The procedures of connecting fake AirPods with your Android smartphone or tab are as simple as connecting other Bluetooth devices. But, people make it complicated. Besides, people get confused about receiving quality sound & performance from fake AirPods. 


Apple AirPods are specially built for their users & only their AirPods in the marketplace are genuine. Those AirPods provide quality sound and performance.


The local companies have copied from the main AirPods & they have developed fake AirPods for android operated devices. Today, we’re going to express how to connect fake AirPods to Android & a few more things. Let’s get started without delay.


Do fake AirPods work on Android?


If you want to get a straight answer, it will be “Yes”. The fake AirPods work on Android perfectly without any kind of connectivity issue. You can connect with IOS devices & can work using almost full functions. Before buying, people think there could be some connection problem while pairing. We assure you that it happens rarely.


In some cases, some exclusive functions may not work while using the fake AirPod. After pairing, you can notice that it’s working like simple Bluetooth devices. Even, the pairing process is similar. Its design is duplicate & tough to identify if it’s placed beside the real one. People call it the budget version of the original one. 


Why should you use fake AirPods 


If you need some convincing reasons about buying fake AirPods, have a quick visit at these points.


  • Fake AirPods are similar in design 
  • The price range is attractive
  • These fake gadgets are not a big threat to health. This wireless device which emits electromagnetic radiation is engineered to reduce to the minimum
  • These items will provide almost similar sound quality like original ones
  • Its battery life is not below the average within a short budget
  • It doesn’t bring exhaustion to the ears


How to connect fake AirPods to Android? 


In this segment, we’ll tell you about how to connect fake AirPods to android. If you carefully read the whole steps & perform according to our instructions, it will not seem difficult to you. 



Place both of the AirPods on the charging case. Generally, it remains there. To make a successful connection, it is a must.


how to connect fake airpods to android



At this term, test the status light. If it’s enlightening, then go for the next step. In addition, don’t repeat it as it’s injurious to your battery health.



Press the start button. You can find the button at the backside of the AirPod charging case. This helps to pair AirPod with new devices. Besides, this button also serves as a shortcut. Don’t forget to long press. A short click won’t start pairing with other devices.


how to connect fake airpods to android



Notice the LED light inside the charging case. If you have successfully pushed the button in the previous step, it has to give a pulse. Only 3 seconds of long-press can enable LED light to give a pulse.


how to connect fake airpods to android



When you’re sure that your AirPod device is ready to pair with another device, then open Bluetooth settings. To find it, open the settings of your android device. After opening settings, find out the Bluetooth option. You can use the search option of settings if you don’t find it easily.


how to connect fake airpods to android



Turn on your Bluetooth device. You can see a virtual button beside the Bluetooth option. Just tap on it. It will be turned on. In recent times, smartphones are providing Bluetooth options in the shortcut menu. You can use that too. If you can turn on the Bluetooth successfully, you can see a logo on the top of your device.


how to connect fake airpods to android



Now, search for a new device. Your desired device will be the AirPod & tap on it when you can see the name on your display.


how to connect fake airpods to android


That’s all. You’re connected. Your fake AirPod will automatically connect with your Android device.


Are fake AirPods safe for Android?


There is no harm by the fake AirPod to android visually. But, it’s hazardous for your health. The fake AirDrop emits electromagnetic waves. The producer local companies try to minimize its danger but it’s not 100% safe. 


But, there is no remarkable threat by fake AirPod for Android. Yes, if you are containing some important data on your device, we don’t recommend using fake AirPods. It can help to happen a hacking incident. But, the possibility is very low.




Now, learn about some answers to common questions among readers.


Do fake AirPods work with Android?

Answer:  Yes, it works perfectly.


How do I connect my fake AirPods to my phone?

Answer: Using a Bluetooth connection, you can connect your fake AirPods to your phone.


Why won’t my fake AirPods connect to my phone?

Answer: If there is a pairing issue, it may happen. Besides, if you’re using an old version of Bluetooth, your fake Airpod may not connect.


How do I connect my Chinese AirPods to my android?

Answer: Following the same process of connecting an AirPod, you can connect your Chinese AirPod to your android.


Do real AirPods light up blue?

Answer: Yes, when it’s charged, it lights up blue.


Are Fake AirPods good?

Answer: Considering the budget, it’s good with its features.



So what’s on your mind right now? I think most of the readers are convinced about buying a fake AirPod. At the verdict, I’m telling you about a fact. You can’t get the taste of the original Apple AirPod from this device. It’s comfortable but not like the original AirPod. The original version is premium & that’s why they’re taking additional money.


If you’re looking for something good at a reasonable price range, pick up a fake AirDrop from your nearest gadget shop or your favorite e-commerce store. In this article, we have tried to show you how to connect fake AirPods to Android. I think you can connect your fake AirPod now & can enjoy your favorite song.

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