How To Delete A Phone Number From Android [ Easy Way]

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In Android smartphones deleting a contact is so easy. But sometimes that may be difficult for you too. Some errors will say you cannot delete your contact in its read-only mode. Others are like, google contact. You are deleting your android contact, but sometimes it comes again.


Sometimes, you may get into trouble deleting multiple contacts. This section will see how to delete a phone number. So be with us and read with patience. Or you can jump by your need.




how to delete a phone number




How To Delete A Phone Number From Android


A contact delete is easy to perform. Go to your android contacts app and tap that particular contact. On top, you will find a Three-dot Button press there and delete, then just confirm it.


If not, just hold that particular contact for a few seconds, you will get the recycle bin logo. Click confirm delete, and automatically will delete your contact.


Other than that, you can go to your call option in android and switch to the contacts tab. And select your contact to delete that contact.


This one is easy, but not always. Sometimes you may get into trouble with some issue. Like, After deleting one contact, you may think about how to delete multiple contacts. Let me show you.


How to Delete Multiple Contacts on Android


You could get annoyed by a single contact delete. one by one is painful. So you may think about how you can delete multiple contacts once. To do that, you have to go to your contacts app. Hold any contact you want to delete then there will be a tik sign. That means that contact is selected now.


Just tap on that particular portion for other contacts. For example, if there are Checkboxes, just decide which one you want to delete. And you will choose those contacts.


After selecting your desired one, you can see a recycle bin LOGO, or there on the right corner, and you may find a Three-dots menu click there if you do not get there. Then Confirm from there. And automatically will delete your multiple contacts.




how to delete a phone number




Now comes how you can delete all contacts from your phone. Let me show you that too.


How to Delete All Contacts from Phone


If you decide to give away your phone or to sell your phone, you may think of deleting all of your contacts from your phone. Or you get a phone, and there is a branch of unnecessary contacts on that phone.


You may think of getting rid of that all. And on the top method, you have to select all contacts one by one. Then do this method, just go to settings > apps > contacts > storage in there Clear data and Clear cache. There, all your phone contacts will be gone.


  1. This process name may have changed because of your phone and UI versions. But you will find it anyway. Or if you get into trouble. Go to settings on top, you will find a search field, search their apps, then go to contacts, and you will be able to clear data and cache.


Other than that, you can do that by just tapping and holding your contacts app, goto option > storage > clear data, clear cache.




how to delete a phone number




how to delete a phone number




Those were contacts from android. Now you will see how you can delete contacts from google. Or you can delete google contacts.


How to Delete Contacts from Google Account Android


You have seen how to delete a contact from your android smartphone device. Now you will see how you can delete Google account contacts. To do that from an android device, you can visit and delete your contacts.


We will talk about this later. Now you will see how you can delete it from the google contacts app.

Go to Google play store, search contacts, and install google contacts. Then you can see your Google contacts on your android phone. Just hold any contact to delete contacts. To delete multiple contacts, just tap and hold for the first one, choose from the rest, and delete those.




how to delete a phone number





how to delete a phone number





how to delete a phone number




How to Delete Contacts from Google Account Website


Sometimes, you will not want to install the Google contacts app. So, you can go to Browser on your android device and go to website. You will see contacts and just tap on any contact, and you will have details of that contact.

Then, on top of the profile pic of that contact, you will see a three-dot menu. Select delete from there and confirm it.


How to Delete Multiple Contacts from Google Account Website


To delete multiple contacts from your Google account, you will find a checkbox option on the left side of every contact. Select which one you want, and on top, you can again see the three-dot menu.


Select that tap delete and confirm your delete. That’s it, and your contacts will be deleted.


Till now, you have seen how you can delete complete contact, but not that you just want to delete a particular number of that contact. Now you will see that too.


How to Delete Synced Contacts from Google Account


You may have a problem if you have deleted a contact from your phone. But after some time, that came again. That might be because of the synchronization of your phone contacts with your Google contacts.


When you are deleting from your phone, but sync with google and google find that contact should be in your phone, then that comes again. So to solve that problem, you have to delete that number from your google contacts.


Just delete from google contacts and then delete from the phone, and it will be ok. Or delete from google contact and then go to settings > accounts > google > find {your mail id} select that. And sync now. Then that contact will be gone.


How to Delete Phone Numbers from Contacts


You may contact multiple numbers, and you want to delete a particular number. But having a problem, how you will do that. Let us show you. It may be your phone.


So use google contacts to get it familiar. First, Go to that particular contact and tap on that contact to open details.


There you will find the Edit contact option. Select that, and there will be boxes where you can edit that contact. You can edit contact from there. So use the Cross sign to delete a particular contact number.


  1. On some devices, you will not see the Cross sign to delete where you have to choose that contact and edit that contact and erase numbers. After that, save that contact from deleting a number from the contact.


How to Delete Read-Only Contacts


The most painful thing to delete is read-only contacts. For example, you may have installed a contact from Whatsapp or any other social media. Then you will see duplicate contacts in your contact.


You want to delete that duplication but can not delete that number because it says ReadOnly contact. And you can not delete that contact. So how did you delete that contact?


If you delete the initial contact, that read-only contact will remain there. So to delete that contact, you have to go to google contact and delete a contact from there.


After deleting from there, you have to sync from settings > accounts > google > find {your mail id} select that. And sync now. After That, you will find that read-only contact is deleted.




To summarize, we can say that you already may have found how to delete a phone number from android. And if you cannot do that, though, try to understand your problem carefully and perform that method again.


Or sometimes, If the app is not updated, that may cause a problem. So make sure your app is up to date constantly.



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1. How can you delete dual duplicate contacts in your android phone?


  • The Simplest way to delete dual duplicate contacts in android is using google contacts. There you will get a suggestion to delete duplicate contacts. And that is quite an easy one.


2. How do you delete a contact on a Samsung phone?


  • Just go to contact and perform as we discuss In this article. This article is based on Samsung users.

3. Can’t delete some contacts on Android?


  • Those contacts may be Read-only contacts or Sync with google. So check Those topics, and you can delete contacts by then.


4. How do I delete read-only contacts in Android 11?


  • To Delete a read-only contact, you can perform as we have discussed before. Or just go to contacts, choose a contact and unlink that contact to delete.

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