How To Connect Fake Airpods To Android?

Many fake AirPods are available in the market, replicating the authentic AirPods by Apple Inc. After ending up buying fake AirPods, you can still get them connected with your Android device. But it will need some extra steps. So how to connect fake AirPods to Android?


Check the charge on your AirPods and the Bluetooth connectivity. Then go to the Bluetooth settings option in your Android device and open the case lid with the AirPods in them. Once you are done with pairing, you can connect them by enabling the Bluetooth in your device and opening the case’s lid.


Before you buy AirPods, it is crucial to distinguish between fake and real ones. If you have already ended up buying fake AirPods, you will still need to determine them so that you can handle them delicately.


Why Buy AirPods?


AirPods are wireless Bluetooth accessories. They are an upgraded version of wired earbuds.


Apple Inc. started manufacturing AirPods, especially for iOS devices. But this accessory is a Bluetooth-based Hearing Aid. The Bluetooth connection allows you to connect your board with your computer and smartphones using the Bluetooth pairing feature. You can even connect the AirPods with your Apple TV or any smart TV with a Bluetooth pairing system.


Wired earbuds also help you enjoy music and make voice connections, but AirPods come with more upgraded features.


The wireless AirPods give you release from the tangled-up wire. You can use it without holding your phone or other connected devices. They are your perfect companion for exercising or running. The devices also have sensors that increase their accessibility. You can command Siri through the AirPods.


Therefore, you can safely say that upgrading your wired earbud with AirPods is worth a try!


How To Connect Fake AirPods To Android?


AirPods is an Apple product specially made to be used in iOS devices. But using a Bluetooth connection, you can connect it with any smart device with Bluetooth connectivity.


To connect your AirPods with an Android device, you will need to pair them first. Here are the steps to take to pair up your AirPods with your Android device.


Step 1: Go to the settings app on your Android device and enable Bluetooth connection from the connectivity.


Step 2: Open the case of AirPods with the AirPods in them.


Step 3: Bring your AirPods case near the Android device.


Step 4: Hold the case for a while until the Android device recognizes it.


Step 5: Once it gets recognized by the Android device, a message will pop up on your Android device. It will be asking permission to pair the AirPods.


Step 6: Permit to get paired up.


One-time pairing up is enough to get connected in the future. This makes the AirPods more accessible to use.


After getting paired up, it becomes easier to connect your Android device with your AirPods. Here are the steps to connect your AirPods with Android devices once you get paired up.


Step 1: Pull down your notification area and enable your Bluetooth.


Step 2: Open the lid of the case with AirPods in it.


Step 3: Bring the case near your Android device and hold it for a while.


Step 4: Your device will sync the paired-up Bluetooth and connect automatically.


You can always get the AirPods connected with your Android device following this procedure. It only takes a few minutes to complete the process.


How To Identify Fake AirPods?


Over these few years, AirPods have made its way to the market of portable accessories. Only in four years, about 110 million pairs of AirPods have been sold by Apple. The wireless earbuds have gained popularity due to their product quality and accessible features.


Along with Apple, fake manufacturers of AirPods are also making a profit. These fake AirPods are so closely configured with the real ones that buyers can easily get manipulated. To avoid being tricked by counterfeit AirPods, you should learn about the differences between the real and fake ones.


Here are some points which will allow you to differentiate between real and fake AirPods.


Through Serial Number


The serial number is a unique identity of the product. This serial number helps identify each product online and know more about its features.


In AirPods, the serial number is composed of digits and letters. Apple uses this serial number to track its product and identify defective production.


The serial number is printed on the charging case’s lid and the box. Also, you will find it on the settings option of the AirPods.




how to connect fake airpods to android




You can search the product serial number online to learn about the features of your AirPods and check its authenticity. The serial number differentiates the Apple AirPods from the fake manufacturers.


Fake AirPods can also have this serial number, but they can’t be browsed on the Apple website to check their authenticity.


