How to Copy Messenger Conversation on Android?

how to copy messenger conversation on android

In the technological revolution, the exchange of information has become very fast and easy. In the blink of an eye, thousands of miles away, a portion of the information can be shared or transferred to people. We will discuss in detail below how to copy messenger conversation on Android.


Currently, various social media can send and receive many messages using Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter.


You can easily send a messenger to a few people using messenger’s copy-paste features. Copying does not require typing, editing, or even formatting the message.




how to copy messenger conversation on android




What is the messenger conversation copy function?


You can transfer conversation copy function messages from person to person and from one app to another. The copy function allows you to tweak the message according to your style and think without retyping the same message. By using this copy function of messenger, you will have more time to chat with friends and do other things.


It is possible because not everyone you want to share the conversation has to type the same message. You probably already know what a messenger copy function is and how important it saves time.


How to copy messenger conversation on Android?


Android devices being a smart choice, the main reason for making it is to give users real flexibility. Other types of phones may pop up on the menu. You can select items from the menu list.




how to copy messenger conversation on android




Android devices, meanwhile, use symbolic representations whose functionality is similar to a written form of such a command or feature. When copying messenger conversation, you need to be very sharp and sensitive to detect which icon below the android device signifies copy function.


Below is a step-by-step guide on how to copy messenger conversations on Android.


  • STEP1: Install the Facebook messenger app on your android device.


  • STEP2: If you are a first-time user, log in with your Facebook ID.


  • STEP3: Scroll down to find the friend you want to copy the conversation to.


  • STEP4: Scroll down to find the message you want to copy.


  • STEP5: To copy a message, you need to hold down on it for 3 seconds so that icons appear.


  • STEP6: Identify the icon that represents the copy.


  • STEP7: Tap the copy icon. It will copy your message to your clipboard.



How to copy messenger conversation on iPhone?




how to copy messenger conversation on android




Using Facebook Messenger on your iPhone, you can access the copy function via a pop–up menu. It is probably why the messenger app can support a copy function, unlike other apps. It is possible to have different menu options when copying the type of messages you are copying, such as link or URL, image, or plain text using iPhone. To copy a Facebook messenger message and retype the same message, you can consider the following steps to save yourself a lot of stress.


I will discuss step by step how to copy messenger conversations on iPhone.


  • STEP1: Install the latest messenger app on your iPhone.


  • STEP2: Login with Facebook ID to open messenger home page.


  • STEP3: Find the friend you are copying conversation with and select the specific message.


  • STEP4: Hold the message for about 2 seconds, then you will see a menu appear horizontally above the message.


  • STEP5: click the copy icon from the list of menus. This way, messages, links, or images can be easily copied.


Is it possible to save messenger conversation?


The third-party app sent to SD card medium can help you save your Android Facebook messages and photos from Facebook messenger. Download and install the application from the android market or play store.


Log in to your messenger account, access your messages, photos, and other media to complete this task. Press the items you want to save, and then tap the menu button on your device. Then after a long press, a menu appears. When it contains the share icon, tap on share. Then you choose the SD card of your android device as a share option.


You have to save the file, so scroll through the SD card folders. Once you have chosen the desired location, copy here or tap on the move here option.


Eventually, you will be left with a copy that you can mail and print or send to your other devices. It allows items to be moved or copied to the SD card and allows you to choose different options like messaging or email using sharing.


How to export messages from messenger on Android?


There is no way to export messages from Facebook messenger to android devices through a good app. You need to use any other method to export your messages.


We will let you know about some methods that will allow you to export messages until the next update easily. The google play store has an app called message backup, which you back up all your messenger conversations.


  • STEP1: You need to install this backup app on an android device, open it, and take you to a screen where all the messenger conversations will show. There are bubbles next to each conversation that indicates how many messages have been exchanged.


  • STEP2: Select the conversation you want to export from the application. If you want to export a specific portion of the conversation, a sliding bar will appear on your screen. You can skip the sliding bar if you’re going to export the whole conversation.


  • STEP3: Click on the next option, which will take you to the last stage. There is an option for a name for the file to export your conversation.


  • STEP4: This will be followed by a download screen, which contains a complete summary of what you have exported. Check that summary is correct and click the start button to export the selected messages.



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Final Verdict


You can learn how to copy Facebook Messenger conversations through this article. Whether your device is Android or iPhone, you can easily copy a few words to the clipboard by following our steps.


You may feel the need to save messenger conversation, so we have discussed how to keep a message on an android device. There is very little need to export the message to an android SD card or device.


Maybe you want to export or share essential conversations or conversations with a loved one. In this case, we have given you the complete steps of what to do in this article. We hope you will find this article helpful. Now We think you know how to copy messenger conversation on Android and have a good experience considering everything.

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