How to Delete Order History on Zomato?

There can be several reasons that you want to delete your order history from your Zomato account. Perhaps, you want to surprise someone with an order, and you do not want him/her to find out about it.

Or you might want to keep your Zomato app more neat-looking. No matter the reason, stick with us to know how to delete order history on zomato.


There is no guarantee that you will not need your deleted order history again. And you need to apply different tweaks to hide the order history on the shared account. Keeping these factors in mind, we will be reviewing the methods that will help you restore the removed history and hide them from another user of the account.


How To Delete Order History From Zomato? or How do I delete old orders on Zomato?

There are several ways to delete the order history on Zomato. And sometimes you can archive them to hide them. When you archive them, it seems you have deleted them from the app. So, based on how you want to remove them, here are some of the methods you can try –



  1. Completely Delete from the Control Panel


If you do not want to restore your order history, you can completely delete them from the Control panel. And here are the steps to do that:



  • From the Ecwid Control panel, you need to go to the My Sales and Orders section.


  • Then you need to checkmark or select the orders that you want to delete from the app. After selecting them, click on the Mass Update and Delete option.


  • You may need to confirm the action from the popup, after that, you will get rid of the order history.



  1. Hide the Order History


Sometimes, you might need your order history to fix your Menu quickly. But if you delete the history completely, you cannot do that. In this case, you can hide the history, and it will look like you have deleted them. Follow the steps below to do so:



  • If you are on your computer, go to your web browser and log in to your existing Zomato account.


  • Then click on the Returns and Orders option located at the top-right corner of the Zomato home screen.


  • A list will appear that will show all the orders from the last three months, you need to select the orders you want to hide. If you want to delete some orders from the month that is not there in the list, customize the Settings to view the specific month.


  • After selecting them, click on the View Order Details followed by the Archive Order option. If you want to go through these hidden orders, you can go to the Archived Order section.


  • If you are on your phone, open the app with your existing account and go to the “Your Orders” section.




How to Delete Order History on Zomato?




After selecting the orders you want to remove, press View Order Details followed by the Archive Order.



  1. Incognito Mode


Here, you need to follow this method if you use a shared account on Zomato. Feel free to use the Incognito mode to hide the order history. So, follow the steps given below:



  • Go to the Web Browser and click on the three-dot menu located at the top-right corner of the screen to enable the incognito mode.





How to Delete Order History on Zomato?




  • Go to the Zomato web and enter your account credentials to log in to your shared account.


  • Press the Browsing History from the upper-left corner. And from that order history, click on the Remove from View option that you can see under the order.


  • And if you want to remove the entire order list, go to the Manage History and press the Remove all things from view.


  • Disable the Browsing History or turn the browsing history slider off so that Zomato can never collect the future order history.



Does Zomato Delete the Order History from their Server?


Even if you delete your order list on Zomato, the Zomato server will keep the history. But it does not mean that another user of the shared account can see that.


Once you delete the list, no one can see that. But if the user of the shared account goes to the Archived Orders section, he/she can see the hidden order.




Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s): 




  • Are Hiding and Deleting the Order History the Same?


No, deleting and Hiding the order History on Zomato are not the same. If you delete the order history, you will not be able to locate or see it anymore. But if you hide it, you will be able to see it.



  • Where Can You See the Hidden Order History?


You can see the hidden order history on the Zomato app or web, you need to go to the Archived Order section. There you can see the orders you have archived or hidden from the order list.


  • Where Can You Locate the Order History from Last Year on Zomato?


Zomato shows an order history list for the last three to four months. So, if you want to scroll through beyond that period, you need to go to Zomato Settings and modify the Period or timeline you want to see your orders from.



  • Can the Partner of the Shared Account See the Order List on Zomato?


Yes, if you share a mutual account for Zomato, both of you can see the order list in the My Orders section or browsing history. But if you delete it, none of you can see it.





The order history list on your Zomato app can be helpful for placing an order. But sometimes, you might want to delete the history for personal reasons. And you might know that on Zomato, you can both hide and remove the history.


So, in confusion, you can wonder how to delete order history on zomato. But if you follow our methods discussed above, you will know to hide or delete them. Deleting the Zomato app will not delete the order history. So, you can open the app and go through the Settings to delete the order list.



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