You will need to include the serial number in the Apple Coverage Check Page to check authenticity. If your AirPods are authentic, then the following window will open up:




how to connect fake airpods to android




With this, you can be assured that your AirPods are not fake. As the serial number is available on the box, you can check the authenticity before buying it.




If you have ideas about Apple, you will know that the company is very perfectionist about its product packaging. They ensure perfection in every single detail in their product boxes.


The fake manufacturers can learn about the product technology, but it isn’t easy to maintain similar packaging. Just take a closer look at the box. Here are some noted points that will help you differentiate between the actual and phony packaging of AirPods.


● Misspelled And Wrong Information:


Apple is quite concerned about typographical errors, whether the writing is in a manual or the packaging box. Every paper goes to several proofreading and copywriting checks before it goes on the box. Also, if you find any wrong information regarding the product, they are not real AirPods.




how to connect fake airpods to android




The fake manufacturer of AirPods doesn’t put this much effort into perfecting the information. Therefore, you can always look at the writings in the package and Manual to make sure you are getting the real deal.


● Contents In the Box:


Counterfeit manufacturers only provide a manual guide in the box. But Apple delivers a safety sheet and warranty card with the AirPods along with the manual card.


Therefore, if the last two documents are missing, your AirPods are definitely fake.


● Font Difference:


The phone difference between the fake and the authentic AirPods packaging is quite hard to distinguish if you don’t have an accurate reference.


Take a closer look, and you will see that the front of the fake AirPods is thinner and taller than the real AirPods. If you have genuine products from Apple, you can easily compare.


Also, the text color on the fake AirPods is more profound or lighter than the real one.


● Fitting:


When you open the genuine box for the AirPods, you will find it composed of two packages.


The inner box contains all the content, and the outer box has the product’s image. To open the inner box, you will need to hold and raise the outer box for a while. It will release the internal compartment.


While taking out the inner box, you will find pressure inside the box. This pressure was put by Apple intentionally.


For counterfeit manufacturers, it is pretty hard to replicate the pressure in the packaging. If you have got any other Apple product ahead, you can easily distinguish the pressure release in no time.


Price Difference


The main selling point of the counterfeit sellers is the price point.


The actual wireless charging AirPods costs $169, and the non-wireless charging variant will cost $145. Even on the Black Friday sale, the AirPods will cost $100. On the other hand, the fake AirPods are available at $10 to $40 in the market.


Comparing the price between the real and fake ones will give you an idea about their quality.


Physical Checks


Apple has made the AirPods detail oriented. They have put small details that are hard to copy. These small details also make the product more user-friendly.


Take a look at the minor physical appearances that make the real ones different from the fake ones.


● Sound Diffuser:


The sound diffuser in the AirPods is located beside the IR sensor. The diffuser is shaped as round and elongated.


In the fake AirPods, you will fill a net filter. But in the real one, you will see a safety layer without any definition.




how to connect fake airpods to android




● Charging Port:


The bottom of the AirPods has charging ports. This part is magnetically connected to the charging box. The real AirPods have a round, oval shape at the bottom.


● The Speaker Grills:


The speaker grills of the authentic AirPods are well polished and aesthetic. Only the silhouette of the circular speaker is visible.


But in the fake one, the protective grills are visible. You can see outlines.


● IR Sensor:


The IR sensor in the authentic AirPods is dark black. It is impossible to see through it.


But in the case of fake AirPods, you can see through the sensor. In some cases, they don’t even have them. You just find a painted dot representing a simulated IR sensor.


● Charging Case:


In the authentic AirPods, all the buttons function well. The lid of the case is well-fitted.


But in the case of fake AirPods, you will find that the lead is not fitted correctly. Also, there will be spacing between the buttons, which can malfunction from time to time.


The charging port in the genuine AirPods box will be lined with thin metal. In contrast, the lining in the fake one can be a bit thicker.


