How To Fix Error Retrieving Information From Server RH 01 From The Play Store?

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Most Android users rely on the Play Store app for getting access to some cool and advanced apps. But once in a while, you may notice the play store shows an RH 01 or problematic popup while installing or updating an app. It prevents you from using the app properly.


And to bring you out of that technical mess, we are here with our troubleshooting guide on how to fix error retrieving information from server RH 01 from the play store.


Based on the causes of the problem, the fixes will be different. So, what works for others might not work for you. And that is why we have included different workarounds to deal with several causes.


How To Fix Error Retrieving Information From Server RH 01 From The Play Store?


Most of the time, when the play store app develops bug, you will receive a popup that says “Error retrieving information from server DF-DFERH01” when you try to install updates or apps from the app. The DF-DFERH01 might stay within a bracket, or sometimes you might not even see the code in the popup. Instead, you will notice the [RPC:S-7:AEC-0] code in the bracket.


This Error Retrieving information from server [RPC:S-7:AEC-0] also occurs mainly because of problematic play store app. And it mainly pops up when you try to make a purchase through the play store app.


No matter which error retrieving popup you receive, these factors discussed below mainly trigger them –


1. Outdated Model or OS


If you are using an old Android model, you are likely to face issues with the system apps, including the play store app. The older devices often run low on RAM, and it causes performance issues for the default or system apps.


The play store needs high-tech specs and more storage to function without any technical issues. Without that, it will crash or prevent you from using the app.


Also, if you have not updated the Android OS, your phone’s system might affect the play store app. With every new update, the developers release security patches to improve the performance and fix the issues on your phone.


And the recent play store features need an updated OS to function properly. So, you need to install the latest updates available for the Android OS.


2. Incompatible Play Store App


Sometimes the play store app can become too incompatible for your device to access it without the RH 01 or RPC:S7:AEC-0 issue. It mainly happens when you use the outdated version of the play store app. The old version often develops minor to major bugs which trigger the app to stop working.


And developers release a new version of the app to fix those bugs. So, if you have not updated the app in a long time, it will behave abruptly.


In case you have downloaded any updates for the play store app from any third-party website, it might interfere with the app’s performance. Because some third-party apps store malicious updates or files that negatively affect the phone or specific apps.


These make the app incompatible with your phone’s OS and that is the reason you keep receiving the error popups.


3. Custom ROM and Third-Party Apps


In order to get more control over the Android features and system, most users prefer to use custom ROM. These ROMs surely give you an advanced experience with your Android, but they have their drawbacks too. They often interfere with the system apps, and that is probably the reason you are facing technical issues with the play store app.


Some apps are not available officially on the play store app. And you might have downloaded those third-party apps from not-so-reliable APK or third-party websites.


And these apps can be problematic for the play store especially if they develop bugs or run outdated. So, delete all the third-party apps one by one to improve the play store performance.


How to fix Error Retrieving Information from Server [RPC:S-7:AEC-0]


There are several workarounds that you can carry out to fix your Google Play Store DF-DFERH01 or the [RPC:S-7:AEC-0] error. And here are those reliable fixes you need to try until you successfully get rid of the issue:


1. Clear Play Store Cache or Data and Uninstall Updates


As mentioned, if you have downloaded any play store update unofficially, you need to uninstall the updates of that version so that your phone can replace the problematic version with the official version. And here are the steps to do that:


  • Go to your phone’s Settings app and open the All Apps & Notifications tab, however, on some phones, the tab name can be All Apps. So, click on that option.




how to fix "error retrieving information from server rh 01 from the play store




  • From the apps list, scroll down and open the Play Store app, if you cannot find the apps, click on the three-dot icon at the top right side of the screen. Then select the Default Apps or System Apps option from the drop-down menu. It will make it faster for you to locate the play store.


  • Once you are on the play store info page, click on the three-dot icon at the top right corner. And select the Uninstall Updates. This step will bring back the official version of the play store app. 



how to fix "error retrieving information from server rh 01 from the play store



  • Then from the info page. Click on the Storage option and then select the Clear Cache option. It should be at the bottom or top of the screen.


  • You can tap the Clear Data as well just to be sure.   




how to fix "error retrieving information from server rh 01 from the play store




Now, if you try to install or upgrade any app, the play store shall not show those popups.


2. Update the Play Store App


To make the play store app compatible with your recent version of the OS, you need to update the app. The steps to do that are as follows:


  • Open the Play Store app and click on the Profile icon you can see at the top right corner, it is a circle with your Gmail account’s profile picture ( if you have set any profile picture).



how to fix "error retrieving information from server rh 01 from the play store



  • Click on the Manage Apps and Device from the menu.


  • Then select the Updates Available option and scroll down to select the Update button next to the play store app.



how to fix "error retrieving information from server rh 01 from the play store




In a while, the recent updates will be downloaded, and you can use the app without any glitches.


3. Factory Reset Your Phone


You must factory reset your phone if you are facing the RH 01 or the RPC: S-7 issue after you have installed a custom ROM. All you have to do is:


  • Ensure to take a backup of your important data, photos, and documents, or transfer them to your PC to restore them later. 


  • From the Settings screen, open the System option followed by the Reset Options.


  • Then select Erase All Data or Factory Reset option and confirm the action by entering your PIN.



how to fix "error retrieving information from server rh 01 from the play store




The reset will install the default OS and fix all the glitches so that you can use the play store app.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Can Play Store Cache be Corrupted or Not?


Yes, if you do not clean the play store cache regularly it will be corrupted. As there are too many outdated cache files.


2. Will You Lose All Data If You Clear Play Store Data?


No, you will not lose all the data on your phone if you clear play store data. However, the saved credit card or payment data will be removed, which you can add later. 


3. Can Cache Partition Trigger the RH 01 Error?


The error RH 01 is mainly a play store-specific issue. But yes, sometimes the outdated cache or temporary files on the cache partition can cause the error.


4. Why Does Custom ROM Interfere with the Play Store App?


Some custom ROMs are cheaply modified. And they can contain malicious contents that can trigger the play store or the system apps. 


5. Will Restarting the Device Fix the Error RH 01 from the Play Store?


Restarting the device is less likely to solve the RH 01 issue. But you can try it, and it might fix the stuck codes to get the app back to functioning correctly.




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Without getting access to new apps and game updates once in a while, it becomes boring to use your smartphone. And some users switch to other unofficial or third-party apps to install apps. Indeed, those are not as efficient as the play store.


But now that you know how to fix “Error retrieving information from server RH 01 from the play store, you do not have to use alternative apps at all!


We suggest you not download unofficial updates or apps continuously. Thus, it will help to prevent the RH 01 or similar errors.

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