How To Find Friends On Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming service where you can enjoy your favorite songs and any album from your favorite artist. However, it’s also a social platform that means you can connect with your friends, follow them, see their playlists and enrich your own playlist with new songs. But do you know how to find friends on Spotify and follow their playlist?


You can use the Spotify desktop app and search for your friends on the “find friends” option or search their names directly or input URLs. The same features are also available on your android or iOS devices. You can also connect your Spotify account with Facebook and find your Facebook friend’s playlist to see their taste in music.


There are many methods to find your friends on Spotify. If you can’t find any of your friends, there might be problems with updates or their Spotify accounts.


Why Find Someone on Spotify?


Every person has their listening habits. However, if they want to know what their friends are listening to right now or what kind of music they enjoy, it will be possible on Spotify. You can also share your listening activity with your friends or any of your family members.


On Spotify, you can blend a playlist with your friends by connecting them with your account. It will be fun to share the same taste in music and judge your favorite artists’ songs together. You don’t have to download music and send it to your friend to hear it.


Your music experience will expand with different minds around, right? You can discover weekly music updates with your friends and add them to your playlist.


How To Find Friends on Spotify?


It’s possible to connect with friends or follow them on Spotify like other social media. As a Spotify user, if you want to be a follower of artists or your friends, you need to know how to find them on Spotify.


There are five methods to find someone on Spotify. The methods are pretty straightforward. But you may feel irritated because Spotify usernames are a bunch of jumbled words like a unique Spotify code. Therefore, act carefully.


Method 1: Using a Computer


We all know that Spotify comes in both desktop and mobile devices. Therefore, if you use a Spotify account on your desktop, don’t worry because you can find your friends here. Here’s how:


Step 1: Open your desktop app first.




how to find friends on spotify




Step 2: Then go to the home button and click it.


Step 3: There’s a search bar on the top of the window. Click on the search bar.


Step 4: Insert your Spotify friend’s username. Make sure you have the correct name.




how to find friends on spotify




Step 5: Your friend’s profile will appear on the screen. There’s the following option right below his name. Tap it and become his follower.


However, your friend won’t receive any notifications for that. On the contrary, you can see what song your friend enjoys because the songs will appear on the screen’s sidebar. But it’s only exclusive on the desktop. You can’t see any new music from your friends on a mobile app.


Method 2: Find Friends


You will get the “find friends” feature on both desktop and mobile. However, they need to be connected with your account beforehand. Or else you can’t find any friends on the “find friends” option of your Spotify app.


● Find Friends on Mobile


Step 1: Open your Spotify account on your phone.


Step 2: On the homepage, tap on the gear icon to enter the “view profile” option.


Step 3: You will see the “find friends” option on the profile. Tap on it, and you will see all of your Spotify user friends appear on the screen.


Step 4: Click on the person plus icon beside those names you want to follow.


Step 5: If you want to follow all of them, tap the “follow all” option at the top.


● Find Friends on PC


This option is also available on your PC Spotify app.


Step 1: Open Spotify on your desktop first.


Step 2: The “find friends” option is on the far right side of the window. Click on it.


Step 3: You will see all of your Spotify friends on the screen. If you want to follow some individuals, click on the “follow” option right beside their names.


Step 4: If you want to follow everyone, click on the “follow all” option in the top right corner.


Following your friend’s activity in music is an easy way on the desktop. There’s a separate “activity bar” for that.


Method 3: Using Facebook


Facebook is one of the top social media in the world right now. You can turn your Facebook friends on your Spotify friends through Spotify connect.


Here’s what to do:


Step 1: First, check your friend list from your Facebook account. It will help to allow access to Spotify and follow your specific friends. 


Step 2: Now, go to the Spotify app from your mobile or desktop.



how to find friends on spotify




Step 3: On desktop Spotify, go to the bottom of the left sidebar and find the “friend feed” option.


Step 4: Click on the “find friends” option. No friends will appear because you haven’t integrated your Facebook account with Spotify.


Step 5: Click the “connect Facebook” option to access your friend list. It will also hand over some personal information of yours to Spotify.


Step 6: Facebook friends with Spotify accounts will appear on the screen. Choose one by one to follow or follow all at a single click.


Step 7: On your mobile, go to your profile to find friends.


Step 8: Tap on that option, and you will see the “connect with Facebook” option.


Step 9: Integrate your account with Facebook, and the rest is as discussed.


Then, you can use Spotify blend to share your taste in music with your friends and follow their music playlist.


Method 4: Without Names


You can also find your friends on Spotify even if you don’t have their names. But for that, you would need another social media or messaging app to connect through a link.


Here’s how:


Step 1: Tell your friends to collect their profile link or URL. The link is in the profile option.


Step 2: Create a group in messenger or WhatsApp or other social media and add friends you want to be friends with on Spotify. 


