How To Deactivate Dfndr On Android?- 4 Easy Steps!

From the moment we connect our phones to the internet, it is prone to viruses and hackers. In order to protect us from those hackers and stuff, most android phones have a pre-installed antivirus called “DFNDR.”


However, with the benefits of DFNDR, there are several issues that come along. Such as, it restricts us from installing a lot of third-party apps and games, plus, blocks several sites at times, which seem suspicious.


If the reasons mentioned above annoy you and you are looking for an answer on how to deactivate DFNDR on Android, this is the perfect guide for you. So let’s move ahead with the article.


What Does DFNDR on Android Do?


The functions of DFNDR are easy and straightforward to understand. If you were ever worried that someone might steal data from your phone or your device might be running slow due to malware, DFNDR fixes those issues for you.


It is free to use antivirus and device security app with over 130 million users. You will be able to use it to detect and delete malware from your devices, protect yourself when you enter a site that may possibly have a virus in it, or use it to lock and safeguard your personal information and data.


Moreover, it will also serve you as a performance monitoring, enhancing tool, and a VPN.


Do You Need An Antivirus On Android?


If you ask us, we would say it depends on your usage. If you are using it for your day-to-day mundane tasks like calling, texting, etc., you probably don’t need an antivirus.


That said, the case might be different if you are someone who often surfs the internet, visits different sites, and downloads several software. There always remains a possibility of Android phone’s security getting compromised no matter how cautious you are.


How To Deactivate DFNDR On Android?


If you are looking to deactivate DFNDR on your android device, then here is a step by step guide on doing so:




Open the “Settings” app on your android device.




Once you have entered the app, scroll down and navigate to the “Security” option.




Inside security, there will be an option called “Device Admin Apps.”




There, you will see all the apps that provide some sort of security to your device, including DFNDR. Now, you have to click on DFNDR and select “Disable DFNDR Security.”




how to deactivate dfndr on android




And there you go, simple as that; you have deactivated DFNDR on your Android Device.


How Do I Uninstall DFNDR on Android?


If you are looking to delete DFNDR from your mobile phone completely, then here is how to do it:




Enter your Android settings app




Scroll down and locate the “Apps & Notification” section.




There, among all other software, navigate to the DFNDR security app.




Once you have clicked the app, you will see two options at the top, “Force Stop” and “Uninstall.” Click on Uninstall to delete the software permanently from your device.




how to deactivate dfndr on android




How to Uninstall DFNDR Performance


There are two main methods of deleting DFNDR performance from your android devices.


The first method is using the play store. So, in order to do so, make sure you open your play store app. Then click on the menu bar; it may look like three flat lines. Find out the option named “Installed” right there.


Once you have entered, ensure to locate the “DFNDR Performance” app and click uninstall right away. Then you have to press “ok” for confirmation.


The second method is using the usual settings app. Open the “Settings” app on your android device and find out the option “Apps.” After entering, locate DFNDR performance and click uninstall. Thus, it should automatically start uninstalling the software.


Can I Delete Pre-Installed Apps on Android


We have often noticed after buying a new phone, there is some extra software alongside the usual call contacts that come with the phone. So many people ask – “can we delete these apps?”


So to answer your question, we would say you can delete some of them by going to the settings and then selecting the software from the apps option, and hitting uninstall.


Good to mention, there are some extra apps that come built-in with your device. Like a compass, maps, etc. These are pre-installed apps, but you cannot delete them.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)


1. How Do I Cancel My DFNDR Subscription?


If you want to cancel your DFNDR subscription, first open your play store app, then proceed to the menu option. There you will see an option called “Accounts” click on that once you have entered accounts, select subscriptions.


You can click on the cancel button to easily cancel your subscription to DFNDR.


2. How to Know If You Have a Virus on Your Phone?


There are several possible occurrences that may happen if you have a virus on your phone. Things you should look out for are phone suddenly malfunctioning, high usage of data is also another sign, overheating, random texts and messages are getting sent to different numbers from your number.


And lastly, if you notice, things are being purchased despite you not buying them. The possibility of your device getting hacked by someone is high.


3. Does Factory Reset Remove Virus From Android?


Factory resetting your device is probably the easiest and bulletproof way of removing viruses. However, the only downside to this method is you might end up losing all your data, information, software, and pictures.


4. Is DFNDR On Android Free To Use?


Yes, DFNDR on your android device is completely free to use. If not already downloaded on your android phone, you can download it through your play store app.


Alongside the free-to-use option, they also have a paid premium version that offers more features.



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Whether DFNDR is beneficial or not really depends upon person to person. Some might find it very useful and life-saving, whereas, others may consider it kind of unnecessary.


So if you are one of the people who think you don’t need DFNDR on your android device, then we hope our guide on how to deactivate DFNDR on Android was helpful to you.

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