How To Download Airshou Screen Recorder Ios 10?

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How to download Airshou Screen Recorder iOS 10? At some point in our daily work with the phone, we may need to record the on-screen display. During online classes or playing games we often have to record our on-screen display. There are plenty of screen recorder apps for both android and iOS. But for iOS, options get quite limited.


When you are looking for a screen recorder for your iOS and looking for a good option Airshou is a quite popular one. In the app store, Airshou is among the best and most popular also.


What is Airshou iOS 10?


Airshou iOS 10  is an application that is meant for iPhone users to record on-screen displays. If you want to screen recorder for your iPhone or iPod or any iOS device Airshou is your best option. Airshou is the top-grossing application for iOS and also one of the most popular also.


Why Airshou iOS 10?


Airshou is full of the most amazing and wonderful features. It allows you to record everything that is running on the display screen of your iOS device. You might be thinking I will get the features in every app. Well, it’s just the start.


You will be able to share the recording in your social media apps right from the app. You will get this for free. You don’t have to buy it or buy any more features. Moreover, you won’t have to jailbreak the iOS to get this app running.


So you see, Why is this app one of the best ones? The app is giving you the features for free and also you don’t have to change anything to your iOS such as jailbreak. Also, this app is compatible with almost all iOS devices.


Also, let’s take a look at the features of Airshou. Here are the main features:


1. It gives you high-quality recording with a minimum processor.


2. Records your screen in high resolution.


3. It will record in any of the orientations.


4. It has no time limitation.


5. To make your video looks professional you can add a stereo recording to it.


6. It will save your video automatically.


Where can I get the Airshou iOS 10?


Well, a lot of people asked for it. They want to download the app but they can’t find it in the Apple store. So, Where to find it? Though Airshou iOS 10 is only for iOS users such as iPhone, iPod, and other iOS devices. But, Airshou is basically for both iOS and Android devices. So you can not download it directly from the Apple store.


If you are looking for the Airshou app for your device, it is best that you go to the Airshou website. So to get the app you just have to follow these simple steps.


Step: 1


Open your Safari browser from your iOS device (iPhone or iPod).


Note: Other browsers don’t work on this.




airshou screen recorder ios 10




Step: 2


In the search bar type and search this link: . Basically, it is the official app of Airshou. You can download the app easily from this website.





airshou screen recorder ios 10




Step: 3


Once the page is fully loaded, tap the “UP” arrow.




airshou screen recorder ios 10




Step: 4


After clicking the UP arrow, there will be some options loads up. There will be an option ‘Add to home screen’. Tap on the ‘Add to home screen option.




airshou screen recorder ios 10






After tapping on the option, it will show you an option to rename the icon. You can name it whatever you want. To recognize the app, name it ‘Airshou’. After entering the name, tap the ‘Add button.




airshou screen recorder ios 10






After adding the app, close your safari browser. The app will now appear on your iOS device. If the app appears on your display screen it means your app is downloaded successfully.


Now you have downloaded the app successfully to your iOS device. Now it’s time to install on your device. After downloading it, follow these to install it:




Go to your windows home where the app icon is located. Now launch the app and go to your iOS version page.


Step: 2


An information page will load to your screen. There will be a link on the page, to install the app directly click on the link.


Step: 3


Your settings will open on your Profile. Now tap on the ‘install profile’.


Step: 4


If your device has a passcode, your phone will ask for your passcode.




After putting your passcode, click the ‘install Airshou’ button, and then a confirmation window will pop up, click the install.




Now open your settings again. Now click on install then tap on next.




Now tap on ‘Install’.




Now, wait till the app is installed.


You can now run your app and you can capture your on-screen show.


Put it in a nutshell


Airshou is a very useful app for your device. It is one of the best apps. But for security and privacy apple doesn’t permit any screen recording apps So, you can’t find the app in the Apple store.


If you are using iOS 11, you won’t need to download a screen recording app. Your phone already has one in it. Though it has some glitches.



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Frequently asked questions


1. Is Airshou 10 is safe?


There is no assurance that a third-party app is malware-free or safe.


2. Is Airshou is available for android?


Yes, you can use Airshou for your android device also.

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