How To Fix Iphone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting?

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Suppose you are using your iPhone Hotspot and face iPhone Hotspot keeps disconnecting. You cannot help but know how to fix the issue and apply the solutions yourself.


You may try disabling low data mode to deal with the issue and try reconnecting with the Hotspot again. Resetting network settings and updating carrier settings also help in this regard. Ensure having the latest iOS version and have a decent data bundle to proceed with.


As you will learn from the following texts to repeatedly fix your iPhone Hotspot disconnecting, you will not find yourself at a loss while facing the problem. Use your iPhone Hotspot when only you are out of the Wi-Fi facility.


What Is an iPhone Hotspot?


As an iPhone user, you have a feature pre-installed on your iPhone called iPhone Personal Hotspot. With this magnificent feature, you may use your iPhone as a Wi-Fi source. You may share your cellular data with any other device, and the other device may connect to your Hotspot as a Wi-Fi connection.


This feature is also known as wireless tethering. Tethering simply lets you share your cellular data without any need for Wi-Fi.


How To Turn On iPhone Hotspot?


If you are looking for ways to turn on your iPhone Hotspot for other devices, simply follow the below-mentioned steps:


Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone.


Step 2: Turn Off your Wi-Fi option if it’s on. Otherwise, ignore this step and proceed with the next one.


Step 3: Tap on Cellular Data.


Step 4: Tap on the toggle button to turn it on.


Step 5: Below the cellular data, turn on the option, you will find ‘Personal Hotspot.’ Tap on it.


Step 6: Switch the toggle button against Allow Others to Join option.


Step 7: In the upcoming floating window, choose Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


There you are. You have successfully turned on the Personal Hotspot of your iPhone.


Collect the auto-generated password showing on your display for sharing with others to let them connect to your Hotspot. If you feel like it, you may change the password yourself as well.


iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting?


Suppose you are out of your home or in a situation where you cannot access your Wi-Fi. It might be some issues at the provider’s end or whatsoever. You need to access the internet immediately.


Now you will be considering your cellular data to use. But a bigger screen like your laptop will always be handy to get your job done.


And for this, you will have to turn on your Hotspot and connect your required device. Or, in another scenario, you have already linked your device with the Hotspot and are waiting for any individual notification.


In either of the above-stated scenarios, if you find that the Hotspot is disconnecting continuously, you will feel the most irritated. It would be best to learn to resolve the issue yourself as the ways are easy enough.


How To Fix iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting?


There are a few practical and easy ways available for you to deal with the iPhone Hotspot keeps disconnecting issues. You are going to find them below:


1. Check Your Data Bundle Usage


iOS lets you know the details of your Hotspot data usage. If you are a limited data consumer every month, there is a probability that you are done using your bundle already before the month ends.


Navigate to the Mobile Data menu through your Settings app. You will find the personal Hotspot data usage there. If it’s necessary, get an additional data bundle from your carrier.


2. Disable The Low Data Mode


You might like the Low Data Mode enabled if you are on a squeezed data plan. As the title suggests, this feature works to reduce mobile data usage.


Turning it on will disable some background tasks on your iPhone that might use your data like automatic update, Hotspot, and more. Disable it to solve the iPhone Hotspot keeps disconnecting issue.


To disable low data mode, here are the steps to follow:


Step 1: Navigate to Mobile Data through Settings.


Step 2: Now, choose your primary SIM.


Step 3: Find the option for Low Data mode and switch the toggle button to disable it. (Considering that it was turned on previously)




iphone hotspot keeps disconnecting




3. Reconnect To Hotspot


If you are stuck with the problem of Hotspot disconnecting repeatedly, you may try to reconnect with the Hotspot.


Go to your Settings. Then moving to the Wi-Fi section, Forget the current Wi-Fi. Then after a while, try to reconnect with the Hotspot again. You will need to input the Hotspot password you wish to use for connecting.


