How to Change Spotify Playlist Picture On Android? [Very Simple Way 2022]

Spotify is the most famous music streaming service in the world. You can listen to your favorite old or new songs online, and also, you can save offline to listen to every time, anywhere. In addition, Spotify has a nice feature called a playlist.


In detail, you will know how to create a playlist in Spotify and how to change spotify playlist picture?


There are so many popular public playlists where you can get top songs or popular songs at that time. As with those playlists, you also can have a playlist of your favorite songs.


How to Create a Playlist Spotify


Making a Spotify playlist is easy. Even if your membership is free, also you can make a Spotify playlist. Follow these instructions, and you will create your playlist on android.


  1. Open your Spotify app on android.
  2. Select your favorite song
  3. There is a three-dot menu on the right side. Select that.
  4. Select the option with the name “Add to Playlist.”
  5. Create a new playlist from there. And name it as your wish


This is how you can create your own custom playlist using android.


How to Change Spotify Playlist Picture?


If you wish to change your Spotify playlist cover picture, follow the instructions below-


  • Open your Spotify app.
  • Go to the library option.
  • Tap on the playlist you want to change.
  • Select the three-dot menu below your playlist picture.
  • Select the Edit Playlist option, and there you will find a written change image.
  • Tap there, and you will have an option to choose a photo from your gallery.
  • Select an image from the gallery.


Now, your Spotify playlist image is changed.



how to change spotify playlist picture




Some of you may not find an option to edit the playlist. This happens when you wish to change others’ playlist images. Or if you are trying to change the cover of your Spotify playlist But having trouble.

Then you may use an old version of the Spotify app and try to use the latest version.


To use an updated version of the Spotify app, You have to search Spotify in the google play store. And press update. If you don’t find any update options, uninstall the Spotify app from your smartphone and install it again from the play store. And you will be able to change now.


How to Change Playlist Pictures on Spotify on iPhone?


When you are an iPhone user, Having Spotify will not make a problem for you too. You can have Spotify on your iPhone also. However, You may find difficulty in Spotify, like changing playlist images on iPhone.


Let me show you how you can shift playlist pictures. To do that, like android, Go to the library, select the playlist category, and select which one you want to change image.


Tap on Select image from the gallery, and from there, you will be directed to the gallery to choose an image from there. Choose your favorite one, and your playlist photo will be changed.




Using Spotify as a music streaming platform is really great and beneficial from every angle. And also, having a favorite playlist is really sweet. Changing the image of the playlist according to the music category is also good, and that’s why you are getting how to change spotify playlist picture.







How to change the cover of a playlist on Spotify?


  • Open Spotify and go to library > playlist > {Select a playlist} > Edit Playlist from the three-dot menu. Select an image from the gallery, and your playlist image will be changed.


Spotify playlist cover maker



  • There you will find an option called choose file. Click that button and select an image from your gallery. And from below confirm it. That is how you can change using a third-party cover maker. Use those third-party links at your own risk.





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