How To Delete Apps On Android Phone?

How to delete apps on android

The app is actually “application software.” These application softwares are designed to help people perform any activity on electronic devices. Apps for Android phones have crossed 3.48 million in the first quarter of 2021. Not all apps are not helpful for everyone.

So deleting and uninstalling apps is as common as downloading and installing them. The reasons behind deleting an app can be many, but you have to know how to delete apps on Android phone and After knowing the process you can effortlessly delete apps from your Android phone just by following a few easy steps.

How To Delete Apps On Android Phone?

how to delete apps on android

You can find many ways of deleting an app from an Android phone. You may follow the rules below:

1. Open Google play store

2. Type the name of the app you want to delete in the search bar. (You will find the search bar at the very top) 

3. Find the app in the results given and click on it.

4. You will see two buttons. one will be ‘open’ or ‘update’. Another will be ‘uninstall.’

5. Click on the ‘Uninstall’ button to delete the app from your Android phone.

How to delete apps on an Android tablet?

Android tablets have almost the same functions as Android phones. So if you follow the same procedure as mentioned above, you will be able to delete apps effortlessly. Or you can:

  • Long press on the particular app
  • You will see an ‘i’ sign which means app info.
  • Press on the app info.
  • At the bottom, you will find two buttons.
  • Press the ‘Uninstall’ button, which probably will be the second one.
  • Place the confirmation.
how to delete apps on android

That is how to delete apps on Android tablets.

How do I delete apps on my Android phone?

After sharing two basic ways of deleting apps on Androids, sharing my way of doing it is necessary. Among all the other methods, I find it much easier.

  • Press the app you want to delete and shift it from its place.
  • An uninstall icon (Similar to a trash bin) will appear at the top of your phone screen. 
  • Drag the app to the trash bin and release it when it turns red.
  • Confirm that you want to uninstall this app
how to delete apps on android

Facts about uninstalling apps:

  • You should be able to uninstall the apps you installed anytime without any troubles.
  • You can also reinstall the apps you deleted if you want to have them later.
  • Pre-installed, or you can also delete system apps. There is no problem deleting the apps you do not need.
  • If you are deleting an app you paid for or purchased from the Google play store, then you will be able to reinstall it without repurchasing it.
  • Uninstalling apps can free up space in your Android device.

How to delete apps that you cannot delete directly?

You might find some apps that you can’t delete despite all these methods. The apps which are pre-installed in your Android devices and can’t be installed or uninstalled directly are called ‘SYSTEM APPS.’Camera/ Settings/ Google Play Store are common system apps.

Generally, people do not need to uninstall these apps. But sometimes, you might receive notifications like ‘Internal Storage Running Out,’ then you will have to free up some space in your phone. In that case, you might need to remove the system apps to free up storage. These apps need a different procedure to delete. You will have to root your phone.

How to Root your Android phone?

If you want to delete any system apps, you should root your phone. Many people might claim to delete system apps without rooting the device. But these methods will only hide the app from you. It won’t delete the app. So here’s the way to root your device:

First, you will have to go to the ‘settings’ and scroll down to ‘security .’Turn on ‘Unknown Sources’

1. Then go to the google play store and download a rooting app. You can download Dr.Fone-Root, Magisk Manager, Root checker, Greenify, Kingoroot, Root essentials, Framaroot, Titanium backup etcetera as per your wish.

2. Open the root app and press the ‘root’ button. The rooting process will take nearly 60 seconds. If it takes longer, your device faces trouble with the rooting process.

3. After rooting your device, you will become able to delete the system apps without any hassle.

Is rooting safe?

I would say rooting is not safe for your Android phone. Also, rooting tablets is completely illegal. Rooting disables some of the built-in security features of your device. That might cause huge trouble in your operating system.

Also, it may even lead to data leakage, exposure, corruption, and many more. Plus, rooting comes with vast chances of bricking your phone. Bricking means tuning your useful phone to be as useful as a brick. It won’t perform a single task. You might not be able to turn it on ever again.

If not ROOT, then what? 

If you do not want to root your Android phone, then I would say it is a wise decision. Here are some tips for you:

  • You can long-press the app and click on the ‘App Info’ button. You will find the ‘disabled’ or ‘force stop’ option there. There’s no uninstall option for it. This won’t remove the app but will remove the commands and permissions on your Android device.
  • You can long-press the app and click on the ‘App Info’ button. Scroll down, and you will see the ‘Clear Data’ option. If the app is useful, press the ‘Clear Cache’ button, and if it’s not helpful, press the ‘Clear all data’ button.

These steps will surely help you release some space in your device.

 Is deleting and uninstalling the same? 

Deleting is not the thing for Android devices. It’s only installed and uninstalled. By uninstalling the app, you can altogether remove it from your phone. Follow any of the above methods to uninstall any app on your Android device.

Does delete an app’s folder from the file manager deletes the app?

Deleting the files of an app doesn’t delete or remove the app. But it may provoke the app to misbehave. These files contain various commands and operate the system. So it will not be wise to delete the app files from your device. You can clear cache or clear its data (if not needed). Or you can uninstall it.

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You might need to delete an app for various reasons. Such as you do not need it anymore, or you are facing storage issues, so you want to delete unnecessary or less essential apps to free up space, or you want to make room for some new apps. You have to follow the proper steps to know how to delete apps no matter the reason.

Otherwise, you will have to face many troubles, such as system failures, phone bricking, data loss, and many more. Also, it is a good idea to uninstall the unnecessary apps and update the apps from time to time.

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