How To Check How Much Data You Have Left Android?

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It is necessary to keep track of your data usage so that you can free yourself from the sudden shock of excessive data bills! But if you have never tracked data, the first thing that will pop up in your mind is how to check how much data you have left android?


From most of the Android OS, you can use your phone’s settings feature to check the data you have left on your phone. Also, you can download and use the telephone companies’ apps. A number of third-party apps will also come in handy to check the remaining data plan.


Not all Android phones will have the same feature to check the data you have left. And keeping that in mind, we will cover the alternative ways as well. Stick with us!


How To Check How Much Data You Have Left Android?


Most mobile data carriers have an app to check the remaining data on your Android. But if for some reason, you cannot download it or there is no such app, you can count on your phone’s settings.


Checking the mobile or Wi-Fi data is similar on most phones. So, here are some of the ways to do so –


  • For some of the old Android OS, you can open the Settings app at first to check the mobile data.


  • To open the Settings screen, swipe right or left from your home screen to go through the All Apps menu.




how to check how much data you have left android




  • From the All Apps menu, locate and open the Settings app that has a cogwheel icon. 




how to check how much data you have left android




  • Now go through the Settings screen, and you should find the Data Usage option if you scroll down. Click on that option. From here, you can see how much of the mobile data plan you have used this month.


  • Then you can calculate how much data you have left. For example, if you have used 800MB from your 1000MB plan, you have only 200MB left. 




how to check how much data you have left android




  • Sometimes you might buy a data plan for several months. In that case, you need to follow this step to see your data usage. Under the cellular data usage section, there is a drop-down menu.


  • You need to click the menu to set a date range. If you are using a data plan from February to April, then set the date or month range there. 


  • After setting the date or month range, it will show you the data usage for these months. Now you can get an idea of how much data you have left on Android. Even some phones have graphs under the Data Usage section to show you that. 


  • If you cannot find the Settings app from the All Apps list, you can open that from the Quick Access Panel. Even the recent Android OS has its Settings app on the panel or notification shadow. For that, you need to swipe down from the top of the screen.


  • Then from the Notification shadow or quick access panel, open the Cogwheel icon or the Settings menu. 


  • Note that some of the phones might not show you the whole quick access panel that contains the Settings feature. So, if you cannot find the Settings option from the panel’s preview, you need to swipe down again from the panel to open the extended panel view. And then you will get to see the Settings app at the bottom of the panel. 


  • Now, let’s repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 to see how much data you have left. 


  • If you are on a Samsung Galaxy phone, the process is a bit different. So, from the Apps tray on the home screen, open the Settings app. Or you can search for the app from the search bar to locate it in an instant. 


  • Now you need to scroll down and locate the Connection or Mobile Networks and Connection option. 




how to check how much data you have left android




  • Once you open the Connection section, go through the Data Usage section from there. 


  • Then you need to tap on the Mobile Data usage to set a date or limit to study your data usage so that you can understand how much data is remaining on your Android. The data usage graph will show you a warning sign if you have finished all the data. 


What Are the Third-Party Apps to Check How Much Data You Have Left?


There are several third-party apps and apps from telephone companies as well to make it easier to check data. But if you cannot find the official apps from the mobile data carriers, here are the third-party apps you can count on to –


1. Check Data Usage


You will find the Check Data Usage app on the Google Play Store. Once you download and open it, the features are not difficult to understand. You can easily set your daily data limit from the app so that it will show you the notification of how much of the daily data limit you have left.


Also, once you open the app, it will instantly show you how much mobile or Wi-Fi data you have consumed today. And under the Mobile Data section of the app, you can see your data plan and how much you have used in total. It helps to understand the remaining data amount on your Android.


2. My Data Manager 


My Data Manager is one of the most used third-party apps to track your data usage. You will find it on the Galaxy store or play store.


The app lets you set custom alarms for your mobile data plan. Once you enable the notification, it will alert you when you have only 10% of the data left. You can check the data usage for Wi-Fi and roaming as well.


The best thing about the app is it will show you which app uses how much data. So, if you are low on data, you can skip using those apps to prevent excess charges for the plan.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. What Are the Telephone Companies Apps to Check the Data You Have Left? 


Not all but most telephone companies have apps to track data usage. And these apps are compatible with iOS and Android as well. Some of these apps are Vodafone, Optus, TPG, Boost Mobile, Telstra, GoMo, etc. You can easily download them from any app store or the play store.


2. Are There Any Mobile Plans with No Excess Charge? 


Yes, mobile phone carriers like Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone have introduced a plan that will not charge you any extra bill if you go over the primary allowance. 


3. Does the Data Speed Slow Down If You Have Minimum Data Left?


Yes, if you have used almost 90% of your data plan, the speed will slow down. For example, if you cross the primary allowance plan, the speed on the Telstra network will drop to 1Mbps. And the speed on the Vodafone will be at 2 Mbps. 


4. Does Making a Phone Call Count as Data Usage?


No, phone calls are part of the regular minute plans, so they will not count as data usage. But if you send MMS, or call over social media apps, it will count as the data usage plan.


5. Can You Restrict Apps from Using Excessive Data?


There is no specific way to restrict data usage for specific apps. But you can set data usage limits from the Settings or third-party app. It will warn you so that you can understand when to skip using some of the apps that use excessive data.  Or you can change the data speed from the network settings. 




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Nothing feels as frustrating when you have to pay for the excess charges for crossing the data plan you are using. And the best way to get rid of this issue is to check and monitor your data usage on a regular basis. We hope that our in-depth how to check how much data you have left android guide has brought you out of that stressful scenario!


We recommend setting a data limit notification from a third-party app we have reviewed. It will keep you updated on your data usage for always.

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