Nowadays, if people want to know anything, just type some words in the browser  & click on the search button. But, they don’t delete their search histories thinking it a useless effort. Most importantly, a good amount of people have no idea about clearing their search histories. As it’s part of your private activity, you should delete google search histories. 


Search histories create a good impact on your next searches. When you’ll search the next time, previous searches will be visible. This article is written for those who are interested in how to delete Google searches on Android phone. You’ll earn a good amount of knowledge about deleting both single and bulk search histories. So, without any delay, jump into our article.


Why should you delete Google searches? 

This part will help you to understand the core reasons behind deleting Google searches. We would like to mention that clearing Google search histories on Android doesn’t mean deleting histories from Google. Google servers keep the search history & use it in the future. Let’s see some points about deleting google searches.


For security issue 

Google searches can be a threat to security issues. Hackers use your cookies to steal your personal data. Cookies are text files with small data which improves the web browsing experience. If you don’t clear your search histories, hackers can easily access your personal information. In that case, your social media can be accessed by them without using passwords.


To get rid of corrupted cookies 

Corrupted cookies are dangerous & enough to make you irritate while browsing. Corrupted cookies are responsible for showing errors while browsing a web page. Sometimes it happens for other reasons but you can’t deny the negative contribution of cookies. Your google search results are responsible to create these corrupted cookies.


For protecting privacy 

When you leave search histories, google can remember which site you visit most. Hackers can make a false site using your search histories & then, you may jump into their trap. So, you need to protect your privacy & so, it’s important to delete search histories.


To protect from grabbing storage

Search histories generate cookies that grab your device storage. Some people don’t care about it as it helps to improve the browsing experience. But, after a certain time, your hard drive may slow down. So, search histories are bad for your storage too.


How to delete google searches on an Android phone

You can delete individual & bulk search items from your Android phone. If you need to disappear a topic from your search list, just go for the first process. But, if you need to delete everything from your previous searches, then the bulk clearing segment can help you. Keep scrolling down to know your desired process. 


How to clear individual searches


Open google from your Android. For moving without effort, use Google assistant to open. After opening, a search box will be visible. Click on the search box & step to the next step. It should be mentioned that your previous search items will appear after clicking.


how to delete google searches on android phone



From the list of your previous searches, select the individual one you need to delete. One long press is enough to act Then, you will see deleting permission. Just click on “Delete” & chill.


how to delete google searches on android phone


How to clear bulk searches


Open a browser you use most & type “”. You will be presented to Google Activity Center. You’ll be required to enter a password when accessing.


how to delete google searches on android phone



Now, tap on the three-line menu from the top corner of your device screen. Some options will appear & tap on “Delete activity by” from those.


how to delete google searches on android phone



After performing the previous step, you’ll discover a page with plenty of your google stuff. But, we’ll only care about search history from the options. 


how to delete google searches on android phone



Can you see the option named “All products” in the previous snap? Just click on it & go for the “search” option.


how to delete google searches on android phone



Here you get a chance to select your activity. You can delete search histories according to your intended date & time. You have a scope of deleting your today’s very recent search histories & also all time’s search histories.


how to delete google searches on android phone



At this stage, a warning message will be displayed. If you haven’t rotated your mind instantly, then you are going to delete the histories. So, tap on “OK” & move on.


how to delete google searches on android phone


That’s it. Your search histories are cleared & none of the previous searches will appear when you’ll perform your next search.


How do I find deleted Google history on my phone? 

Finding removed Google history isn’t tough at all. If you delete something by mistake & need to restore it on your Android device, you have a convenient way. All you need to perform this action, an additional PC & SD card inserted into Android. The steps described below will help you to find deleted Google history.



Insert an SD card into your Android device. Launch the “Recoverit” app to your PC after connecting your Android with your PC. Click on the start button & go for the next step.


how to delete google searches on android phone



Now, the app is searching for your old activities. You can see every single media & system file appearing on your computer screen. This scan process will start automatically after hitting on the “Start” button.



Now, you can recover your deleted Google history on your Android. Check the validity of data before tapping on the recovery option.



Now, get some answers to common questions among the readers. 


How do I delete personal searches on Google?

Answer: Using both individual & bulk search clearing methods, you can delete personal searches. By tapping on the contents, you can delete personal searches on Google.


How do I delete unwanted searches?

Answer: Unwanted searches happen from wrong keyboard typing & you can delete it instantly by selecting the search & tapping on “Delete”. 


How do I delete Google activity?

Answer: Deleting Google activity is a part of the bulk clearing. You need to go to the Google activity page using a browser & then, select all the data to delete your Google activity.


Can you permanently delete Google search history?

Answer: Yes. To do this, go to Google Activity Center, press on delete activity & then select “All time” from the options. Google will seek final permission & when you tap on “OK”, your Google search histories are permanently deleted.



Now, you have ideas about how to delete google searches on Android phones. To protect your privacy, to save your storage grabbed by cookies & to make your browsing smooth, you have no option instead of clearing google searches. So, you are now very clear that only removing searches from your browser doesn’t make everything fine. 


At the end of this article, aren’t you feeling the necessity of clearing your search histories? Now, you know how to delete the google search bar history of individual searches. Besides, you also know how to delete all searches on your phone. According to your necessity Just pick up your choice & make your browsing safer.

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