How To Changes The Voice From Woman To Man In Google Translate?

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Google translate is worth all the hype it gets. It is one of the most efficient features for creators who build content for another region or geographical area. But as a newbie, it can be a little confusing at times to manage. One such problem is How to Changes the voice from woman to man in Google Translate.


Yes, the male voice is not very common. That said, it is not impossible. This is the reason why we prepared this guide to show you a step-by-step process. We have described the steps in detail so that you won’t have any trouble understanding them.


So, without further ado, let’s jump into it!


Can You Change Google Translate Voice to Male?


Google translate is a popular service that users enjoy to connect with the world better. That’s the aim of Google. With the help of Google translate, you can read the translation of any content on the internet. Content creators use this service constantly to generate videos that resonate with people all around the world.


For example, you don’t speak English. But the original speech of the video is in English. In that case, the creator can take the help from Google translate and add more audio in different languages so that you can pick any language or dialect to understand the content better.


That’s why for video creators, it is essential to change the voice according to the original one. If the real version has a male speaking in it, the translator should also have a male voice. Otherwise, it seems weird and out of place.


Now that you understand the purpose behind changing the voice of Google translate, let’s get into the real question. Is it possible to change the translation voice to male?


The answer is yes. You can change the gender of the voice. Not just that, you can instruct it to speak in different dialects. We will see both the processes just below.


How to Changes the Voice from Woman to Man in Google Translate?


This is the section where we will show the exact process step-by-step to you. You can follow this guide to reverse the results. For example, if you want the voice to be a female, just go through this exact method –


  • Go to your search engine. And type in “Google cloud text to speech.”


  • Many titles will show up on the SERP. Make sure to click on the one that comes with “” into the URL.



how to changes the voice from woman to man in google translate




  • Go inside that page. It will show you a free-trial section. Try to look for the “put your text here” box.


  • Inside the box, you have to paste any paragraph. It can be something from the web or your customized one. We only need it to test the results.



how to changes the voice from woman to man in google translate




  • Once you paste the paragraph into it, click on the “speak it” button. It might ask you for a captcha. So, fulfill it diligently. Is it a female voice? No problem. It can be a by-default setup. Now, we will change it.


  • Do you see various options just below the box? It has an option to change accents. Then, comes another option called “voice name.” That’s what we are looking for. The titles of voices can be a little overwhelming to understand. But, just follow the process.


  • Click on that option. A list will appear shortly after. If the voice is currently female, the default setup will be “en-us-wavenet-G.” We need to select the “en-us-wavenet-D.” That’s the title for the male voice.



how to changes the voice from woman to man in google translate




  • Choose the voice and tap on the speaker icon. Has the voice changed? Is the translation in a male’s voice now? If yes, then you have succeeded in the mission.


How To Change The Voice Accent Of Google Translate?


Why do we need to change the accent of voice translation Google? First of all, dialect or accent is the soul of our speaking style. That’s the reason why English sounds so different when a British or Australian speaks it.


The language is the same, but the accent makes it harder or easier for you to understand. If you want to translate any content for a group of people who have such dialect preferences, we’d suggest giving them access. Follow the steps given below:


  • We will follow the previous tutorial to find the Google translate website. Once you are inside it, look for the “put your text here” box.


  • Paste or write down your paragraph there. Now, click on the speaker icon. Does it play an American accent? No problem. We will change it now.


  • Suppose we want to get a British accent. So, we will go to the URL of that page.


  • Now, remove the “.com” and replace it with “”



how to changes the voice from woman to man in google translate




  • Now, tap on “enter.” Then, click on the speaker icon again. This time it should play a British accent. It’s easy, right?


Another method is to use a website for the purpose. It is known as “” Paste your specific paragraph there. Now, click on the language section. The list contains various languages along with their dialects from all around the world. Just pick one and play the speaker. Your task is over!



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. How Do You Change the Google Translate Voice to Female?


In order to change the translated voice to female, we will go to the Google Translate website. Paste your test paragraph there and click on the “voice name.” Select “”


2. Can You Change Google Assistant’s Voice?


Yes, you can change the Google assistant’s voice as well. For that, say “Okay Google ” and turn on the feature> then, select the settingsoption> go into preferences> click on assistant’s voice.


3. How To Change Google Translate Voice To Canadian Accent?


Unfortunately, the URL method doesn’t work for any other accent but the British one. For other accents, you have to type “” on the search browser. There you can get as many dialects as you want.


4. Is It Possible to Translate Voice into Text?


Yes, it is absolutely possible to turn audio into text. Google translate can do it for you. All you have to do is provide permission to use the microphone.


5. How To Change Google Translate Voice On Chrome?


Go to the Google Translate website > tap on the menu button > select “settings > click on “region” > a list will appear shortly. You can pick any language you want.




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Google has a goal to make its users’ life easier. And Google translate is one of the best examples of that. People are getting introduced to different regions faster than ever!


With this tutorial on how to changes the voice from woman to man in Google Translate, we tried to help you embark on this journey as well. Hopefully, you will be able to activate the voice or accent you want and help more people connect with your content.

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