How To Delete Contacts From Whatsapp?

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You might want to delete some WhatsApp contacts simply because you do not use the numbers anymore or you are no longer in touch with them. It is not a headache to delete the contacts but sometimes, the deleted numbers will reappear on your contact list.


If you have faced the same bummer, you are probably here to find out how to delete contacts from WhatsApp? And we will explore its causes and fixes for your convenience right here.


As the deleted numbers can still be visible for different reasons, you need to follow several workarounds as well. Keeping that in mind, we will cover alternative solutions for all users. Stay tuned!


Why Can’t I Delete WhatsApp Contacts?


Once you delete some WhatsApp contacts, they can still reappear on the contact list for several reasons. And the most probable reason is that you have not refreshed the WhatsApp contact list after deleting the numbers.


Also, some old devices store the data associated with the deleted contacts because of technical glitches. And a quick restart of your phone will remove that data, and the numbers will no longer be there on your WhatsApp.


If you sync your contacts to Google Contacts or any Google Account, your phone will re-add the removed contacts from the synced data. In such cases, you need to delete the contacts from the phonebook and Google account or contacts too to prevent them from reappearing.


For the contacts stored on SD or SIM cards, you need to delete them from both cards. Otherwise, the deleted contacts might reappear. You can connect your PC and your phone to delete the contacts from the SD card folder or the SIM.


You might have mistakenly deleted the chats instead of the contacts. And to delete them permanently, follow the methods/steps in the next sections.


How to Delete Contacts from WhatsApp?


There are a few easy ways that will delete your WhatsApp contacts permanently so that they do not reappear on the contact list. You need to try out the fixes below until you are successful at removing the numbers –


1. Refresh Contacts List


Refreshing the WhatsApp contacts list is really important to update it without the deleted contacts. And to do that, follow the steps given below:


  • Go to the WhatsApp app and slide right to select the Contacts or Chats tab.



how to delete contacts from whatsapp




  • Then open the Inbox of the contact you want to delete or if you do not have any chat, click on the Message or two horizontal lines icon at the bottom-right corner of the Chats/Contacts tab. It will show you all the WhatsApp contacts. 




how to delete contacts from whatsapp




  • Once you open the contact, click on the name you can see at the top or you can click on the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner. Then select the View contact option.




how to delete contacts from whatsapp




  • Now you are on the Contact Info page, click on the three-dot icon or menu at the top and select the View in Addressbook.




how to delete contacts from whatsapp




  • From the address book, press the Delete icon, on some phones, you might need to click on the three-dot icon to find the Delete option.




how to delete contacts from whatsapp




  • Open WhatsApp and press the two-lined icon at the bottom. Then from the three-dot menu select Refresh. 




how to delete contacts from whatsapp




After that, the deleted numbers will not be visible.


2. Google Contacts 


If you sync your contacts to Google or the option is enabled, you need to delete the contacts from the Google Contacts. The steps are as follows:


  • Open the Google Contacts app, and long-press and checkmark the contacts to remove.



how to delete contacts from whatsapp




  • From the top of the app screen, select the three-dot icon and press delete.




how to delete contacts from whatsapp




  • Then from the Hamburger menu, go to the Bin section and select the removed contacts. Then press the Delete Forever option.




how to delete contacts from whatsapp




  • Finally, restart your phone, and those contacts will be removed permanently.


3. Clear Contacts Cache


Sometimes overloaded cache files can cause the deleted contacts to reappear. Or perhaps because of the corrupted cache, you can still see the contacts. So clearing the cache with these steps below is a must.


  • First, follow any of the methods above to delete specific contacts.


  • Then from the home screen, open the Phone or Contacts app info page, or you can open it from the All App section as well.




how to delete contacts from whatsapp




  • Then click on the Storage option and select Clear Cache at the bottom or top corner of the screen. This will resolve the issue.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Can the Other Persons Know If You Delete Their WhatsApp Contact?


No, they will not know if you delete them from your contact list. However, some of them might assume so if they cannot see your profile picture or status.


2. Can You Restore the Deleted Contacts From WhatsApp?


Yes, you can only if you have a backup of them on any card or Google account. You can copy them from memory or restore them from the Google Contacts bin.


3. After How Many Days Does Google Remove the Deleted Contacts Permanently?


If you do not manually delete the removed contacts permanently from the Google bin, they will stay there for 30 days. After then, they will no longer exist on your phone. 


4. Can You Disable Contacts Synch to Prevent Deleted Contacts From Reappearing?


Yes, you can disable the auto-sync of the contacts from the Google contacts app easily to get rid of deleted contacts. But doing so will stop keeping backup of other contacts as well.


5. Why Do the Cache Files Trigger the Deleted WhatsApp Contacts to Be Visible?


When the cache files become corrupted, it does not let the contacts app upgrade the contact list. As the list does not load fresh, you can still see the removed contacts.




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Most WhatsApp users struggle to delete their contacts permanently from WhatsApp. It happens mainly because of some minor issues we have reviewed above.  So, if you ever find yourself wondering how to delete contacts from whatsapp? you can follow any of the fixes above to get rid of the issue.


We will suggest you restart your phone after trying out the fixes. Thus, it will boost the effectiveness of the workarounds.

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