings option on your device. 
  • Browse to the bottom and select the option Apps Google Play Services Permissions. 
  • Find out the “Microphone” option and simply toggle it On. 


Two other settings you can try:

As we said in the introduction, there is no specific feature to change microphone settings on Android. So if the above process doesn’t work, you can try other methods:



How to change my microphone settings on my Android



Method 1:

  • Go to the Settings and select Accessibility. 
  • Then turn off all the sound options.


How to change my microphone settings on my Android



Method 2:

  • Again go to Settings and head to Sounds. 
  • Check all the volume levels are settled perfectly; also, the Sound option is turned On. 


These methods might help but if You face any problem, then contact the name manufacture. 


Third-party Apps:

You can even take some help from the third-party apps from Google Play Store. There is an app named Microphone Amplifier, which can help to solve your problem. Simply download the app from the app store, and install it. Launch the app and select Enter Amplifier. Now play with the settings. 


How to change my microphone settings on my Android





Q1: How do I find my microphone settings?

Answer: You can find microphone settings very easily. follow the steps below:

  • First, go to settings And select site settings.
  • Then, choose the microphone or camera option.
  • Lastly, toggle On or Off microphone or camera option. 


 Q2: Why can’t I change my microphone levels?

 Answer: It may be the driver that is causing the problem. You can solve the problem by giving it a reboot. If the problem still occurs, then go to the Settings and select Microphone. Whether the option is turned on or off, make it the opposite. Lastly, leave the option by toggling it on.


Q3: How do I fix my Samsung microphone?

Answer: If you have any problem regarding microphone audio on your Samsung device, there might be several reasons. To solve: 


  • Try not to use the phone as it could be a hardware-related problem.
  • Disable Bluetooth option.
  • Try the recording option if it’s working or not.
  • Lastly, give your Samsung device a restart.


Q4: How do I enable the microphone on Gboard?

Answer: This is a tricky process, but we’ll try to discuss it simply. Go to the below-mentioned process:


  • First, go to the Settings option and select Apps.
  • Scroll down and select Gboard, followed by App permissions.
  • In this window, you have the accessibility to enable or disable Gboard permission.
  • Enable the option and open up Gboard.
  • Try using the microphone now. Hope it works. 


Final Words

Changing microphone settings on Android was easy. However, there are some tricks you have to know. We tried to reveal all the tips and tricks regarding microphone settings. Hope you got your answer about how to change my microphone settings on my Android. 


Let us know in the comments section if we have a segment to discuss or any questions left from your side. We will try to cover them as early as possible. 


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