How to connect to wifi on windows 10 without ethernet(4 easy ways)

When it comes to connecting our pc with the ethernet, it seems frustrating and messy. It eats up space and gives us hard time setting it up. Again, if we ask you what do you prefer wireless or cable then you will just love to have wireless access, don’t you?


Thankfully, ethernet is as fast as a wireless system will offer us. Keeping this in mind, today we will explain some of the ways on how to connect to wifi on windows 10 without ethernet. So get the all hacks on it stay tuned with our page.


  1. Use USB Wifi Adapters


If your router is nearby and you want to establish a connection without ethernet then we must say USB wifi adapters would be the first choice. Because it only takes a few minutes to tune up the settings and get started with a smooth net connection. It ensures almost no-issues with your internet connectivity and somewhat provides the same service as an ethernet connection.


This kind of device comes in small size and you will need to connect via the USB port almost no complications will be found. The adapters are easy to configure with your pc and you need to only make sure the network is available before connecting it. By the way, to perform so you can follow these steps:


  • At first, you will need to connect the USB Wifi device with your computer then simply insert all the packages that come with the driver.
  • Afterwards, go through the driver package installation, once it is finished then this will start working
  • Now it is high time for you to open and set up the wizard then rename your USB adapter
  • A pop box will come to the screen, where you will need to put the password
  • Once you will make a new password then you will be allowed to look for the available Wifi connection
  • Finally, click on the save settings in order to get the configuration automatically from your device.



How to connect to wifi on windows 10 without ethernet


2.PCI-e WiFi Adapters


There is nothing better than a PCI-e WiFi adapter if you really want a high-speed internet connection at your end. PCI-e WiFi adapter is one of the best and provides a similar kind of speed and accessibility to an internal WiFi card.


Likewise, if we compare it with USB adapters, the PCI-e WiFi adapter performs relatively better and can provide reliable connections even over longer distances. PCI-e WiFi adapter consists of two antennas that help you to get a strong connection


As you are getting a powerful connection you have to pay a slightly higher price, obviously. Anyways, there are some instructions you have to follow to install a PCI-e WiFi adapter in your system. For that, go through the given steps:


  • Firstly, you have to turn on your computer and open the cabinet with great ease.
  • The PCI-e WiFi adapter needs some empty spot to complete the installation, and so look for an empty slot.
  • If you successfully find out the spot you have to remove the metal plate and establish the PCI-e WiFi adapter firmly.
  • You should first connect the networking card to the adapter before connecting it to the computer.
  • Once you are done connecting it, now you can put the card in the case and lock it.
  • Don’t forget to get a suitable driver for the PCI-e WiFi adapter in your computer’s C drive.



How to connect to wifi on windows 10 without ethernet


3.WiFi-enabled Motherboard


Think about this, if your PC has a motherboard which is already WiFi-enabled. That would be the easiest option of all. In fact, you can even get a PC upgrade. So, if you are thinking of getting an upgrade to your PC, you should consider choosing this option. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get the most out of your network connection, and it’s possibly the quickest method you can get.



How to connect to wifi on windows 10 without ethernet


Although most of the laptops have WiFi-installed Motherboard, you can install the same on your computer. The difficulty is that it is more costly than buying and installing external hardware.


This is a good option if you want a secure connection as well as wanting to experience quick internet browsing. One of the astonishing features is that WiFi-enabled Motherboard has the in-built ability to search or find available networks around you straight away. But the hack is you have to consider a reformat of your PC.


This is due to the fact that installing a WiFi-enabled Motherboard would result in the loss of most of the program memory. To avoid this keep everything as a backup in an external device in case of emergency.


4. WiFi Card:

All these devices may seem confusing as they are quite similar. Besides, a WiFi card is like having a PCI-e adapter installed on your Motherboard. Excluding the speed, the WiFi card is budget-friendly and very compact for your use. If you are not thinking of an upgrade then you should buy a WiFi card without thinking much.


Nevertheless, you must ensure that the card is synchronized with your Motherboard and it also runs smoothly on your computer. Simply open the cabinet and look for the slot where the WiFi card can be installed in the provided PCI-e slots.


To install the WiFi card on your PC follow the described process:


  • At first, you have to find the PCI-e slot in the cabinet.
  • Once you have located it, gently remove the slot cover in order to insert the WiFi card.
  • Next, follow the instructions on how to place the WiFi card in the right manner. Then, using a screw, tighten the slot into its correct position.
  • After you’ve finished the placement, you’ll need to insert the driver CD and install the drivers.
  • When you are done with it, restart your computer to make sure it is working properly.
  • After the restart, you will see a wizard that will assist you in connecting to the WiFi driver.


How to connect to wifi on windows 10 without ethernet




  1. Is the Ethernet faster than WiFi?

Answer: To be honest the Ethernet is comparably faster than regular WiFi. The reason would be, the Ethernet connects with the help of a broadband network directly to the PC. If you’re connected via WiFi, the backlink would almost be 10% sluggish than if you’re connected with an Ethernet cable.


  1. Can I have WiFi and Ethernet at the same time?


Answer: Yes, you can have both the WiFi connection and Ethernet at the same time. Installing both the network connection in your system is quite easy. But, you have to ensure a separate LAN port is available in your PC. If you have both the option then only you can have a better result.


Final thoughts: 


How to connect to wifi on windows 10 without ethernet? The process is so simple if you know the right way to do it. But not all of us are professionals that’s why we gave you proper guidelines on how to do it. We hope that by following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to connect to WiFi with ease.


However, if you face any technical problems feel free to comment down below. We will catch you up.

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