Step 3: Tell your friend to share their profile link in this group.


Step 4: Go to their links, and they will direct you to their profile on Spotify.


Step 5: Check into their profile and follow them.


Though the method requires time and involvement of other apps, it is easy and perfectly effective without any mistakes.


Method 5: On Your Phone


You can find your Spotify friends on your mobile phone with just some simple steps. However, there are two ways to connect with your friends or be their followers.


● Direct Name


As mentioned, every Spotify user has a unique ID or username to identify each account. You can’t change that name, but you change your display name. However, you have to use a unique username to find your friends.


Here’s how:


Step 1: Open Spotify on your phone.


Step 2: Tap on the magnifying icon at the bottom. It refers to the search bar.




how to find friends on spotify




Step 3: Insert the Spotify username on the search bar. The name may be a meaningless set of letters.


Step 4: Search your friend with the name.




how to find friends on spotify




Step 5: Go to your friend’s profile and click on the “follow” option.




how to find friends on spotify




● Using URL


Every Spotify user has a unique profile link. You can use it to locate any account like your friends or family members.


Here’s how:


Step 1: Go to your Spotify account through your phone or PC.




how to find friends on spotify



Step 2: Go to your profile.



how to find friends on spotify




Step 3: Click on the three dots.




how to find friends on spotify




Step 4: Select the share option. Several shared media will open on the screen. You have to send the URL to your friend with whom you want to connect and tell them to follow you.




how to find friends on spotify




The process can be reversed, like telling your friend to give their profile link to connect on Spotify.


Necessary Steps When “Find Friends” Is Not Working


Spotify doesn’t work like Google play music or YouTube music, where you can only enjoy your favorite songs. You can also listen to your friend’s favorite on Spotify.


Sometimes you don’t find any friends appearing on the screen when clicking on the “find friends” option. If the option is not working, close the app and restart it.


You can also try to log out-log in after some time. If there’s any error or apology message on the screen from Spotify, check out the Facebook friend list access. Hopefully, the option will be enabled again.


Friend Activity Pane


As mentioned, there’s an exclusive feature of Spotify that’s only available on the PC. If you like to check or monitor your friend’s listening activity, you have to do it on your computer.


While connecting to your friends through your PC, you may see a sidebar showing which music your friend is playing right now. If the option has not appeared on the screen, here’s what you do:


Step 1: Go to the settings of Spotify from the desktop.


Step 2: Locate the display option.


Step 3: Turn on the “friends’ activity” button if you see it turn off.


Now, when you go to your friend’s profile, you will see the music he’s listening to at that moment on a sidebar. Play your friend’s favorite to taste his choice.


Why Don’t You Find Any Of Your Friends or Their Playlist?


It’s possible that you are not seeing your friend ID on Spotify after searching for them or can’t find their playlist. There are a few reasons behind it.


First of all, you may have put the wrong user name on the search bar when no profile appeared. If you don’t see your friend on the find friends option, they may not have a Spotify account.


And when your playlist is not visible to you, they may hide their playlist from you or others. Sometimes a lack of updates doesn’t show the playlist of your friend. So, update the newest version of Spotify.


And lastly, Spotify has some indexing problems with the playlist. Therefore, you use the share playlist function directly with your friends.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can you change your username on Spotify?


No, you can’t change your Spotify username. That’s because it’s one of the ways to find a person on Spotify.


However, usernames are not necessary to log in or play music. All you need is your email and the password. Then, you can just log in like Apple music or Facebook. If not, use your phone number to log in. 


Can you share your Spotify playlist?


Yes, you can share your Spotify playlist with your friends or family members. The process is pretty simple.


You need to make a new playlist first. Then, click on the three dots and check the options to export the Spotify playlist via messenger or other social media apps.


Is it possible to remove Spotify friends?


Yes, you can remove friends from your Spotify profile. All you need to do is go on your profile and see your connections. Click on the three-dot option beside every friend to see the options. And then remove them from your profile.


How many family members can you add to one Spotify account?


Spotify also comes with family features. That’s because there’s a family package on its premium services.


You can add only six members with one Spotify account. And all the members can use only one Spotify app means they can’t share their accounts with anyone.


Can you hide Spotify playlists?


You can hide Spotify playlists from your friends. It doesn’t have to be public playlists all the time.


Typically, your friends are in the collaborative playlist. So, on the desktop, go to a particular playlist and right-click to remove it from your profile. On Spotify mobile app, tap the three dots and remove the playlist.



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Bottom Line


You can enjoy thoughts on music with any of your friends on Spotify. There’s much more on Spotify, like sharing playlists with friends, following your favorite artists, removing friends if you don’t want to share your playlist, stalking their listening activity, etc.


Hopefully, the related post on how to find friends on Spotify has cleared all the points. Follow your friends and share your music interests to groove up your life!

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