How To Fix A Hacked Android Phone- 6 Super Effective Techniques!

In this current age of technology, we practically have more personal data stored in our mobile phones rather than in our homes. We store almost everything on our smartphones, from our pictures to our bank and official documents.


The thought of our phone getting hacked is enough to make us have a severe panic attack. But if we are being honest, you aren’t exactly doomed if your phone gets hacked. There are ways to recover it.


So, here is a tutorial on how to fix a hacked android phone. Using which in the best scenario, you can get it back to your control in a matter of minutes. Let’s dive right into it!


How to Fix A Hacked Android Phone 5 Ways to Identify If Someone Hacked Your Android Phone


Usually, it is very easy to know when your device is running a bit odd. After using it on a daily basis, small changes are noticeable. If you do notice things like a spike in performance or software crashing, it is safe to say something is wrong.


The hackers normally deploy malware that uses up your android device’s resources which cause several issues. Here are some signs which, if you notice, it is safe to say someone hacked your device.


1. Decline In Performance And Battery


Most hackers attack using malicious miners that use your phone’s resources to mine data or things like bitcoin. The software run in the background causing your phone’s performance to decline and a rapid decrease in charge.


It will take you very long to open apps, and your device will constantly overheat. This is because these attacks cause your phone to be used by almost two people: you and the hacker. You can go to the settings and check your device performance by going to the ‘Battery’ option.




how to fix a hacked android phone




2. High Data Usage


Almost all hackers attack online, which requires the internet. If you are doing anything internet intensive, then there is a possibility that a hacker might have hacked your phone.


To check your android phone’s data usage, open settings and enter ‘Mobile Data.’ There you will be able to see what is consuming your internet.



how to fix a hacked android phone




3. Random Ads and Pop-Ups Start To Appear


Pop-ups and ads appearing when you are scrolling through your social media or using an app is a direct giveaway that your device got hacked. Almost all the hacked phones have issues with unnecessary pop-ups appearing.

But another reason for pop-up may be using third-party software. So make sure you do not have any on your device.




how to fix a hacked android phone




4. Automated Text Messages


If you notice your device is sending automated weird texts to random numbers and accounts despite you not doing anything. Such unauthorized activity by your device is a clear sign of someone hacking your android phone.


If this is happening, just look for whichever software has the permission to send texts from your device. If you observe any unknown software, disable its permissions.




how to fix a hacked android phone




5. Unauthorized Usage Of Your Credit Card


Unauthorized purchases using your credit card are the biggest red flag to identify whether someone is hacking your device or not. If you see you are spending money for purchases you didn’t make, and the purchases happened through your phone, instantly call your bank and tell them to stop your credit card service.


3 Probable Reasons for Getting Hacked


There are several ways your Android phone may get hacked. Hackers come up with new and innovative ways every day to get into your phone and use up that precious resource. Here are some possible ways that could have gotten your Android phone hacked.


1. Clicking Unknown Links on Social Media


More often than not, this is the reason most people get hacked. You receive links in your direct messages, which you end up clicking, thus letting the hacker take over your phone. Please do avoid clicking sketchy links.


2. Phishing Emails


You may receive very persuading emails that claim you might have won something or gotten a gift voucher. To activate it, press the link below. Let us repeat, do not click any link as such. 99% of the time, these are emails from a hacker trying to get into your device.


3. Unknown Bluetooth and Wi-Fi


Often, when we go out and do not have data on our phones, we connect to the nearest wifi available. This is a big mistake we make due to our lack of knowledge.


Hackers often remain connected to these networks waiting for someone to connect. The moment we connect to these free wifis, they get access to our android phones.


Furthermore, don’t allow unknown devices to sync with your devices. Hackers may transfer malicious software through Bluetooth without your knowledge.


My Phone Was Hacked How Do I Fix It?


No matter how expert the hacker is, there are some simple steps that you can follow to get access to your Android device back and remove the hacker from your system.


1. Delete All Suspicious Apps


In most cases, the hacker gets access to your device by using malware. So the first and foremost thing to do is look for apps that you don’t recall downloading. Make sure to check all the folders in your ‘File Manager’ for hidden apps too.


Once you locate them, go to your settings app. Then open ‘Apps’; there, you will see an option called ‘App Manager.’


Once you enter the app manager, look thoroughly for all the suspicious apps and uninstall them. It is also wise to delete all the apps you have recently downloaded.



how to fix a hacked android phone




2. Download Verified Antivirus


Downloading well-known and trusted antivirus may help you get rid of all the malicious files on your phone, which the hacker is using to gain control over your device.


