How To Disable Xbox Game Bar Windows 10?

how to disable xbox game bar

How To Disable Xbox Game Bar Windows 10? Microsoft added an Xbox game bar feature in windows 10 for professional gamers. It allows you to access and control all the useful things while playing a game.


You can control the sound, performance statistics, or framerates with it if you want. It may take screenshots to record all your gameplay, and even this lets you run Spotify and your favorite music without exiting your game. Xbox game bar is a feature through which you can take screenshots, find friends, monitor friends, and manage performance.




how to disable xbox game bar




Read more about the details of the bottom to know more about the Xbox game bar.


What is the Xbox game bar?


Microsoft has added a unique feature for gamers. This game bar pops up when the Win+G button on the keyboard is pressed together. It is built for Windows 10, which allows you to use different widgets while playing games on the computer. You can add your Xbox account to follow your friends, monitor, and even manage performance. Also, you will be allowed to record gameplay, take screenshots, turn the mic on and off with the help of the Xbox game bar during gameplay.


Xbox game bar overlay


The Xbox game bar is built for Windows 10 in a customizable way. Xbox game bar works with any pc game, which will allow you to use all the features like capture and share while playing the game, so you will have access to various widget overlays to control these.


You can customize the Xbox game bar to leapfrog your game and gaming activity. You can move or add the activity as the home button for quick access to the Xbox game bar. To pop up multiple overlays of the Xbox game bar, you must first open the Xbox game bar. Then you have to press the WIN + G button together, go to the widget menu in the home bar and mark the overlay you want to use.


How to disable Xbox game bar windows 10?




how to disable xbox game bar




The Xbox game bar feature is significant. It is often used for gaming videos or any screenshot or performance analysis. Many people are concerned about the PC’s performance and want to turn it off.


Then all you have to do is, you need to go to the settings option of windows, select the gaming option from there, and then you will see the Xbox game bar, open it and uncheck the box beside.


This way, you will be able to disable the Xbox game bar altogether, and even if you press the shortcut key, it will no longer pop up.


How to uninstall the Xbox game bar?


Windows 10 Xbox game bar is a good addition for gamers, but outside of it, do not use it. You need to go to pc settings, select the apps option, click on apps and feature, scroll down below, and see the Xbox game bar.


Click and press the uninstall button. You are done. You’re thus able to uninstall the Xbox game bar. You can uninstall the Xbox game bar using PowerShell if you want, or you can complete the task through O&O app buster software.



How to turn off the Xbox game bar on windows 10?


Currently, Windows 10 is being used more for any computer gaming, so maybe you don’t want to play games on your computer, which means you no longer want to use the game bar. So for your convenience, how to turn off the Xbox game bar, the whole thing is given below step by step.


Step 1: Press WIN + X on the keyboard.


Step 2: A menu will appear; click on the Settings option.


Step 3: Then click on the gaming option.


Step 4: A new window will open. From there, turn off the switch from right to left to close the Xbox game bar.


Step 5: Toggle the switch and click on game mode from the left pane.


What to do if the Xbox game bar is not opening/ working problem on windows 10?




how to disable xbox game bar




If the Xbox game bar doesn’t work, there are some fixes. It will be best if you try them. I will discuss the fixes below.


Fix1: Ensure that the gaming feature is activated before playing in the system’s settings. You can toggle on and off the game bar again if you want, or you can boot the computer to get it back to normal.


Fix2: Make sure you enter the correct shortcut. You can reset the shortcut if you want.


Fix3: The game bar often does not work for the user profile. So you go to settings, go under the account, and try to switch to a new account.


Fix4: When you encounter an error while opening the Xbox game bar in full-screen mode gameplay, switch from full-screen mode to window mode.


Fix5: If the above solutions do not work, uninstall and reinstall the Xbox game bar. Hopefully, it will solve all the problems.



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Windows 10 Xbox game bar is an excellent feature for the average gamer, with sophisticated software to record gameplay records and monitor performance screenshots.


However, if you are not a pro user, it will not be a problem for you to use, and you can run it very easily but you have to know how to disable xbox game bar windows 10.


You are getting it for free with the built-in feature of Windows 10. You don’t have to download it, and you can take any gameplay record and screenshot using shortcuts. If you need more than that, a video effect or a recorder with more features, then this is not for you. Otherwise, it is outstanding software.

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