How To Change Pldt Wifi Password?

If you are having trouble with your PLDT Wi-Fi router password security, you must be curious about “How to change PLDT WiFi password?”


Go to the IP address with your smart device. You will need to stay connected with your wi-fi when you do so. After getting to the login page, provide your admin username and password. Now open the Security setting from Basic Network Settings. Provide your old password and customize your new password in the required space. Save the changes and get logged out. Now get connected with your wi-fi using the new password.


It is crucial to have a secure Wi-Fi password. Make sure your new password is composed of numbers, letters in upper and lower cases, and any special character.  This increases network safety and gives you a more secure network.




how to change pldt wifi password





How To Change Pass PLDT Wi-Fi Admin Password?


Changing your PLDT Wi-Fi password to secure your Wi-Fi connection is not enough. If you want to powerfully secure your Wi-Fi connection, you should also change your admin password. With this, unwanted people will not log into your admin account and mess up your Wi-Fi password.


Changing your admin password is very easy. Here is how you can change your admin password.


Step 1: Using your current password and admin ID, log in to the PLDT admin dashboard.




how to change pldt wifi password




Step 2: Now locate System Tools and open it.


Step 3: Select and open Modify Login Password.


Step 4: Here, you will need to input your old or default username and password: Username: admin and Password: 1234.


Step 5: Input your new admin name and password. Remember the admin password should contain digits, special characters, and upper- and lower-case letters.


Step 6: Tap on apply and save the changes.




how to change pldt wifi password




Changing your admin password from the default password secures your Wi-Fi connection and IP address. Once you customize your admin password, no one can log in to your admin ID without knowing it.


How To Change Wi-Fi Password In PLDT?


After customizing your admin ID, it is time to customize your Wi-Fi password. If your Wi-Fi connection is a secured network and you already have an existing password, you must change the current password to secure it.


The steps you will need to change your existing PLDT Wi-Fi password are as follows.


Step 1: Browse Default IP Address


Using your browser, access the IP address of your router. In the case of PLDT Wi-Fi, the default IP address is After typing the IP address, press Enter to access the login page.




how to change pldt wifi password




To open this IP address, you will need to connect with the Wi-Fi network you want to change the password.


Step 2: Login To The Wi-Fi Network


Once you browse the IP address, the login page will appear. You will need to provide your username and login password on the login page. Press enter and get logged in to the setting window.


Step 3: Changing Wi-Fi Password


From the left side of your screen, open the Security Settings. A window will pop up telling you that the PLDT Wi-Fi password should be 12 to 64 characters. Input your old password in the required place and set your new password.


Remember, the new Password must contain both uppercase and lowercase, number, and special characters.




how to change pldt wifi password




This combination of passwords makes sure that it is hard to trace your password if someone is trying to hack it. Therefore, your whole network system becomes more secure and accessible to those only who have the password. After inputting your new password, save the change and get logged out.


Step 4: Get Connected with Your New Password


Once you save your new password, you will disconnect from the connected Wi-Fi. Now go to the Wi-Fi settings of your device and connect your Wi-Fi with the new password.


With these simple steps, you may easily change your PLDT home Wi-Fi. Anytime you feel that your password is not secure anymore, you can just change it to something new.


How To Change PLDT Fibr Wi-Fi Password Using Android Phone


If you do not have access to a laptop or desktop in your home, you can always use an Android phone to change the password of PLDT fibr Wi-Fi. Here are the measures you will need to take to change your PLDT fibr Wi-Fi password using your Android device.


Step 1: Open Google Chrome on your Android device.


Step 2: Now copy-paste the following IP: You cannot avoid https://.


Step 3: Log in to the PLDT admin ID with username and password.


Step 4: Now, open the WLAN tab.


Step 5: Open the Basic Network Settings tab.


Step 6: Go to the Security section.


Step 7: Input your old password in the given tab.


Step 8: In the given space, input your new password. Remember that your new password must contain a number, letter with upper and lowercase, and special characters. These combinations make it hard to trace by the hacker.


You will have to fix the same setting for both 2G and 5G. And once you set the password, share it only among the safe users.


How To Change PLDT Wi-Fi Password If Forgotten


If you have forgotten your existing Wi-Fi password, do not panic. PLDT allows you to change the Wi-Fi password without your old password. But you will have to take a different methodology.


Here is how to do it.


Step 1: Near the power button in your Wi-Fi modem, you will find a small hole. It is the reset button.


Step 2: With the help of a pin or a needle, press the reset button gently. Now push down the reset button for at least 5 seconds.


Step 3: After your modem gets reset, connect it with your PC or Laptop. Use a LAN cable to establish the connection.


Step 4: From your internet browser, log into Use the default admin username and password. You will find it on the bottom of the modem.


Step 5: Set a new SSID and password for your PLDT Wi-Fi after getting logged in.


To accomplish this process, you will need to take the help of a laptop or PC.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How can I change my Wi-Fi name PLDT?


To change the PLDT wifi name, first, access your PLDT’s Wi-Fi IP address. Now login to the Wi-Fi Network. Here use your admin Username and password. Then change your WIFI Username SSID from Basic Network Settings.


What is the username and password of PLDT Home FIBR?


Unless you have changed the default username and password, the username is admin, and the password is 1234.


Why can’t I change my Wi-Fi password?


There might be something wrong with your modem. When you type in the IP Address of your internet router, make sure you are connected to the wi-fi you need to change the password.



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Final Words


It is always essential to have a secure password for your PLDT wi-fi network. Knowing how to change PLDT wifi password will allow you to change the password without the help of customer care.


Remember, for your cyber security, don’t share your wi-fi password with random people. Also, it is important to remember that your password must not be a birthday or any public information.

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