The antivirus will isolate the malware in a sandbox which helps to prevent it from affecting your device. Also, it will delete everything that seems suspicious.


We suggest keeping your antivirus turned on to prevent future attacks from the hacker.


3. Unroot Your Android Phone


This step is only for users who have rooted their Android phones before. Rooting makes it easier for a hacker to take over your device as you have made a lot of areas of your phone unprotected.


But don’t worry, we have a solution for you. We recommend using root apps like SuperSU. This app will automatically unroot your device. By doing so, you will be securing your phone again, thus making it harder for the hacker to get access.


4. Contact Your Carrier


If you see you are unable to make or receive calls, send texts, or notice texts getting sent to an unknown number. The hacker may have hacked or cloned your sim card. You might see your phone is set to a different location as well.


Hackers may use different means to make your provider send them a new sim card for your account.


If you suspect this is the case or you are having the above-mentioned issues, call your provider and let them know someone hacked your sim card. Ask them to temporarily close your account and turn off your sim card’s connection.


Then proceed to work with them to get the hacker out of your sim card.


5. Factory Resetting Your Phone


If you are looking for a bulletproof method to remove the hacker from your device, but at the cost of losing all your data, resetting your phone may be the option for you.


Doing a complete factory reset will wipe everything from your device like your data, contacts, pictures, software, etc. But the advantage of it is, doing so, you are also deleting the access point the hacker has on your device.


This ensures the complete recovery of your device. To factory reset your Android device, connect it to a charger. Then proceed to enter the settings menu.


Once you enter the settings menu, scroll to the bottom. There you will find an option called ‘System,’ click on it. Once you enter, you will see a few options. Among which there is ‘Reset Option,’ go there and click ‘Erase All Data.’


It may ask your mobile’s pin code as a means of confirmation. If you follow all these steps correctly, your Android phone will reset and be hacker free.



how to fix a hacked android phone




6. Change All of Your Passwords


As your phone has a security breach, it is prone to further attacks by the hacker. But this time, it won’t be limited to your phone; the hacker may try to hack your social media or Gmail, etc.


So we suggest changing the password of everything that includes all of your social media accounts, e-commerce accounts, official site accounts, etc. Make sure your password is strong, secure, and hard to crack.


4 Different Ways to Prevent Getting Hacked


Here are some tips we recommend following to make your device never gets hacked again. These tips will take you a few minutes to do but will ensure your safety for a very long time.


1. Security Software


Using security software will make sure your phone does not get breached again. And if it does, the software will take proper measures to ensure the hacker does not get access to your Android phone.


2. Use A VPN When On the Move


If you travel a lot or are a person who likes to be out all the time, following this step is a must for you. It is common for free wifis to attract hackers, waiting for their next target.


So it is wise to use a VPN at all times when connecting to an unknown network. It will ensure maximum safety for your device.


3. Password Manager


It is often hard for us to come up with a strong and difficult password and remember it. We end up using a similar password for most of our accounts. This makes it easier for the hacker as by cracking one password, they will be able to figure out the other.


We advise you to use a password manager to create a custom strong password for you that will be hard for the hackers to figure out. Furthermore, it will also remember the password if you end up forgetting it.


4. Restrain From Using Public Charging Station


You might think public charging stations are a safe place as you are merely using electricity to charge your phone. At the same time, it can end up becoming one of the most unsafe places.


As hackers are known to be ‘juice jack.’ Juice jacking is a process of entering malware into the charging station. The method is simple; you charge your phone. Meanwhile, they will steal your information.


So, it is clever to charge ahead of time or buy a power bank.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Can A Hack On A Phone Be Removed?


Yes, you can completely remove a hack file from your phone. To do so, you have to factory reset it, as we have mentioned above.


2. Can I Tell If Someone Is Monitoring My Phone?


Always be on the lookout for a peak in data usage. If there is a sudden spike in data usage despite you not using too much internet, the odds of your phone getting monitored are high.


Furthermore, if your android phone has started to malfunction or slow down suddenly, it is possible someone is monitoring your phone.


3. How Do I Know If Someone Is Tracking My Sim?


There is a simple method to instantly check if your sim is getting tracked or not. Call some of your local USSD codes and see if it works or not. By doing this, you can figure out if your calls are compromised or forwarded.



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Hackers are stubborn people! They will keep trying to get inside your phone and steal your data. So we have to make sure our phones have optimum security at all times.


After reading our article, we hope that the next time you notice something suspicious on your phone, you don’t have to instinctively search how to fix a hacked android phone. Instead, you will know all the steps required to remove the hacker from your device and ensure safety.


Lastly, if you follow all the steps we said, it is safe to say the chances of your phone getting hacked are very slim!

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