Learn The Hack How to configure dns on windows 10 Easily

Every one of us wants to experience a safe and fast browsing experience. How fast your browsing speed will depend on the ISP’s server you use. Now, almost every Internet Service Provider offers a fast internet surfing experience. 


But the concerning fact is- ISPs can now track your browsing data and they can collect the data where you are surfing around the web. As a result, they can easily access your personal data. In the worst case, they may even sell your data to third parties. 


How scary it is! Fortunately, you can protect your browsing data by changing the DNS on Windows 10. 


Now, the question is- Do you know how to configure DNS on Windows 10? 


If the answer is No, don’t worry. In this guide, we let you know how to change the DNS breaking down easy-to-follow guidelines. 


So, stick with this guide to know the way of changing DNS for safe browsing. 


What is DNS?

The full meaning of the acronym (DNS) is Domain Name Service. It is an essential part of networking that converts the IP address of a web server into a URL. 


For example, when you type ‘Amazon.Com’ for shopping something, the DNS looks at it like this string of numbers- Then, it searches for the IP address and finds it out. Later, send your browser to the specific address. 


All these happen invisibly- behind our eye-sight. So, we don’t care about all. What we really care about is- we get the right website we love to visit.


Why should you change your DNS server? 


Changing DNS is not a must workflow. However, the ISP’s server you use for browsing may not be as fast as you want. In the worst case, it may affect the browsing performance. Keep in mind; it does affect a minor, not huge. So, if you want to stay with your ISP’s server, then we don’t force you to change it. 


But, if you are the guy who wants to improve his browsing security, you must change the DNS. The internet service providers can track what you are doing online. They can collect your browsing data, even your personal details. 


When you change your DNS server, they hardly can track your browsing behavior. This small change can protect your data, which is more important for safe surfing around the internet. 


Simple Way to Configure DNS on Windows 10


You can easily configure the DNS from the Change Adapter Settings. Below, we break down how you can do it following the step-by-step guides. 

First off, click on the Start button and choose Settings to go to your Windows Settings. 



How to configure dns on windows 10



Secondly, head over to Network & Internet that shows you up a page like this: 



How to configure dns on windows 10




Under the Change your network settings, tap on Change adapter options. It will open up the Network Connections page.



How to configure dns on windows 10



Thirdly, right-click on the network option you are currently using to connect with the internet. 



How to configure dns on windows 10



Then, choose Properties that brings up a dialogue box like the below screenshot. 



How to configure dns on windows 10



Fourthly, tap on Internet Protocol Version 4 or IPv4 and click on Properties again. 



How to configure dns on windows 10



Once you tap on Properties, it brings up a dialogue box like this: 



How to configure dns on windows 10



From there, choose this option- Use the following DNS server addresses. 

Finally, it’s time to type the DNS address on the following boxes- preferred and alternate. 

There are a lot of free public DNS available out there like: 

  • Google public DNS server
  • Cloudflare DNS
  • And a lot


If you want to use the Google DNS, type the following numbers in the preferred and alternate boxes. 


  • Google DNS: (preferred) and (alternate). 


For using the Cloudflare DNS, type the string of numbers:


  • Cloudflare: and


Once you have done, click Ok to save the settings. Now, your device starts using the DNS server. 



Does Google DNS speed up the Internet?


The short answer is Yes. Google DNS connects your IP address to the DNS request. It means the data is loaded near your local service, which increases the internet and browsing speed. 


Is changing your DNS safe?


Yes, it is completely safe to change the DNS server. It protects your browsing data from third parties. Even the ISPs can’t track your browsing behaviour.


What is the most secure DNS server?


The following DNS service is the most secure DNS:


  • Cloudflare: 1.1. 1.1 and 1.0. 0.1
  • Google Public DNS: 8.8. 8.8 and 8.8. 4.4



From the above step-by-step guidelines, you learned how to configure DNS on Windows 10.


Follow every step we described and type the DNS server address on the preferred and alternate boxes. 


If you want to use Google public DNS, use these numbers and 

On the other hand, type the string of numbers for using the Cloudflare DNS: and 

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