How To Completely Uninstall Mail.Ru Agent

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Facing issues every time you want to log into your search engine account? And does it always redirect you to


Well, Mail.Ru is an instant messaging application that is currently creating fear among web users. It targets your browser and prevents it from showing genuine search results. Then what is the solution to this? And how to completely uninstall agent?


Say your stresses and worries goodbye as you are at the right place! Here, we have cleared the basic doubts people have about Yep, we have shown how you can uninstall or remove it from your computer without even following any complex steps.


So, without further ado, let’s get into it!


What Is Mail.Ru Agent?


Before we jump into our details, it is essential to have a little introduction. Knowing the function or purpose of service can debunk a lot of myths you hear on the internet.


You might get surprised but Mail.Ru Agent is a legitimate instant messaging service very popular among the Russians. It has all the amazing features including chatting, calling, video gaming, file sharing, and so on.


Even you receive notifications when your chosen contacts update their status or available online. You can simply log in here using your Agent credentials. After that, you get the opportunity to customize your account using a display photo or any way you seem fit.


And that’s not the end; your friends from different social networks can connect with you. That means you can send messages to your friends on Facebook, ICQ, or Gtalk using the Mail.Ru service. Seems pretty convenient, eh?


In short, it is an all-in-one stop for your emails, online messages, conference video-calling experience, document-sharing, and playing games.


Is Mail.Ru A Malware?


Nope. Mail.Ru Agent is in no way malware. It is a famous instant messaging service with all the necessary elements. But the problem arises when hackers take advantage of its features and use it to access the default browsers of Chrome users.


Sometimes, the reason for a virus attack is not the Mail.Ru software but your malicious files. That’s right. Cybercriminals intentionally target their victims and convert their direction to So, they can generate revenue from your searches.


We fall victim to such kinds of hijackers because of downloading stuff from unprotected sites. These files or apps can have spyware in their setup. Unless you run an anti-virus test on these files, you won’t be able to identify the culprit.


And, once these malicious programs camp themselves in your computer, the annoying redirects start to occur.


Common Issues You Might Face With Mail.Ru Agent


Many unwanted programs promote this service. The most common trouble people face after its installation is, redirecting to It negatively impacts your search experience.


It’s not like you can’t search for anything or surf the internet. But the results will be highly biased. Most of the time the results will contain malicious web pages or advertisements on top. The ads might look real and convincing. But they are just scams for you to invest in a useless service, keep in mind.


Another problem is hacking. This application opens the door for cybercriminals to access your personal information, Chrome history, IP address of your pc, and so on. And, once they know your search habit, it is easier to manipulate the ads that would get you to subscribe.


No need to explain that if you were using Google or any of your legit web browsers, these spammy ads would have been banned.


And last but not the least, victims of this situation have faced a significant reduction in the productivity of their devices.


How to Completely Uninstall Mail.Ru Agent?


Mail.Ru virus can get very irritating. It mainly targets the users of Google chrome. As a result, whenever you check inside the chrome icon, it redirects you to the website.


Although it is quite tricky to get it to leave your pc, we have come up with the easiest solutions for you. Check them out:


First Method:


  • Find the “programs and features” tab on your computer. Any program that is installed on your pc would appear here.



how to completely uninstall agent




  • Now, navigate through the list and stop when you locate “”.


  • Once you locate it, just click on it.


  • Now choose the uninstall button.




how to completely uninstall agent




Don’t be scared if it doesn’t work. It happens with most of us unless you are very lucky. Here’s another option for you to try out.


Second Method:


  • Go to the home screen and look for Google chrome. Now, as you enter the search engine, you should see something like “” on the bar. That’s the issue we want to solve right here.


  • Can you see the three buttons on the top corner of the interface? If yes, click on it and find the setting.




how to completely uninstall agent




  • Now check on the “appearance” tab. It should show you a window that contains the “show home button”.


  • Remove whatever link is under this heading. And only type “chrome”. Don’t forget to press enter after that.


  • Then go under the tab “search engine”. Notice the “” sitting there?


  • Click on it and then scroll through the list to select Google.


  • You don’t have to change anything in the “default search engine”.


  • Go to the “On startup” tab and remove whatever is under the heading “Open a specific page”. Just right-click on it and choose remove.


  • Moving back, go inside the “appearance” again and click on the blue “reset to default”.


  • Now go to the home screen and try to access the chrome again. After following this procedure, you should be able to access your original default chrome browser.


Still, got more questions regarding Mail.Ru? Then check our FAQ section down below:



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


Why Is Mail.Ru Hard To Uninstall?


Even if you succeed in uninstalling it at first, the dangerous programs that support or promote it may reinstall it at times, just like they did the first time. That’s why removing this application can be so tricky.


How Do I Get Rid Of Mail.Ru?


The easy way would be to go inside ‘programs and features” and search for the agent service to uninstall it. It might work or might not. In the second case, you will have to follow the process we mentioned in the article.


Why Is Mail.Ru On My Computer?


You might have mistakenly installed malware apps or services on your computer. These PUP or potentially unwanted programs are redirecting your server requests to Mail.Ru in order to earn some profit. Once it finds its way into your pc, removal can be tough and tiring.



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Last Words


Although the creation of this application was for an entirely different purpose, it is labeled as a virus among many web users. The service itself is not dangerous and can’t harm your computer.


But the PUPs using this as a shield can hurt your browsing experience and worse hack your account through tracking cookies. It provides misleading search results for any of your queries.


And, our opinion would be to get rid of it completely by following the steps we’ve mentioned here in the section of how to completely uninstall agent.

Hope you’ve got benefited from this post!

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