How To Find Hidden Apps on Android?

All Android device features a home screen that shows all of your widgets and apps. It also shows your installed apps. But you may hear about hidden apps that can be pre-installed or hidden intentionally after being downloaded by the user. The Android phone also features an option where apps are kept hidden. Sometimes Android itself installs some built-in hidden apps on devices for maintaining security checks and device productivity.




how to find hidden apps on Android




Nowadays, hidden apps on the Android phone are common things among children and teenagers. This feature gives them the freedom to do whatever they want. Android users always want a clean app list on their homepage as well as device apps. When apps are hidden, the users will not know about the unnecessary apps running on their devices. There is a feature to hide your apps, so there is also a solution to find those hidden apps. In this article, you will learn how to find hidden apps on Android phones.


How To Find All Hidden Apps on Android?

It may feel hard to find hidden apps on Android devices. Let us guide you where and how to find hidden on Android with some simple steps. There are 3 ways to detect hidden apps on Android.




how to find hidden apps on Android




Apps Drawer

Apps drawer contains various installed and downloaded apps on your Android device. Most hidden apps of any Android device can easily be searched and found on this app drawer page. This app drawer varies on different Android launchers. These various app launchers provide customized app pages, including multiple icons and steps. Here are two Android launchers with the steps needed to find hidden apps.


  1. Nova launcher: nova launcher is a third-party developed app that allows users to overhaul and customize their home screen with beautiful themes and features. Now you can bring your hidden apps to the home screen with this Nova launcher. The steps are given below:


  • Tap your screen on the homepage for a long time
  • Press on settings
  • Locate and click on the app drawer
  • Click hide apps
  • Remove hidden apps


  1. Smart launcher: Another third-party-developed launcher is the Smart launcher that gives Android users a customized experience different from the default launcher. Follow these steps:


  • Swipe your home page and open the smart launcher app drawer page
  • Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Tap the “Hidden apps” option


General Settings



how to find hidden apps on Android




The general setting is a feature of your Android device from where you can alter and check your overall device settings. You will find all your installed and downloaded apps in the settings app. You can also easily give access to your enabled and disabled apps by following some steps below –


  • Open app drawer page
  • Tap on settings
  • Locate and click on apps and notifications
  • Click “See all apps.”
  • You will find all your installed apps there



There is also a feature to hide any apps in any folder of Google-developed apps like Google Drive, Google Photos. These apps are present on the home screen page, but you may not find them easily on the apps drawer page. Especially some Android device features the ability to hide apps in a secure folder. Sometimes hidden apps are helpful because you can lock up your vital information in a protected folder with a biometric security key or PIN.


How Do I View a Hidden Folder?

In the top left corner of the home screen, tap the menu. Then scroll down and select “show hidden files,” and then go through all files and folders. Once reviewed, you can hide those files again.


Third-Party Common Hidden Apps

Third-party apps are designed to operate specific functions of Android devices by independent developers. An intruder can download the third-party app. And can hide any apps for hindering you from using them. But it isn’t easy to find all these apps’ covers because most of them are different from their features.


Here is a list of some common hidden apps that are used to hide apps on Android devices. They will be helpful as well.


  • App hider: App hider is a standard app that efficiently hides apps by importing the app to its app.
  • Calculator vault: This app works as a calculator but helps to hide apps also.
  • Hide app: It’s a third-party application that hides apps by taking passwords from users.
  • Phone master: It is a different system app from other apps designed to monitor file transfer, smart charge, data usage, and freezing unused apps.


How To Check Whether an App Is Real or Not?

You can easily check whether an app is fake or real. For this, follow the steps given below-


  • Long press the app until a small menu pops up
  • At the top, click the small information circle
  • If a new page opens up, press app details.
  • Now consult the official information from the app’s Google play store.


That is how you will know if the app is real or not, and if it is not authorized, you can remove it by following the above steps.


How To Disable Hidden Apps

There is no built-in method for keeping your apps hidden. But it doesn’t mean there are no more options. However, you can easily find out the hidden apps and can disable them from your app drawer. Look at the following steps to disable an app:


  • Go to settings and then apps from your Android device
  • Select the app you want to remove
  • From the app info page, tap disable
  • A confirmation message will come
  • If you are sure about disabling the app, tap disable
  • The app will be disabled



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Final Thoughts

Android apps become loaded for some unnecessary apps that clutter the device. These kinds of useless apps are confusing. If they keep constantly running most of the time, it may slow down your device. So, removing or uninstalling these kinds of apps helps your device perform better and cleans up your device memory.


Hopefully, we have guided you on how to find Android hidden apps and how to remove hidden apps. Now, it’s your time to secure your phone from third-party apps.

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