How To Connect Bunker Hill Security Camera To Android?

Bunker Hill Security Camera comes with a remote control facility. You don’t have to use a separate remote control device to control the security cameras. Instead, you can connect this device with your Android phone. You must know how to connect Bunker Hill Security Camera to Android to do so.


Download and install Bunker Hill Security Camera apps on your Android device. Then after launching it, provide accurate information and add DVRs and preview the channels. With this, your cameras will be ready to be controlled by your Android device.


Connecting Bunker Hill Security Camera with your Android device is relatively easy. There are many reasons why you should choose the Bunker Hill Security Camera. The most attractive feature is its remote control service. Depending on the app and the model of the camera, there are lots of functions that can be activated on these apps.




how to connect bunker hill security camera to android




What Is Bunker Hill Security?


Bunker Hill Security is one of the most prominent security camera companies. They are mostly known for their wireless and remote-controlled security cameras.


In Bunker Hill Security, you will find wireless security cameras, surveillance DVR, color cameras, night vision cameras, motion sensor cameras, and outdoor cameras with the alert system.


Most of the cameras by Bunker Hill Security have a remote control system. Once you install them and establish the connection between the camera and an Android or any smart device, you can control and monitor these from your device. This is the main selling point of Bunker Hill Security cameras in the USA.


Why Should You Connect Bunker Hill Cameras To Your Phone?


To operate a security camera remotely, you need to find one that links up with your smart device. For this, you will have to look into the features and find out if they have apps that can be installed on your Android device.


While checking the features, make sure to look at the connectivity specifications. It is possible that even a camera with good features can lag due to its app’s performance. To avoid such circumstances, you can look into the reviews of the Bunker Hill security cameras and their apps.


The Bunker Hill apps support almost all Android versions on your Android device. So you can easily connect a Bunker Hill camera to your phone. That way, the synchronization between your security camera and your Android device will be established properly.


Bunker Hill Security Camera Features


When someone installs a remote viewing security camera, they primarily intend to have specific qualities. To ensure your security, you will want to have features to enhance your security camera’s performance.


Here are some of the core features that enable a Bunker Hill Security Camera to connect with your Android device and deliver outstanding performance.


High Resolution


A camera with high resolution always makes the image quality better. Therefore, you can notice small details like number plates, facial expressions, small movements, etc.


Almost all Bunker Hill cameras have more than 4MP. And if you get a resolution of 1080p, it will help you get a better view.


Night Vision


If you want to ensure the security of your office or home at night, you will need to look for infrared night vision features. The Bunker Hill security cameras with infrared night vision feature allow you to monitor movement in a place even at night.


Easy App Management


The Bunker Hill security camera app has easy navigation and a controlling facility. It shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to check the update on your phone. The app is also secured enough so that not everyone can access your security camera.


Phone Connectivity


The connectivity between the Bunker Hill security camera and the phone remains uninterrupted. It has a backup facility so that if there is no electricity, the camera can have a backup energy supply.


With these features, you can have a sound security camera installation on your Android device. It is also easy to monitor your security camera from a remote Android app. All these features in Bunker Hill Security Camera make it eligible for connecting with your Smartphone.


Bunker Hill Security Camera Apps


To monitor your Bunker Hill Security Camera from Android or any smart device, you will have to install Bunker Hill Security Camera apps on your devices.


Over the period Bunker Hill Security has introduced several monitoring apps. These apps are secured enough that no one can quickly interview your security system.


Alfred Video Home Surveillance Camera


Alfred Video Home Surveillance Camera is one of the best apps for Bunker Hill Security Camera Apps. It has been installed 10 million times worldwide from the Play Store.


This is one of the top-rated surveillance camera apps in the Google Play Store. You can use it as an all-in-one app.


how to connect bunker hill security camera to android


In this app, you can have live stream night vision and cloud storage. You can even share the videos that have been stored in the app directly. It has unlimited cloud storage. Therefore, you don’t have to delete your previous recording and can playback them anytime you want.





how to connect bunker hill security camera to android




Tinycam is the first security camera app introduced by Bunker Hill Security Camera. It can record videos in both public and private IP cameras. And the videos can be encrypted with encoded text.


