How To Check Bluetooth Version On Android?

how to check bluetooth version on android

All Android devices don’t come with similar Bluetooth versions. Having the latest Bluetooth version is mandatory to send or receive data via Bluetooth with less interference. For people who don’t know how to check Bluetooth version on Android, this writing is dedicated to them.


The difference in Bluetooth versions makes connectivity issues most often. Besides, it creates trouble of sending files in the minimum time interval. However, checking your Android’s Bluetooth version has several ways. The easiest way is to check the Bluetooth app info.


Another easy method is checking the device’s box. You can also check the specs sheet of your Android to know its Bluetooth version. There are a few Bluetooth checker apps on the Google Play Store that can inform you about the Bluetooth version of your device. To know these ways elaborately, let’s get into the main discussion.


How Many Bluetooth Versions are there?


Recently, Bluetooth version 5.2 is the latest version running on Android devices. Let’s check the revolution of Bluetooth versions from the first.


Bluetooth version 1


This the first-ever Bluetooth specs. The version is known as Bluetooth version 1.0 and 1.0 B. It had severe deployment issues while it was first introduced in 1999.


Bluetooth version 1.1


After two years of Bluetooth version 1, this version came with more reliability. It was slightly faster than the previous version but had a lot to improve.


Bluetooth version 1.2


In 2003, this Bluetooth version with wide technology was introduced to the tech lovers. Its pairing speed was appreciable. Besides, its AFH technology was determined to reduce the interference to a minimum.


Bluetooth version 2


After one year, Bluetooth version 2 was released. It came with an average data rate of 2.1 Mbps. Along with handling the interference, the power consumption was reduced.


Bluetooth version 2.1


This version is the slightly modified version of the Bluetooth 2 version. The Secure Simple Pairing (SSP) was added with this version. Besides, the pairing speed was improved than the previous version.


Bluetooth version 3+ HS


Bluetooth version 3+ HS is the first-ever high-speed Bluetooth version. It started to create the connection via Bluetooth, but transfer data via Wifi. The security factors were also improved in this version.


Bluetooth version 4


In 2010, Bluetooth version 4 was introduced as the “Bluetooth smart” to tech enthusiasts. This version was known as the low power Bluetooth with low energy. Nowadays, many old devices are running on this Bluetooth version.


Bluetooth version 4.1


This Bluetooth version came with a more efficient data exchange rate. Moreover, it came with better coexistence with LTE frequencies.


Bluetooth version 4.2


Bluetooth version 4.2 came with an improved security facility. The payload size was increased and supported the beacon privacy. This version was launched in 2014 and it’s not outdated yet.


Bluetooth version 5


Inventors were looking for a more robust version with extra battery life. This version increased the outdoor transmission rate 4X than the previous one. Flagship Android devices started to use this version first and it’s widely used nowadays.


Bluetooth version 5.2


Bluetooth version 5.2 was released in January 2020. It’s supported by only a few high-spec devices. With the help of lower bandwidth, Bluetooth 5.2 can transfer huge data at a time. Its security issues are fixed and much more reliable in comparison to the Bluetooth 5 version.


How To Check Bluetooth Version On Android?


A large number of people don’t have any idea how to check Bluetooth version on Android. What version of Bluetooth do I have on my phone- that’s a common question for newbies. Follow these steps to check the Bluetooth version quickly.


Check the app info


This method is the most effective and reliable to get authentic info. Let’s see how it works.


Step:1- Turn on Bluetooth


  • After turning on your Android, slide down to open the notification panel. From there, find Bluetooth and tap on the option. It’ll open Bluetooth on your device.


  • Alternatively, you can tap on the Settings app on your device. Then, type “Bluetooth” on the search bar and open it.


Step:2- Open app settings


  • After entering the settings option, find app settings. The option may vary depending on the Android model.


  • At this moment, you need to scroll down and find the Bluetooth app.


Step:3- Tap on the app info


  • Now, you need to find the app info segment.


