How To Delete All Alarms At Once On iPhone And Android?

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We might encounter a hectic week here and there. Setting a lot of alarms is our only way to survive it. However, we need to cancel all alarms once the period ends. That’s when the real headache starts!


It’s easy to set alarms one after another. But removing all of it at a go can be a little tricky. Now you may ask, “how to delete all alarms at once on iphone and android?”


Well, one basic way is to delete them one by one from the alarm list manually. That takes a lot of time and patience. That’s why we prepared a short guide for you that will do the job pretty fast. So, if you are struggling with this issue, stick with us till the end!


How To Delete All Alarms At Once On Iphone And Android?


How to Delete All Alarms At Once on iPhone?


  • Enter the clock app first. Then, select “alarms.”


  • Here, you can find the alarms you set on earlier. You can just toggle the “green” button and make it grey. Keep repeating this process individually with every alarm. But that’s not what we are here for. We want to get rid of all the alarms at once.


  • For the process, make sure you have “Siri” active on your iPhone.


  • Then, long press on power and home button together. It will turn “Siri” on.


  • When the blank screen appears, say “Hey Siri” loud. And then, command it to delete all of your alarms.




how to delete all alarms at once on iphone and android




  • As a follow-up, it will ask for confirmation. Click on “confirm.”




how to delete all alarms at once on iphone and android




  • Now, Siri will do the job without further interruption.


  • You can double-check by entering the alarm app again. You will notice that it is empty.


So, that was an easy trick to save a lot of your time.


How to Delete All Alarms At Once on Android?


  • Go into the settings app of your android device.




how to delete all alarms at once on iphone and android




  • Scroll through the list. And select “app management.”


  • From the app list, you have to find the clock application.


  • Enter it and tap on “storage.”


  • Here, you can see how much data this app has accumulated. Click on “clear data.” It will automatically clear up all the cache as well.


  • Now, go back to the clock app. Do you see any more alarms? Hopefully, not.


  • If the alarms are not that many, try swiping each alarm to the left. It will show you a delete button with a “trash can” icon. Click on that, and the task is over.


How to Turn On/Off the Vibration for an Alarm?


For many people, vibration is the most effective way to get up from a deep sleep. Especially if you don’t want to set the alarm ringtone to wake others up like small kids, try adding a vibrating feature to your alarm system. And, here’s how you can do it –




  • Check into the clock app. You can see options like alarm, world clock, timer, and stopwatch. We will go with the ‘alarm” option.


  • Now, click on the little “+” sign. It allows you to create a new alarm.


  • Inside the interface, swipe the default numbers and tailor them to be your preferred time. Then, change the AM or PM setting.


  • Now, move down. Here, you will notice a vibrating option.


  • There is a button beside the option. You can toggle it and activate it.




how to delete all alarms at once on iphone and android




  • If you want vibration when the alarm goes off, turn it on. But, if you want to make it stop, make the button grey again.


  • Then, don’t forget to click on the “save” button.


  • And now the alarm will come with a vibrating effect.




When it comes to alarm settings, the iPhone seems pretty much similar to the android.


  • You enter the clock app > then use the “+” sign to reach the setting interface.


  • Create an alarm and move down. However, it doesn’t have a vibration option here. So you have to click on “sound.”


  • It will show you a list of ringtones to choose from. If you want none of them, scroll to the bottom and click on “None.”


  • Then, move back on the top and tap on “vibration.”


  • Here, you can select the type of effect you want. For example, you can pick heartbeat, quick, or S.O.S. The range is wide.




how to delete all alarms at once on iphone and android




  • Once you put a tick beside your favorite one, click on “save” to activate your changes.


And that’s pretty much all you have to do.


Why Is My Alarm App Not Working?


You set an important alarm, but it didn’t go off in the expected time. That’s an issue most of us have faced. It can be your device’s fault, or you have made a mistake during the setup. Sometimes the sound is too low. Or, you might mess up between AM and PM.


However, if you are sure that none of this happens, that’s a serious issue. And here’s how you can avoid it in the future –


  • Clear Up Cache


From the settings app, you can find “apps.” Go through the list and check on the “clock” app. Next up, click on “storage,” and there, you will see the amount of cache accumulated in this application. Tap on “clear cache” and get it over.


  • Restart The Device


Another way is to restart the device. Press on the power button, and the restart option will show up. Click on that and wait for the phone to activate again.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. How to Change My Alarm Ringtone in Android?


We will start by entering the “clock” app > now tap on “alarm.”  Next, select the “edit” option > go with the “ringtone.” Here, you can pick any sound. However, the list will be very limited to android phones.


2. How Can I Add New Alarm Ringtone to iPhone?


First of all, go into the clock app > select the alarm icon > tap on “edit.” Now you can pick a specific alarm and look for the “sound” option inside. You can choose any sound from the list or get a new one from your iTunes library.


3. What is the Easiest Way to Set Alarm on Android?


Enter the clock app> tap on “alarm” to set a new one. Click on the “+” icon and move the clock until the time you want appears. Don’t forget to specify AM or PM. Then go down and select a sound and label for the alarm. Then, press on “save.”


4. How to Turn Off the Alarm on a Samsung Galaxy?


To turn off an alarm before it goes off, enter the “alarm settings.” The specific alarm will have a blue button beside it. Toggle the button and make it turn grey. This means that the alarm is set off.


5. How Can I Get Rid Of A Snooze Alarm?


In order to stop an alarm from snoozing, first, enter the clock > tap on “settings” > find “additional settings.” go down and click on “snooze.” Now, push the blue scale to 0 minutes. It makes sure you only hear an alarm once.




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People usually need a lot of repeating alarms per day due to medications or to meet deadlines. However, once the need is over, those alarms will really annoy you.


The perfect solution is to cancel all alarms. That’s why we instructed you in this article about “how to delete all alarms at once on iphone and android.” Hopefully, this guide provided you with all the answers to your queries!

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