How To Enable Android Auto On Mazda Cx 5?

The feature that most of us craved is finally here, especially for those people who need to stay connected to their phones even while driving. You might need to call someone or check out Google maps for navigation or send a reply to some urgent texts.


Google launched Android Auto that can mirror the activities of your phone on the infotainment screen on the car. And the good news is that Mazda updated its CX5 to operate this feature. And that’s what brings us to the question of how to enable android auto on mazda cx 5.


In this article, we are going to explain the steps for enabling this feature in your Mazda CX5 and how you can fix the problems that might come after that. So if you are ready, let’s start right away!


How to Download Android Auto?


Before we show you how to enable android auto on mazda cx 5, you must have a compatible app on your device. But why is that even a question? Because sometimes, you become unable to find it out in the Google Play Store. If you find that blue “android auto” application in the play store, then you have nothing to worry about.


But in case you can’t find it, here is the process for you:


  • Search for “tunnel bear” on the Play Store. Install it like any other app.


  • Open the app and you will see a global map. Pick the “united states” location. Because that’s where the app is available.


  • Next up, you have to click on “settings” > choose “apps”> then locate the “Google Play Store.”


  • Enter it and check on the “storage.” Then simply tap on the “clear cache” and “clear data.”




how to enable android auto on mazda cx 5




  • Now go again to the Play Store. The Tunnel Bear app has to be enabled in the background of the phone. Then look for the “android auto” again.


  • You will see the first result for that search is the android auto provided by Google. Go on the app and install it.



How to Enable Android Auto On Mazda CX 5?


Once you have successfully downloaded the Android auto, your next step is to get into the way of installation. This is what we will talk about right now:


  • First, plug your phone into the car with a USB cable. The Mazda CX5 has a top USB slot. Make sure you plug the original USB cable into that port.


  • Now, look at the infotainment screen. It will ask whether you want to connect to the android auto or not. Tap on the red “agree” button to get started.




how to enable android auto on mazda cx 5





  • Then you will get a notification asking you to put the handbrake on. It is important to note that your car must be in parking mode for this feature to be enabled. Of course, you wouldn’t want to cause any accidents by getting distracted by the android auto, right?


  • Next thing is to open the android auto on your phone. You will have to agree to any terms and policies. So just click “okay.”




how to enable android auto on mazda cx 5




  • Allow android auto access to your device through the settings menu. You can add the settings at any point in the process. But why not just do it now.


  • Now the car will allow you to use your apps and functions through the infotainment screen. You will notice that it starts showing the Google map We want it for navigation purposes and that’s kind of the most important feature.


However, it comes with multiple arrays of applications and functions. You can use the contacts app to call someone, watch youtube, and even send urgent texts through messenger, and so on.


  • Plus, there are some extra features like Google News, NHL for you to use.


  • And any time if you want to exit, just press on the Mazda logo on the screen. You will be back on the home screen. And if you want to re-access the android auto just press and hold on to the Home button. In that way, you can back and forth between android auto and Mazda home screens.


Android Auto Not Working?


  • The first and foremost thing is to have a compatible android auto application installed on your phone. Make sure the phone is 5.0 lollipop version or higher. Android auto website recommends that you have the marshmallow software for it to work smoothly. So that’s a must. If you have not upgraded your phone, that might be causing these issues.


  • Don’t neglect the first step of connecting Bluetooth to the car. Also, if you haven’t enabled the data, make sure you do it properly before starting.


  • Now, you have plugged the USB cable into your phone and the android auto screen is not coming up. However, this shouldn’t be the case. It might take a minute to load but the android auto screen should automatically pop up.


So let’s determine whether it’s your or the car behind this issue. In case the phone or the car has nothing wrong, we will blame the USB cord.


1. Grab another android device to check. It might be your friend’s or another phone you have. Install the android auto application and plug it into the car. If the interface is showing up, then you can conclude that your phone is not compatible with the operation.


2. Second thing is to make sure whether the car is causing the issue or not. The Mazda clearly instructs you to be in the parking space or mode while you enable the android auto. So, if you haven’t turned on that mode, your efforts will fail.


3. And the third culprit might be the USB cord you are using for the application. The manual suggests sticking with the original USB cable that comes with your phone. It’s more secure and reduces the number of complexities. In case you are not using the original one, you might have trouble.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Can I Use Android Auto to My Mazda CX5?


Yes, you can integrate android auto to your Mazda CX5. You have to ask the dealer for this update. This update includes both software and hardware installation.


2. Is My Phone Compatible for the Android Auto?


Android auto works on any phone as long as it has a 5.0 lollipop version running in it. But the higher you reach, the better you can get. If you don’t have a compatible phone, you can’t get the connection.


3. Why Is the Android Auto Not Working?


It might be because the phone is not compatible with the service. Or the car is not in a parking mode. And if you check both of them and don’t find a problem, try switching to another USB cord.



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Now you know how you can set up the android auto on your phone, even if it is not available in the Play Store. Feel free to follow this tutorial to turn on the feature on your car using a USB cord. The process should not be complicated at all if you have a higher android version and follow the steps accurately.


So that was all. Hopefully, you enjoyed and benefited from the topic of how to enable android auto on mazda cx 5.

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