How To Change Youtube Video Quality On Mobile And Web?

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Being the biggest video-sharing platform, the resolution is the core feature of Youtube. Since 2005, this platform has kept improving the resolution quality. The quality automatically depends on the internet speed.


But users can manually choose the resolution pixel if there is any data and battery-saving plan. So this article will converse about how to change youtube video quality on mobile and web.


Here, we will also disclose the changing method and a short brief about For a better experience, you’ll get to know how you can fix your Youtube resolution for long-term usage right here in this tutorial. Ready to dive in?


What is M.Youtube Com? When I Need It?


Indeed, “M” refers to mobile Youtube, and it’s a term that the mobile mode is on and if you notice it, that means you are using an outdated browser such as Internet Explorer. So, you should upgrade to Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Internet Explorer Edge.


However, if you have the mobile app, it should instantly switch to the Youtube Application System, which has a more fluid interface. Actually, this mobile version doesn’t carry any significant individual weight. So, if you see this, changing it will not cause any damage.


Follow the steps to remove the


  • Click on the top address bar.


  • You will notice a lock sign on the left of https://


  • Click on the lock logo.


  • Now enter the cookies section, and you will see the coм


  • Delete it and close the window.



  • Now the mobile version will convert into the desktop version.


How To Change Youtube Video Quality On Mobile And Web?


In comparison to the features, you can choose the resolution. Each section comes up with a different viewing component. You can choose the resolution from both Android and Apple devices.


As YouTube maintains the same look and uses methods for all types of mobile devices, the process and definition will be the same.




how to change youtube video quality on mobile and web



1. Auto


This is the default system; it will detect the internet speed and select the best resolution that matches the internet speed. The application system auto works, and with the improvement of the internet speed, it will level up the resolution.


2. Higher Picture Quality


720p is the resolution quantity of the higher picture. It will use more data and requires 5mbps ethernet speed.


3. Data Saver


If you have a low-budget data plan or have little data, then this data saver option is advantageous. It will decrease the resolution and save data.


4. Advanced 


You can select the resolution manually between 144p to 1080p. As high-resolution videos are always charming, you can choose the best rate.


How Do I Change the YouTube Resolution on My Phone?


The steps are common for all mobile brands or tablet devices. You can set the pixel rate following these steps –


  • In order to begin, tap the YouTube video.




how to change youtube video quality on mobile and web



  • You will see three dots or a settings icon at the right upper corner; click on that.




how to change youtube video quality on mobile and web





how to change youtube video quality on mobile and web



  • On the first option, you will see “quality” click on that.




how to change youtube video quality on mobile and web




  • The resolution pixel list will display when you select “advanced option” from the quality menu, ranging from 144p to 1080p60.


Remember, the higher resolution requires better internet speed and uses more data but will give you the best pixel view. The single pixels break down into multiple at a low rate, so the video quality gutters.


How Do I Adjust the Resolution of YouTube in My Web Browser?


The steps are handy and similar to the mobile devices, but there are slight differences in the placement. Follow the steps mentioned below:


  • First off, enter the website and tap on the “Youtube” video.




how to change youtube video quality on mobile and web




  • You will see a settings icon in the middle right lower corner; click on that.




how to change youtube video quality on mobile and web




  • Three options will appear, click on the quality right away.




how to change youtube video quality on mobile and web




  • Select the resolution rate, and that’s all!


Can I Fix My Youtube Resolution for Long-term Use?


The Youtube procedure does not require you to alter the video resolution each time you enter. But only for a certain internet speed, it fluctuates the resolution quality at times. Still, according to your preference, you can fix the pixel rate as long as you want by following the easy steps:


  • Go to the youtube application and click on the menu icon, where the profile picture is visible.


  • Scroll down and tap the settings; the quality preferences menu will open up.


  • If you like to relish the video in more elevated resolution, choose the “higher resolution quality.”



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. What is the Best YouTube Resolution Format?


In a nutshell, 2160p or 3840*2160 is the best format till now. Nonetheless, this format is not general in every territory on account of regional internet speed.


2. Why is Resolution Everything to Most of The Users?


If you can’t see the video of your choice the way you expected, you will not continue watching. For anything, perfection is the most acceptable aspect. That is why a good resolution is everything.


3. What is Video File Code?


Depending on the code size system, youtube determines the video quality. This is just a coding system.


4. Can I Set the Resolution Quality Permanently?


Yes, from the Youtube default system, you can permanently change the resolution quality, and this is also changeable.


5. Is Low-Quality Video A Good Fit for Small Screen or Not?


This is true that if you are facing slow internet and the pixel quality is in low mode, then the small screen is a good option, as a small screen cannot break the pixel into many.




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From kids to senior citizens, all are users of Youtube these days. And it is hard to find any internet users who don’t watch videos on youtube. Every year youtube earns billions of dollars just from the user’s view!


That’s why they keep adding new video resolution quality very frequently. Video resolution is everything, and when you see the video elements movement without any pixel break, the enjoyment becomes fullest.


In this article, we have cleared all aspects related to how to change youtube video quality on mobile and webSo have fun with the higher resolution video with good internet speed.

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