How to Edit Inspect Element in Android [Easy Hack]

If you come across a fancy webpage that you like, you might want to know about the elements or codes used in the webpage. That’s when you might need to inspect the element. Besides, if you need to edit inspect element from your Android, you’ll need to know the methods first.


In this article, I’m going to talk about how to ediHow to Edit Inspect Element in Androidt inspect element in Android by using free Android apps from Play Store, using a prefix before any webpage, and inspecting and editing any webpage element from a computer. Let’s jump in:


Method 1: Use Inspect and Edit HTML Live App


Using the Inspect and Edit HTML Live app from Google Play Store is one of the best ways to inspect and edit elements from your Android device. This is a free application that uses as the homepage.


Below are the steps for installing and using the app:


Step-1: Download Inspect and Edit HTML Live from Google Play Store. Once the installation has been completed, open the app.


Step-2: Tap on the address bar at the top of the app. Type the website URL of which you want to inspect the element. Once you’re done, tap on the enter key of your Android phone’s keyboard.




How to Edit Inspect Element in Android




Step-3: Scroll through the page until you reach the desired element that you want to inspect.


Step-4: After locating the element, just tap on the Inspector mode button. You will find it adjacent to the URL address bar, at the top right of the app. After you tap on the button, it will turn yellow.




How to Edit Inspect Element in Android




Step-5: Tap an element you’d like to inspect and you will see the codes employed for the element. If you want to locate certain sections of the code, you can also take the help of the search feature.




How to Edit Inspect Element in Android




Step-6: To get back to the original page and exit from the inspector mode, just tap on the window icon (as shown above with arrow 2)

Method-2: Use HTML Viewer App


If you want to know how to inspect element on Android without a computer or laptop. HTML Viewer app is another tool that can help you. It is a free app available on Google Play Store. Let’s see how to use inspect element on the HTML Viewer app.


With the help of this app, you can view the HTML source code of any website in just 1 click. Along with finding the text in HTML code, you can also search text and export the source code of an entire website.


Step-1: Download and then install HTML Viewer from Google Play Store.


Step-2: Open the app on your Android device.


Step-3: Type any website URL to inspect an element.


Step-4: When you reach the desired page, click on View Source to start inspecting element from the website.


So, now you know how to open inspect element easily. If you’re learning HTML or just curious about the coding behind any webpage, this app should be immensely helpful for you.


Method-3: Inspect Element on Any Browser


You will be delighted to know that apart from using any Google Play Store app, you can also inspect element on any of your Android browsers. How? Well, this is what I’m going to discuss now.


It does not matter whether you use Chrome, Brave, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge on your Android phone, you will be able to leverage the feature to inspect element of any webpage.


However, with this method, you’ll get the element of the entire webpage, not just a certain section. That’s why you have to scroll through the page element if you’re looking for the element of a certain section of the webpage.


By the way, this should not be a problem as you can still view the codes and media sources without the use of any external Android application.


Let’s see the steps of how to view source code in Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and other browser application on your Android device.


Step-1: Tap to open any web browser of your Android phone. It can be Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, and almost any popular web browser.


Step-2: Using the URL address bar or search engine, go to your desired webpage of which you want to inspect element.


Step-3: Give the webpage time to load up. When the webpage is completely loaded on your browser, tap on the address bar.


Step-4: Now edit the address bar address by adding the following prefix before the original webpage URL:






How to Edit Inspect Element in Android




For example, if “” is your targeted website for inspecting the element, just make sure you change the URL adding a view-source prefix as shown below:




Step-5: After adding the view-source prefix with the webpage’s URL, it’s time to see the output. Hit the enter key on your Android keyboard to reload the page.


The reloaded page will show you the element or source code of the entire webpage. You can now copy-paste and share any of the media file (images, videos) permalinks or certain elements from the source codes to anywhere you want.




How to Edit Inspect Element in Android




Note that, this method is an inspect element shortcut way that works in almost any popular Android browser.


Method-4: Use Developer Tools of Chrome and Firefox


The method I’m going to talk about now is basically for developers. If you are a non-techie Android user, try methods 1,2,3 to inspect element on your Android device.


Well, developers experience UI bugs pretty often while browsing a webpage or developing a website, right? In that scenario, the first thing he is supposed to do is to inspect that certain element to find out what’s wrong.


Inspecting an element helps them to find ways to fix the issues in the HTML and CSS scripts as can make instant changes (it’s not permanent) to those scripts on their computer.


Using the inspect element feature, a developer can trace out any UI bugs. If you are a developer who is inspecting element as a part of Android testing or if you are just learning about how to inspect elements on mobile devices, keep reading.


Note that Chrome along with FireFox comes up with a Device Simulation feature in their DevTools. Follow the steps below to inspect element on Android:


Step-1: Go to any webpage of a website. Press F12 on your computer to open the DevTools on Chrome and Firefox.


Step-2: Now, click on the Toggle device icon (phone and tablet) option.




How to Edit Inspect Element in Android




Step-3: You’ll now see a list of Android and iOS devices to inspect the element on them. Choose an Android device from the list. If your device is not listed there, you can edit the list to inspect the webpage element on that specific device.




How to Edit Inspect Element in Android




Step-4: Once you have selected the preferred device, the mobile version of the webpage will open. Now it’s time for you to inspect any element of the webpage on your Android device from your computer.




How to Edit Inspect Element in Android




However, you can also inspect an element on your iPhone following the same steps. Just make sure that you’ve choosen an iPhone device to inspect the element (tweaking step-3)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How to inspect element with a keyboard?


If you want to inspect the element with a physical keyboard, you have to press F12 while Chrome and Firefox browsers have an open webpage.


How to permanently edit a website with inspect element?


There is no way to permanently edit a website with inspect element unless you’re own a website or you’re developing a website for your client. If you want to make permanent changes to the source code, you have to work in the backend of your website. I do not know about ways by which you can change any element permanently as a website visitor.


How to change words with inspect element?


You can change any words of the element by following any of the methods mentioned above. However, the changes are temporary and will disappear once you reload the page.


How to make inspect element save?


If you’re a visitor to a website, there is no way to save the inspect element permanently. The source codes can be changed and saved only by the developers working on the website. So, as soon as you reload a page, all your changes or saved elements will disappear.


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Final Thoughts


By now you know the 4 methods on how to edit inspect element on Andoird phone. I hope that this guide will help you inspect and edit element straight from your Android device and make temporary changes in the element for any important purpose such as learning and sharing.

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