Exclusive Features


There are two exclusive features in the authentic AirPods. You won’t find these in the counterfeit variants.


● Easy Pairing:


Authentic AirPods are easy to pair with your Apple device. Even if you are using them on your Android, they will quickly connect once you take them near the device and open the case. Hold the AirPods near your device for a few seconds, and they will get connected automatically.


If you are connecting your AirPods with your device for the first time, you will need to press connect on your device.


Once the device is paired with your AirPods, you do not have to pair it every time. All you need to do is connect them by opening the case’s lid.


● “Find My” App:


Authentic AirPods let you use the “Find My” app. “Find My” is an app created by Apple that helps you track down your Apple devices.


To access the app, you will need to get connected to iCloud. And that is only possible if you are using authentic AirPods. With the help of “Find My,” you will be able to track down your AirPods if you lose them.




how to connect fake airpods to android




Authentic AirPods get automatically connected with the iCloud once associated with your Apple device. The original AirPods will also play sound and point directions in the “Find My” platform.


Magnet Check


Another subtle but straightforward trick to confirm the authenticity of your AirPods is to do the magnet check. Real AirPods have magnetic parts in them. These magnetic parts are polarized. So, they will repel each other when you bring the two AirPods together.


This feature is quite expensive for the fake manufacturer to implement. Therefore, when you bring two AirPods close, they are fake if they attract each other or do not show any effect. This characteristic is easy to check if you have real AirPods or not.


Using Fake AirPods with Android Device


Once you have bought and identified that your AirPods are fake, you will want to make them worth your money up to a point.


To use fake AirPods for a long time, you need to be more careful and sophisticated. They come with many caveats that you need to deal with while using them.


Checking Charges


One of the defects of fake AirPods is sometimes they are not equally charged. If both earbuds are not equally charged, you will have trouble hearing sound.


Therefore, check the charge in both the AirPods. If they are not similarly charged, charge them appropriately.


Bluetooth Connection


Fake AirPods can malfunction in Bluetooth connectivity. Check the Bluetooth connectivity and open the lid of the AirPods case.


Bluetooth Of Your Device


Go to the setting of your Android device to enable Bluetooth to pair up the fake AirPods. Allow your device to sync all the possible connections around it.


You will see the name of your counterfeit AirPods on the list of available Bluetooth connections. Allow the fake AirPods to pair up with your device and get connected.


Once they are paired up, you can connect them easily just by enabling the Bluetooth of your device and opening the lid of the case.


Testing The Pairing


Once you get your AirPods paired up, you will need to check if the pairing has been established perfectly. To do so, play any music or give commands to Google assistant. If you find that sound is only coming from one earbud, then you will need to restart your fake AirPods.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do fake AirPods automatically connect?


Whenever you open up the case of an actual Apple AirPods, an iOS gadget like an iPhone will immediately get connected. A phony pair of AirPods won’t connect fast, and you have to connect it manually using the Bluetooth settings menu.


Do fake AirPods show up on screen?


When you open the AirPods battery case cover, a window in your Apple gadget will show up. The fake AirPods show just 50% or 100 % of the power.


The excess charge of the left and right earphones and the charging box is truly shown only if your AirPods are real.


How do I scan my AirPods serial number?


In your internet browser, go to Apple’s website that does coverage checking. Track down your AirPods’ serial number on the tab.


Assuming you’ve effectively connected them to your iPhone, by going to Settings > Bluetooth > tapping the I close to the AirPods name. Enter the serial number, the CAPTCHA, and press Continue.



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Final Words


Once you know how to connect fake AirPods to Android devices, you can use them until they are worth your money. Both iOS and Android users are interested in buying authentic AirPods because of the product quality and accessibility.


Buying fake products can be pretty depressing. But if you handle them differently, you can still use them for your purpose. Always make sure to check the authenticity of the product you’re buying. It is always best to buy Apple products from Apple care or authorized sellers. This will ensure that you have a genuine product. Happy shopping!

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