If you want, you can get a paid version of the app. The paid version of the app has many more features like two-way audio, control PTZ, LAN scanner, SSL support, LED control, sequence mode, and 17 different outlets. This app also allows you to include an unlimited number of cameras.




how to connect bunker hill security camera to android




Security Camera CZ


Security camera CZ app is more of a household-friendly security camera app. Bunker Hill Security Camera Apps introduced the app so that they can be used as baby monitors just for home security.




how to connect bunker hill security camera to android




Even though the app has some functional limitations, it still can record the videos in HD quality. The video feed can be zoomed in with night vision and torch features.


The app can access one camera at a time. Therefore, if you have one camera installed at your home and want easy access to your camera, you can choose this app.


Motioneye App


The Motioneye App is another Bunker Hill Security Camera app designed for home surveillance. But unlike Security Camera CZ, you can attach multiple network cameras in this app.


You can see the video recording of multiple cameras in it. It comes for free, and you can record and capture pictures from this app.



how to connect bunker hill security camera to android




It doesn’t have much default storage, but you can connect it with your Google Drive. Therefore, your saved videos and photos will be stored in Google Drive.


These four Bunker Hill Security Camera apps have the convenience you need in a remote security camera monitoring app. You can choose the app and shift between paid and free versions according to your preference and necessities.


All of these apps are available in Google Play Store, and they abide by the security conditions of Google. Thus, you can be relieved that these Bunker Hill Security Camera Apps will not trade your information.


How To Connect Bunker Hill Security Camera To Android Devices?


Establishing the connection between your Android device and your Bunker Hill Security Camera is relatively easy. Using the app, you establish a connection between your security camera and your Android device. After that, you can monitor your security camera video feed from a particular place.


Here are the steps to establish connectivity between Bunker Hill Security Camera and your Android device.


Step 1: Download and Install App


Bunker Hill Security Camera specifically designs apps for them. You can easily download these apps from Google Play Store.


After completing the download, give it permission to use your storage and access your media files. This will redirect you to the installation of the app.


Step 2: Launch The App


Once the installation has been completed, it is time to launch the app. Launching the app will take you to the main interface.


You will need to tap on the device manager in the main interface. Go to Add and Add Manual. Provide necessary information like name, username, and other essential information. Save the report and proceed forward.


Step 3: Add DVRs


After completing the launching process, it is time to go back to the main menu and open the device manager again.


In the device manager, you will find the list of all the new DVRs. Choose the newly added connection. You will need to provide information that has been asked on the redirected page.


Step 4: Preview The Channels


When you are done with adding DVRs, it is time to check the preview of the channels. You will have to go back to the main interface and tap on “Live Preview.”


Black channels will come in front of your screen. You will need to click on one of the windows and tap on the plus icon on your screen.


A list of all the added DVRs will appear on your screen. Choose the one you want to connect with that specific window. Repeat this for all the other windows.


The connection between your Bunker Hill Security Camera and your Android device will then be established.


Before all these steps, you have to connect your Android device and Bunker Hill Security Camera with a strong Wi-Fi connection. Ensure that the Wi-Fi connection is stable and doesn’t create dead spots.


How To Connect A Bunker Hill Security System To An iPhone?


You can also connect it with the Bunker Hill Security Camera if you use an iPhone. Bunker Hill Security Camera apps are also available in the app store for iPhone. For this, you will need to take the following steps:


Step 1: Download the security app and install it on yours.


Step 2: Choose the preferred settings in your app.


Step 3: Once you choose the settings, make sure to save them


Step 4: Connect DVRs and do a preview.


With this, you can control your Bunker Hill Security Camera with the help of an iPhone.




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I find my IP camera on my Android?


To find IP cameras on Android, first, open the internet browser. Then type the WAN IP address. Now type “admin” on the username. This way, you will see the IP Camera web Client.


How to connect CCTV to the internet?


CCTV cameras don’t need the internet. But using DVRs, you can connect them with your Wi-Fi.


How to connect CCTV to a mobile phone?


Using a CCTV DVR will allow you to connect your mobile phone. Different apps will help you establish a network between your CCTV camera and your smart device. But to do so, your CCTV needs to have the feature.

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