How To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number?

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In this updating world of advanced technology, social or work life is basically online life. Even if it’s for work or to be active on social media, most applications require you to sign up using email. The problem here arises when creating an email is that most companies ask for your personal information like your phone number.


And guess what? A lot of us aren’t comfortable putting out our numbers in this cyber world. So you may ask, “how to create gmail account without phone number?”

Well, today, we will show you 13 super-effective steps with all the information you require to create an email without using your phone number. Feeling interested?


How to Create Gmail Account without Phone Number?


So for this, we are going to use the most common email providing company The advantage of is that they are among the few companies that have kept providing phone numbers, recover email, gender optional. So for everyone who isn’t comfortable sharing this info, is a go-to.


The signup process for is fairly easy compared to its competitors. Moreover, allows you to customize your email space and a variety of access to both the free and premium version.

The steps to create an email account without a phone number is as follows:




To start go to or enter your local search engine and search You should see a result that says Free email accounts | Register today at Enter that        



create gmail account without phone number





Once you have entered the site, you probably by now have noticed a grey button on the top right saying ‘Sign up.’ Click on it to start the ride of creating an email.




create gmail account without phone number




Step 3:


Right after you click sign up, two boxes will appear. Here, you will have to fill in a few details. They will be asking for your first and last name. Fill those boxes up. The name you fill up will be the name you are addressed by on the site.

create gmail account without phone number




Step 4:


Now, you will be asked to fill up your gender. Choose the gender you identify yourself with. 

create gmail account without phone number




Step 5:


To continue fill in the birth date stating the day, month and year you were born in.

create gmail account without phone number




Step 6:


Now, click on the country you are from. Choose your country by scrolling through the list.

create gmail account without phone number




Step 7:


Put in the email address you desire to have that hasn’t been chosen yet. Moreover, you also have the option to choose a different domain than If you want your own personal domain, you can purchase the 1&1 package from the several emails option if you have your own business or company.

create gmail account without phone number




Step 8:


Choose a strong and unique password. Make sure it’s not similar to the email you choose. And then retype it again.


You have to pick a password that is more than eight characters long and a mix of alphabets numbers and symbols and must include at least one capital. Choosing a good password is important to keep your account safe and secure.

create gmail account without phone number




Step 9:


They may ask you to provide an additional contact email but that is totally optional. They ask you this so that they can reach you in another account if needed. For instance, if you forgot your password.

           create gmail account without phone number




Step 10:


Now you have to answer a security question. This is for safety and to prove you aren’t a bot. It is obligatory to answer one of the few questions provided by Type your answer in the second box.

create gmail account without phone number




Step 11:


We are almost at the end of our email-making session. Before you create your account, verify you are not a robot by completing a small captcha.create gmail account without phone number




Step 12:


Read the terms and regulations thoroughly and accept them to create your account. Click on the button that says ‘I accept. Create “my account.”

create gmail account without phone number




Step 13:


You have finally made your account now, so it’s time to review it. A page should appear of all the information you have provided. Quickly go through all the info to ensure it’s all correct. There is also an option to print it out if you want to.


Then finally go to your account and click the blue button below to start using it.

create gmail account without phone number




And here we go! This is your answer on how to make email without phone number.


How to Recover Email without Phone Number?


There are two general ways of doing it and we are going to talk about it both. To start off, if you have already provided an additional contact email while creating the email then you are in luck. Just simply search on your local search engine ‘Recover email’ then add the name of the company you are using. In the results, you should find a site that redirects you to the recovery page.


  • There first enter the email you want to recover. Then they will ask for an additional contact email or number. Select email and enter it. Then they should send a link to your contact email then just click on it and recover your account setting a new password.


  • For the second option, it is a bit of a hassle, to be honest because you don’t have a contact email given. You have to directly contact the company support. Email them via their support or customer service email and explain your situation.


Then provide enough evidence that it is your account. Generally, they ask for your birthdate when the account was created in the last mail you send. Once you are done answering these questions they should help you out with recovering your account.


Top 5 Email Services to Create Email without Phone Number


These are the five email services to create email without a phone number:


1. Com


A very famous and common mail provide that are known for their simple process of creating an email. In general, it takes around 3-5 minutes to create an email without a phone number here. Simply a go-to service.


2. Tutanota


Another and probably the best option on the list. Using tutanota you will be able to create a free account hassle-free and get 1GB storage for free. Probably the best feature of this service is its end-to-end encryption. But the highlight of this service is its “no advertisement policy”. So be sure to check it out.


3. Yandex


This is another platform that allows you to create email without a phone number. You can simply register using the sign up link and proceed to select “I don’t have a mobile phone” for not sharing your mobile number. This service has a handful of helpful features.


This includes protection to your files from viruses, 10GB of free storage, keyboard shortcuts, e-cards, a completely customizable interface, and a lot more. The best part is all of these are free you don’t have to pay a penny.


4. ProtonMail


This Switzerland-based platform allows you to register without a phone number for free. You will be provided with 500MB storage and 150 emails daily. Moreover, you can send a password-protected email to other users which is a plus point nowadays. Those emails do expire in a few days and cannot be traced.


5. Guerrilla Mail


These days, anonymous mails are a big thing. And Guerrilla mail provides exactly that. You can just create a disposable email address, use it for whatever you need and create and use another. It is temporary and meant for one-time use only.


They require no number while creating an account plus the sign-up is completely free. Moreover, with every email address, you can send up to files of 150MB size.



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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)


1. Does yahoo require a phone number?


Yes, it does. Yahoo prompts users to use their phone number to create an account. It is mandatory while signing up for its free email service.


2. Can I create gmail without phone number?


If you are creating a new Gmail account then no. Gmail will ask you to provide a phone number for verification. Once it was optional but lately, Google turns it a must! There is no other way around it.


3. How to recover gmail password without phone number and alternate email?


To do this, go to google’s account recovery page first. Then enter your email. Click on try another way to sign in for the next few times. Make sure you do it over and over again. It is a must.


Once you do it 3-4 times, it’s time to wait. After waiting for 48 hours you should receive an email with a recovery link in it, and you are done. You have recovered your email.


4. Is Protonmail free?


The answer is yes, it is absolutely free. It is an open-source service that provides their basic protonmail account for free. But you can for sure support them by buying their paid account.

So here we are at the end. Hope in this busy online tech freak world our small guide to making email without a phone number was helpful to you and you found what you were looking for.

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