How to Download APK on IPhone? 2 Secret Methods!

how to download apk on iphone

Hands down, APK is the system that processes all the installation of apps for your android device. You can think of it as a format of file specifically designed for android users.


Needless to say, androids are getting smarter day by day. On the flip side, iPhone users are getting frustrated with all the restrictions they have and asking about how to download apk on iphone.


So this article is all about APK files, what it is, how it functions, is it possible to transfer them to iPhone, and so on. Don’t go anywhere else as it might be your lucky day!


What Is An APK File?




how to download apk on iphone




In layman’s terms, it is a package file format that Android uses to distribute apps among the users. The full form of APK is an android package kit. Remember the file .exe in the Windows operating system? It’s known as an executable file and is meant for installation work. APK also works like that for an android device.


Dangers of Opening an APK File


The dangers associated with an apk file is virus or spyware. It is a piece of cake for hackers to inject a virus into files that look authentic. And once you download it, BOOM! Your phone starts acting weird and everything you don’t want starts happening!


One way to avoid this issue is downloading the .apk file from a reliable website or source. Because there is always a chance that malware is disguising itself behind the face of an apk file. And you can’t check it before downloading.


If you were to use the Google play store, the problem would be eliminated. Since it has an automatic virus scanning system. So any app with questionable content wouldn’t reach you.


But if you decide to go on and download an app that is not available in the play store, make sure the source is official and trusted. Otherwise, it would be very hard to get rid of that virus. And not to mention the threat of losing your data to an outside hacker.


Where Are APK Files Stored Android?



how to download apk on iphone




Wondering where to find and open apk file with your android device? Then the answer is, for android 7.0 or any model before that, the APK is found within /data/app/<package name>-<num>/folder. This is the most common directory. Here the <package num> simply means the name of that specific package.


Now let’s look at the steps for extracting APK files from installed apps in your android. Don’t worry, we will only share the easiest method:


  • First off, you need to get a special app for this task from the plays store. Type “apk extractor” in the search bar.


  • Once the installation is over, open this app. It will fetch all the applications from your android device.


  • Scroll through the list and tap on the app you want to extract.


  • Within seconds the file will be extracted. How will you find it?


  • Go to the files manager. Search for the extracted file and scroll a bit down until you see it.

That’s how easy it is.


Why Can’t You Download APK On iPhone?




how to download apk on iphone




Simply because apps are not designed to operate on iPhones. If you are an iPhone user, you must know that not any random app can be downloaded from the app store. Just like android has a play store, iPhone comes with an app store. Only the apps that are listed here can be downloaded and run on the phone.


However, android gives you the flexibility to download the app in apk format from any outside source that is not backed up by the play protection.


But when it comes to iPhones, it is restricted. You can even get banned or blocklisted for trying to jailbreak and use android apps on your iPhone.


Now, why so many rules?


  • Frankly speaking, Apple cares about the security of your data. It is the most valuable thing in the world right now. So many hackers are looking for loopholes to somehow get into your phone’s security system. You have no idea. That’s why Apple goes to the extent to block its users if they ever try to install third-party apk on ios through root or jailbreaking. What is jailbreaking? We will explain that to you just in a bit.


Let’s discuss the other differences between APK and IOS, so you understand why it is so difficult to run apks on iphone:


  • APK means Android package kit while IOS means iPhone operating system. They both have completely different structures. Android apps are coded with javascript, C++, or C. but IOS uses a more sophisticated language like Xcode.


If you ask which one is better, obviously the IOS will win. This is the most logical reason why opening apk file on IOS is not possible.


  • Although android has a play protection that scans the content of an application before listing it inside, people can download third-party apps from the browser.


It doesn’t restrict that. So if you are intending on downloading any such file with your iPhone, that’s not gonna happen. IOS security is very strict. Because of the high chances of getting the phone infected with a virus, you will face many hindrances from the security team of the iPhone.


How to Download APK on IPhone?


Let’s cut to the chase by jumping into the different processes of downloading apk on iPhone:


1. Developer’s Pass:


If an iPhone user who is also an app developer, wants to test an app he developed, he can get away with it without any repercussions. But as you can already guess, getting this developer’s pass is not easy. So it is not the right method for everybody.


2. Jailbreaking:


As the name suggests, it means breaking all the restrictions your iphone implied on you. After jailbreaking your iphone will have an application called the “Cydia app.” With the help of this app, you can customize your phone in the way you want. No more restrictions will imply to you anymore!


And if you still are confused regarding how to download apk on iphone, we would suggest sticking with the safest method. There are chances that an ios app similar to the apk file already exists in the app store.


You just have to research a little bit. Other than that, if you choose to jailbreak your phone and use the ios apk installer, there is some bad news for you. You must have heard about cases where people can’t get their iPhone to turn on because of using third-party services through idroid.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. How to Open APK Files on IOS?


The one-word answer is, you can’t. The coding languages are completely different for both apk and ios. So, even if you can install an android app on the iPhone, you won’t be able to operate it.


2. How to Download APK on iPhone?


There are methods like jailbreaking that can give you full control over what you want to download. But, if you really want to use the facilities of android phones, just use a cheaper android model as a secondary device.


3. Is APK File Harmful?


It is easier to place a virus in such files. So any hacker with bad motives can do it and disguise it as an original app. If you don’t double-check, you can fall into the trap.



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Answering how to download apk on iphone is not easy. We discussed how this is not a good idea. And we elaborated on the two possible ways you can get it done if you really want to.


Yes, we clearly mentioned jailbreaking as a downloading method. But keep in mind that Apple doesn’t approve of this, and it has high risk at times. Plus, you lose the warranty if you apply this particular way. Now the decision is all yours to take.

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