How to Fix Discord Blank Screen Issue?

Discord is the prime medium of communication in the Metaverse. Despite this, many users end up asking, “when I open discord, it’s just a blank screen.” That’s why you need to know how to fix the discord blank screen issue.


There are mainly ten ways to solve the discord gray screen issue. Among the ten, the best is to clear discord cache data and restart the app. If the problem is on the browser, you can check the time and date or reset the DNS.


The Discord client is a bit sensitive. So if you want to get rid of the discord gray screen issue, you will have to know the perfect method and its steps.





discord blank screen




Discord Blank Screen


Unlike most other communication mediums, Discord is an app-based medium. And this is why the discord app is the one that causes the black screen issue. The discord blank screen is not an uncommon problem.



discord blank screen




You can get a discord blank screen when verifying on mobile, using discord screen share, or even get the Discord gray blank screen when Discord starts up. But no matter the situation, don’t panic because the discord black screen error is not as threatening as the blue screen of death.


How To Fix Discord Being Stuck On Blank Screen?


To fix the discord black screen, you can follow ten main methods. The method you use will depend on your hardware compatibility mode and discord client. Any of these methods can remove the gray screen in a blink.


Restore Files


If you get a blank screen when launching Discord, follow these steps to eliminate the gray screen issue.


Step 01: Use Microsoft Edge or any other browser to download Restoro.



discord blank screen



Step 02: Run the app to scan for corrupted files.


Step 03: Once the scan is done, click on repair.


Step 04: Try opening the discord app.


Execute Discord Application


You might be getting a discord blank screen when loading the app. But many times, the discord app doesn’t even respond.


To get rid of the discord black screen issue, terminate the app using these steps.


Step 01: Right-click on the Windows taskbar.


Step 02: Open the task manager from the new drop-down menu.


Step 03: Within the Process tab, scroll to look for discor.exe.




discord blank screen




Step 04: Once you find it, click on it and the End Task button on the bottom right.


Step 05: Restart the discord application.


Use The Web


Discord apps might be the most common way to use the medium, but there is an alternative. It is the same discord client but web-based. You will never hear a complaint like “discord shows a blank screen when login browser.” That’s because discord black screen error is impossible on browsers like Microsoft Edge.


In most cases, the discord cache is filled up, and the gray screen pops up. This problem is absent on the web version.


Here are the steps to log in to the discord client on a browser.


Step 01: Open any browser.


Step 02: Go to the discord client by searching on google.


Step 03: Use your Email and Password, or use the QR code on the screen and your phone for instant login.




discord blank screen




Reinstall Discord


If you think why my Discord is just a blank screen, then the reason might be in the discord cache. You can reset this by uninstalling the discord application and reinstalling it after the AppData is cleared.


Follow these steps, and you will be all good.


Step 01: Close the discord app.


Step 02: Press the Windows key and R to open the Run dialog box.


Step 03: Type in appwiz.cpl and then press Enter.


Step 04: Select the discord app, right-click on it and select uninstall.


Step 05: After that, open the Run Dialog again and type %appdata%.


Step 06: Once you press Enter, a new window will appear. Find the Discord folder and delete it.


Step 07: Finally, reboot the Windows PC and reinstall the app.


Shutdown VPN


Sometimes Discord on the chrome screen goes completely blank/white when you try to change channels. This might not be a compatibility mode issue but a proxy one. Most modern users rely on VPNs and other proxy servers to safeguard themselves.


But the discord client is not that friendly about it. The tunneling for the discord process weakens the compatibility mode. Though they use the latest technology, discord clients are not good with VPNs. So shut down the VPN if you are using any, and the problem might be solved.


Update Time & Date


If your discord screen is blank when logging in, you can’t solve it even with discord nitro. Similar might happen when the screen sharing option is selected. For such cases, your date or time might be incorrect.


So, update the details with these steps.


Step 01: Press the Windows key and I to open Settings.


Step 02: Select the Time and Language option.


Step 03: Toggle the Set time automatically button to yes.


Step 04: Try the discord client again to check if the issue is fixed or not.


Reset DNS


Instead of asking why my discord screen is blank, you can reset the DNS. To reset the DNS, you will have to use the Command Prompt similar to these steps.


Step 01: Open the Command Prompt.


Step 02: Type in ipconfig/flushdns and press Enter.


Step 03: Wait a few moments and restart the discord app.


Disable Blockers


While using a browser, if you find your screen goes blank when watching GIF discord, then the problem might be with the Ad Blocker. The discord client and ad blockers similar to VPN have a compatibility mode issue. This difference causes the gray screen to appear.


You might be able to use the normal messaging functions with the blocker on. But once you try screen sharing or watching a GIF, the gray screen will indeed appear. Even if you are a discord nitro user, the issue will not be solved until the blockers are disabled from the browser extensions.


Become Administrator


The discord folder is often located in the system drive instead of the normal one. This helps in hardware acceleration but might sometimes cause the blank screen issue.


Follow these steps to run the app as an administrator in such a case.


Step 01: Navigate to the discord app icon. It can be within the discord file or desktop.


Step 02: Right-click on the icon to open a drop-down menu.


Step 03: Select the Properties option


Step 04: Go to the Compatibility tab to check compatibility mode.


Step 05: Within the tab, select the Run this Program as an Administrator option.


Discord PTB


When all nine of the prior mentioned methods fail, you can only rely on one thing. It is the Discord PTB. It is a different but lighter build than the standard discord application.


Here are the steps to use this version.


Step 01: Download the Discord PTB setup file using a browser.




discord blank screen




Step 02: Open the setup file and install the application once downloaded.


Step 03: After installation, open the file and give it some time to load up and log in.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to fix Discord giving a blank screen?


There are mainly ten methods to fix the gray screen issue on Discord. All of them have been discussed in the article in detail.


Why does the public button on Discord make my screen blank?


If your device’s RAM gets clogged up, the discord app malfunctions. This causes the app to show a gray screen whenever any discord feature is used.


How to stop the blank screen in Discord?


There are no definite ways to stop the blank screen phenomena of Discord. You will have to regularly clear the cache data or have enough RAM to use the app anytime.


Can a blank screen occur on the phone?


It is not uncommon to get a discord blank screen when verifying on mobile. This might be caused due to excess ram or insufficient storage space.


Why is my discord screen blank on Mac?


The reasons for getting a blank screen on a Windows PC and Mac are the same. In both cases, the discord cache data gets full, or the system file is missing.



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Final Words


Discord is the best medium of communication. It’s not a voice-only medium but one where you can use text, share videos, share a screen and react in real-time.


That is why one should know how to fix the discord blank screen issue. If you fail to complete the task even after following the methods as mentioned earlier, we suggest you seek Discord Customer support. Happy gaming!

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