How To Fix Android Stuck In Headphone Mode?

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Just imagine; you plugged the headphones out and played a video. But there is no sound. Then you plug the headphones in and you can hear the audio fine. Does it ring a bell?


If yes, then your android got stuck in the headphone mode. No, there is nothing wrong with your phone. It happens due to multiple reasons. But thankfully, it is fixable.


In this article, you will get to see how to fix android stuck in headphone mode in the easiest way possible. We will start with the possible reasons and then we will list out the best ways to troubleshoot the issue.


So if you are ready, let’s move forward right now!


What Happens When Your Phone Gets Stuck In Headphone Mode?


When your phone gets stuck in the headphone mode, it will keep routing the audio sound to the “headphones.” That’s why when you have removed the earbuds, you can’t hear anything even with full volume. But as soon as you plug the headphones in, the sound is clear.


Here are the two main reasons why your phone might have gotten into such a state:


1. Water splashes are proven to cause this trouble. If you have stayed in the rain with your phone for too long, some of the water might get inside the jacks and reduce its sensitivity. And that leads to incorrect identification of headphones.


2. Another cause is excess dust/dirt build-up. Air contains too much pollution. Even if we can’t see it, the micro-particles gather around the headphone jacks and create a layer that hinders the operation.


How to Fix Android Stuck in Headphone Mode?


So, here we are finally! Let’s dive into our solutions right away.


1. Try Rebooting First


The first method we will explain in this tutorial is rebooting or restarting the android device. Yes, it sounds like a basic. But the truth is you might not need to do all the cleaning and other technical stuff if the issue gets resolved at this stage.


So, how do you restart or reboot your phone? It is not a bother if your phone comes with a power button. However, if it doesn’t then try pressing the volume up/down and the home button at the same time. Don’t release the hold too soon. Keep pressing until the screen becomes shady and a power off/ shut down option comes out.


You can make this process easier with a few taps. Let’s look at this. Go to the settings and find “gestures and motion.” Then you have to enable “double-tap to turn on-off.”  Now you can just tap two times on the screen and it will turn off automatically.


2. Plug-In and Plug-Out the Headphones


Due to wear and tear the jacks are not as sensitive and responsive as they used to be. That might be another reason behind it. All you can try is getting the jacks to reconnect with the headphone repeatedly to make it responsive again.


The process is as simple as it sounds. Plug the headphone in and put a little pressure to make sure the jack recognizes it. And then pull it out after a while. Repeat this cycle for a minute. If the phone identifies your headphone, the problem will be resolved.


3. Remove the Battery


We can also call this method “soft reset.” The thing is, hard reset can be pretty harsh for the device. That’s why we would want you to try out the soft one before recommending something else.


Remember to shut down the phone before you open the back cover of your phone. Then keep the phone without a battery for a while. In the third step, re-insert it and turn it on.


Unfortunately, it is not easy to remove the battery for most android sets nowadays. The newer models are avoiding the removal of batteries. So this method can be tried out if the handset is older and has a removable battery system.


4. Get the Help of Software


We know that trying all this stuff with your phone can be frustrating. Perhaps you want an easy escape. For that purpose, we have some software solutions too. Here’s how you can use the software and get your phone out of the headphone mode.


  • We will go to the Play Store and search for “earphone mode off.”


  • Find the app with an earphone icon with the exact name. Just click on that and start the installation.


  • After the initial loading is done, it might show you different ads. Ignore them if you want by skipping.


  • Now it will take a few seconds before showing you the “green signal” to proceed further. Tap on “go.”




how to fix android stuck in headphone mode




  • In the next step, you will find ads again. So just ignore it. And then you will end up in an interface with a big earphone image. It has a green side and a red side. The green side indicates that the headphone mode is turned on.


Since you want to stop it, push the green button a bit. And you will notice that now the colors have changed on both sides. The side that was previously green, has turned red after this step.




how to fix android stuck in headphone mode




  • Okay, so get out of the app and see whether it worked or not. If yes, then you can stop the experiment here.


  • In case, your problem is not solved through the software, move on to the next steps and look for the one that will work for you.


5. Change Settings and Clear The Phone Cache


For the Redmi handsets, this technique might be effective. So here it goes.


  • First you need to enter the “settings” > choose the “additional settings.”


  • Now look for the “Headphones and audio effect.”


  • You will find it turned on. All you have to do is turn it off manually.


  • Now go down a bit and select the “general” or the “mi earbuds” option.


It should be enough to fix the problem. But if it doesn’t you can try clearing the phone cache data. And this method is super useful for any handset model you have.


  • Go to the settings as usual> select “storage.”


  • And look for the phrase ‘clear cache data.”




how to fix android stuck in headphone mode




  • Tap on it and the junk your phone has accumulated will be removed.


6. Try Cleaning It Up


Now this one goes for all android phones out there regardless of their models. What you have to do is clean up the dirt built up inside the headphone jack. By headphone jack, we mean the slot where you insert your headphones. That jack is exposed to dust in the air all the time, especially when we are outside.


And the dust can trigger the phone to think that you have headphones plugged in. when that’s not the case. To solve it, all you need is a cue tip or a cotton bud. Unwrap the cotton from the tip. Then insert it into the jacks and try to clean up the dirt.


You might not be able to clean most of it, but the deeper you can go the better.


7. Factory Reset


The term factory reset means that your phone will go into factory condition. The process will erase every update or change you made after buying the phone. And the installed apps and functions by the manufacturer will be re-installed. This is our last technical method to solve this problem.


  • Shut off the phone. Now press and hold the volume up and home button simultaneously. Keep the pressure and hold it for some time until the Android logo appears on the screen.


  • And now, you have to press the power button and the volume up button again. But the key is, you don’t hold it anymore like the previous stage.


  • The phone has gone into recovery mode. Use the volume up and down button to navigate through the screen.


  • Select the option “wipe data and factory reset.” You have to select it more than once depending on the android model.


And that’s the main process. Wait a little bit after the reset. Afterwards, you will have a phone that looks like it was just bought from a store.


8. Contact the Customer Center


Your headphone issue should be fixed by now if you have tried all the solutions we provided above. However, let’s assume it is still not fixed. Then what should you do?


The problem might be due to heavy water splash or dirt build-up in the inner sections. And the cotton tips are not able to reach the place. You must immediately contact the local customer support center about it.


It might not be free unlike all the other solutions above, but it prevents the phone from running into further complications.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. How Do I Turn Off The Headphone Mode?


To turn off the headphone mode, you can try any of the eight methods we described here. Start with plugging the earbuds in and out repeatedly. Afterward, go for the reboot, clean the dirt, change settings, and so on.


2. Why Did My Phone Get Stuck In Headphone Mode?


The most common reasons behind this problem are water and dust exposure. We guess you let the phone get wet in rain or it ended up in the water accidentally. Water exposure can reduce the responsive rate of your phone.


3. What Happens When the Phone Gets Stuck In Headphone Mode?


When the phone gets stuck in the headphone mode, the phone will route the sound to the headphone. It keeps doing it, even when the headphones are not connected to the phone.



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In this article, we tried to give you the best solutions for android phones getting stuck in headphone mode. We also explained the reasons behind this mishap so that you can avoid them in the future.


The thing is, once your phone loses the sensitivity to touch, plug-ins, or plug-outs, it is hard to restore it. That’s why we would suggest you protect the phone from water, dirt exposure, and keep the jacks nice and clean.


Hopefully, now you know how to fix android stuck in headphone mode.

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