  • Once you find it, tap on it and the Bluetooth version will be found there.


Check the device’s manual book


This method may seem slightly boring but you can get accurate results without any technical operation. Let’s check the steps.


Step:1- Open index


  • Open index from the manual book of your device.


  • Perhaps, all the features are assembled here alphabetically. You need to find Bluetooth-related discussion from here. Notice the page from the index and visit there.


Step:2- Visit the page


  • The last step is visiting the page discussing everything about the Bluetooth of your device. You can easily find the Bluetooth version from that page.


Use Bluetooth checker app


Finding the Bluetooth version using a Bluetooth checker app is another popular method. Follow the steps carefully to perform this action.


Step:1- Download and install the Bluetooth checker app


  • Open Google Play Store on your device and go to the search bar.


  • Search “Bluetooth checker” and many apps will be recommended on your device’s screen. Download any of them by analyzing their download rate and ratings. We recommend using AIDA64




how to check bluetooth version on android




Step:2- Visit the system section


  • After downloading and installing AIDA64, open the system option by tapping.


  • Scroll down to determine Bluetooth. Once you find it, you can easily know the Bluetooth version from there.


How to check the Bluetooth version on Android 11?


Android 11 comes with the latest Bluetooth features and developed security. Those who are interested to know how to check Bluetooth version on my android tablet, keep reading this part.


Check the device’s packet


Do you have the packet of your favorite Android device? Then, this method may help you to find the Bluetooth version.




how to check bluetooth version on android




Step:1- Locate the Bluetooth logo


  • Locate the Bluetooth logo on the packet of your Android.


  • If you don’t find it, then check the name “Bluetooth” on the packet.




how to check bluetooth version on android



Step:2- Check the Bluetooth version


  • Now, check the Bluetooth version easily from there.


Search on internet


Google is ready to help you with a bunch of information. Type the model of your device and know the Bluetooth version from any trusted source. You can use the authentic manufacturer website for the most reliable information. That’s all you have to do to know the exact Bluetooth version.


Check the app info


This method has already been discussed in the previous part. For Android 11, this method is tricky as well as time-killing. So, it’s your choice if you have enough time to waste on this method.


Use a Bluetooth checker app


This method was also described in the previous part. If you want to try this method, follow the aforementioned steps strictly.


How to check Bluetooth version on Android 10?


Android 10 models have slightly older Bluetooth features than the Android 11. The checking processes are discussed below.


Watch Youtube videos


Youtube is full of tech reviews with various Android 10 models. It’s time to know how to determine the Bluetooth version of Android 10 using Youtube.


Step:1- Search for videos


  • Open Youtube and search for your Android 10 model reviews. A huge number of videos will come forward.
  • Open any of the top-viewed videos now.


Step:2- Find the Bluetooth discussion


  • Start watching the review with full concentration. Pause the video when it’s discussing your Android 10 Bluetooth features.
  • From here, it’s easy to get information about the Bluetooth version. You may need to watch another video unless it discusses the Bluetooth version.


Check the packet of your device


If you have the old packet of your Android 10 device, then why don’t you check it? It’ll tell you the Android version we’ve just discussed for Android 11.


Search on internet


This method is all about typing your Android 10 model and searching for its specifications. Once you find it from any trusted source, visit there. The website will tell every pros and cons about Bluetooth along with revealing its version.


Use third-party application


Third-party software using this method isn’t recommended as many apps may not work properly. In case you want to go for this option, follow our “Use Bluetooth checker app” segment.




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How to check Bluetooth version on Samsung phone?


All the possible ways are discussed above. Your Samsung Android device is compatible with all the processes. So, try any of them according to your convenience and find the Bluetooth version.


How do I update my Bluetooth on my Android phone?


Unfortunately, it’s impossible to update your Bluetooth on your Android phone. The wireless radio is an inevitable part of SOC. So, the supported Bluetooth version is unchangeable anyhow.


Hopefully, there is no more confusion on how to upgrade the Bluetooth version in Android.

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