How to Find Trash on an Android : How to Access Android Recycle Bin

There may be many kinds of folders or apps on your android device that you may want to delete. The main question that arises is whether there is a recycle bin on your android phone. This article emphasizes how to access trash on android.


At times, you may delete files, but later on, you may find the need to restore those files. In that case, knowing where is app trash can on android may be a very helpful choice.




How to Find Trash on an Android




Availability of the Recycle Bin Feature on The Android Phone


There is no particular recycle bin to store all the deleted data on the Android phone. The credit goes to the limited storage of the Android phone. An Android phone, unlike a PC, typically has very limited storage, which is insufficient to accommodate a recycling bin.


Since there is no specific trash can, redundant files consume all the memory or the storage. As a result, data deleted from a recycle bin on Android cannot come back.


Although Android phones lack a system recycling bin, many apps offer their integrated trash folders. This allows users to restore lost data. Another reason why Android doesn’t need a built-in android trash can is because of this.


How Do I Find the App Trash Folder on my Android?


It is not a very easy task to find the trash folder or all of the deleted files on the android device. The bin app or the trash app is not very easy to locate all the time. However, the following steps should give you a guide to accessing the trash can or deleted data.


1. Different Trash Folders for Different Applications


You may think about the trash folder for different applications. You may be wondering, where is trash folder on android? Do not worry because this guide lists everything.


All email applications, including Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, have their own trash folder to temporarily store deleted emails. Different photo apps also have their own temporary trash cans to store deleted photos.


To view the deleted emails on Android, open your email app and hit the Trash folder. Deleted items, cached data, and all other deleted texts are in these recycle bintrash.


2. File Explorer‘s Recycling Bin


A common question that Android users have is, where is trash on android? The answer to this question is not a very complicated one. File Explorer programs such as Dropbox and ES File Explorer have their own recycle bin.


Since File Explorer has its own recycling bin, all of the deleted files or data recovery options are in File Explorer’s temporary recycle bin.


3. Trash in Photos App


By now, you may be wondering, how to find trash on android? Photos apps, such as Google Photos, include a trash folder that is internally built-in. You may also find deleted images in Samsung Cloud’s trash folder if you have Samsung Cloud activated on your phone.





How to Find Trash on an Android




Some Other Ways to Locate the Trash Folder on My Android


You may be on a mission to delete several files but the question that comes to your mind could be “where is the trash on my android?”. The answer to this is simple. You only need to follow the guidelines below to locate the android trash folder.


1. Find Trash in File Manager


Your Android’s main File Manager software may also identify files that you recently deleted. Go to the Categories area of File Manager on your Android phone.


You may discover the Recently deleted folder by scrolling down, where you may recover deleted data or empty the trash folder.


2. Check your App Download History


If you mistakenly remove an app but don’t recall its name, you may retrieve it by looking through your App Download History.


Google Play is the most straightforward way to access app download history on a standard Android device. Thus, Google Play may provide you with an option for data recovery.


Simply slide right and touch on the option that says “My Apps & Games”, then select the Library option. This will let you see a list of all the apps on your Android device.


However, your Android device, such as a Samsung phone or tablet, may have its own app store. So, you may access the recently wiped history from there.


Furthermore, it is quite possible that when you uninstall an app from the home screen, you are merely deleting the shortcut. You are not actually deleting the app. As a result, you may build a shortcut to open the program quickly.


Two Methods to Free Up Space So That You Don’t Have to Delete Files




How to Find Trash on an Android





One of the most common reasons for locating the trash folder on an Android phone is to empty it. You may even want to free up additional storage space. If you want to clear up space on Android as well, have a look at these expert recommendations.


1. Delete All Cache Data


Instead of thinking about how to empty trash on android, you should be thinking about how to empty space. Cache data is a type of intermediate data that programs save in order to provide a quicker experience.


This unique feature may improve your app experience. But, it could also put a strain on your device’s storage. As a result, you should clear the cache on your phone from time to time to free up storage space.


Clearing all cache data is also another way to prevent any further deleted files. You may even clear the entire cache data in one go if you like.


Simply go to the storage options on your samsung galaxy or any other smartphone and select the cache data option. Select the option to remove the full cache data and then confirm your selection.


Finding out where is the trash on android is not a very difficult task if you follow these simple tips and tricks.


2. Deleting Files Supposed to be Downloaded


Too often, we download a lot of items from the internet that we don’t need afterward. As a result, while attempting to delete trash files, have a look at your device’s Downloads folder as well.


Simply go to its File Manager and look in the Downloads or Download History folders. Here you may access the downloaded files and remove the ones you don’t need. The android recycle bin will store the downloaded files that you do not need.


Another optional step is to upload unnecessary items like old google photo on your google drive. This will save some space.





To conclude, this article should help you to find out where is the trash folder on android. By locating the trash folder, you will be able to find many important files that you had mistakenly deleted.


Hopefully, we have come up with a comprehensive guide that will help you to answer questions like “where is the trash on my phone” or “where is android trash“?


So, are you surprised to know about these details about your android recycle bin or ways to free up space? We hope that we could surprise you and make you think about where is trash on my phone?






How do I find the folder called “Trash” on Android to delete photos?


Go to the Library section of the Google photos.  Select the “trash” icon. Delete the photos that you want to remove. Select them first to delete them.


Are there any third-party apps to restore deleted files on Android?


There are several third-party apps to restore deleted files on android. For example, an app called Dumpster helps you to instantly retrieve the files that you delete.


Is it necessary to delete files on Android?


It is the best way to free up space on Android. If you delete old and unwanted files on Android, it will free up space.


Thus, you will be able to install more new files or take more photos to store on your android device.



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