How To Fix 230 On Messenger Android?

Once upon a time, we used letters to communicate over long distances. But the world has changed now. In the modern world, text messages and social Media communications are available to everyone.


If you use Messenger too, you may find some problems too using that software. So, read through our article to know How to fix 230 on messenger android?


On that note, The most popular you will find is Facebook. Facebook Messenger is mostly used for chatting or messaging each other.

Let me tour you the problems and the solutions for those all.


Issues may occur on Messenger




how to fix 230 on messenger android




It’s normal to have some unknown bugs on Applications. Sometimes it comes with software updates, sometimes caused by us. So let’s show some of the common issues and solutions on Messenger.


How to Fix 230 on Messenger Android?


#230 error On Messenger


You may try to send a message to someone and have an error written, “Permissions disallow message to the user.” To check if your account problem or what! Send a message to any other person. If your message is sent to them, this problem is from the person you want to send it to. That could be:


  • Message Blocking
  • Spam or message request
  • Archived message
  • Id Deactivation


Problem Regard Users with Solutions


You can find yourself in a situation where you cannot send a message to a specific person. Then that is because of the problem with that person. So there are different kinds of situations. Let me tell you one by one the solutions.


Blocking in Facebook or Messenger


This situation means if someone blocks you on Facebook, you can not send them a message. Or if anyone Blocked you on messenger, you can see their account but can not send messages. So they will not permit you to send a message to that person.


In this situation, The only solution is if that person unblocks you, you can send them a message again. Otherwise, You cannot chat with that particular person.




how to fix 230 on messenger android




Spam or Message Request


Sometimes, you send messages to someone who is not your Facebook friend. Then, They will not be able to see your message. And that could be a crazy situation. So, the first solution is to be a Facebook friend first then send a message to solve this situation.


Now, He can see your messages. Except for that, He has to open his messenger app. First, there is a profile picture, and then there will be functions. For example, get the Message Request option to find your message.


Archived Message


There is an archive option available to make it silent. You may use this for someone and not find how to get archive messages from the messenger. Or, Sometimes, by mistake, tap on that then cannot find where that profile is.


Or else, you are searching for someone but not in chat, check the spam area. If not in there, then come to the Archive Tab.


You will find the Archive option by clicking the Profile Pic on the top left corner in the messenger. There you will find the Archived Chats option. And make that profile out of there by sending messages or by Unarchived.


Facebook Id Deactivated


If you see, you can not send a message, and also, you can not see their profile. So then there are high possibilities that their id is deactivated.


As a solution, you have to wait till they are back to active again.


Facebook Law Violence Problem


Suppose you have a problem sending messages to anyone and seeing the below image. Then you may get a strike from Facebook for that particular time. This violence may be like, you have posted so many political hate posts or videos that have copyrighted others. So also, by spamming any messages, you can get stuck too.




how to fix 230 on messenger android






Hopefully, now you know how to solve common issues on the Messenger app. You can solve problems by updating and cleaning your messenger app using messenger. For android users, just play the store and update the app. Or else, that person may block you or get a strike.



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1. Why do “Permissions disallow messages to the user”?


There could be some situations:


  1. That User might block you
  2. Or Deactivate His Account.
  3. For most of your messages, he could send spam.
  4. He may Block you frequently.

This strike can not be undone.

2. If I delete a whole conversation on FB messenger, will the other person still see the conversation?


If you remove your conversation one by one using remove for all, the other person will not see your conversation. Otherwise, He can see your Conversation.

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