4. Disable The Low Power Mode


When running on a low battery, you might turn on your Low Power mode either through Settings or your Control Center to save some battery. This Low Power feature functions to reduce your background activities like fetching mail, downloading, Hotspot, etc., till you charge your battery.


If you keep your iPhone in Low Power consuming mode and turn on Hotspot, the connected end will face repeated disconnection from the Hotspot. Launch your Settings app. Tap on the Battery menu and disable the Low Power Mode option.





iphone hotspot keeps disconnecting




5. Reset Your Network Settings


If you are still facing the problem, try resetting your network settings. For that:


Step 1: Open your Settings app.


Step 2: Tap on the General menu.


Step 3: At the bottom, you will find the Reset option. Tap on it.





iphone hotspot keeps disconnecting




Step 4: And then Reset your Network Settings from the available options.




iphone hotspot keeps disconnecting




6. Update Carrier Settings


The local carrier that provides you the data releases regular updates to improve the data speeds and network connection. These updates are supposed to be installed automatically.


But in exceptional cases, you might have to update your carrier settings manually. To do so, follow these steps:


Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.


Step 2: Tap on the General menu.


Step 3: Now choose About among the options.




iphone hotspot keeps disconnecting




Step 4: Scroll down and find your SIM details. Tap on it.


Step 5: There, have a check on your Network Provider version. Tap on it to get the most recent version.



iphone hotspot keeps disconnecting




Step 6: You have to reboot your device to stabilize the changes.


Step 7: Lastly, establish your Personal Hotspot.


7. Update iOS Version


If you are using an iOS version that is outdated, you might face this Hotspot disconnection issue.


Go to your Settings. Then navigate to the General menu. Tap on Software Update and install the most recent iOS version.


How To Change Your iPhone Hotspot Password


Suppose in any situation you find that your iPhone Hotspot password has been widely distributed. As a result, people around you can misuse it.


In that case, you should change your Hotspot password. The steps are:


Step 1: Tap on your Settings app on your iPhone and open it.


Step 2: Now go to the option named Cellular.


Step 3: Then choose Personal Hotspot in Cellular.


Step 4: Now tap on the text box containing the Wi-Fi password.


Step 5: Clear your old password and input a new one. Your password must contain at least eight characters. And the characters are only supposed to be letters, numbers, and certain punctuations in type.


Step 6: Lastly, tap on Done. You will see the Done option floating on the top-right corner of your display.


Thus you can simply change your iPhone Hotspot password and will be able to keep control of the devices that you want to connect with your Hotspot.


How To Keep The iPhone Hotspot from Going Slow


If your iPhone Hotspot goes slow, you need to know how to keep your Hotspot from going dead. For this, apply the following fixes:


Turn Off Low Data Mode


You have an option for your iPhone called Low Data mode while using a cellular network for the internet. As this feature reduces the data consumption, it might cause a slower speed. To turn it off, follow the following steps:


Step 1: Go to Settings.


Step 2: Now navigate to Mobile Data.


Step 3: There, you will find Mobile Data Options. Tap on it.


Step 4: Now tap on the toggle button against Low Data Mode when turned on.


Check Your Network Speed


If you are provided a low bandwidth by your service provider, that can affect your Hotspot. A slow connection with low bandwidth eventually affects your Hotspot regarding speed.


Reset Network Settings


You may reset your network settings to solve your slow Hotspot speed. The steps are to take are as follows:


Step 1: Go to Settings on your iPhone.


Step 2: Look for the option called General and tap on it.


Step 3: There, you will find the Reset option. Go to it.


Step 4: Tapping on the Reset Network Settings will get you the job done.


Why Does My iPhone Say No Internet Connection When I Have Wi-Fi?


You might find your iPhone saying No internet connection even when your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi. There are a few reasons for this. It’s not always your iPhone that you can accuse.


You may try reconnecting to your Wi-Fi. For that, go to your Settings. And then navigate to Wi-Fi. Please turn it off and wait a while to turn it on again. From time to time, this trick might be handy for you.


Forgetting Wi-Fi is also an option. As you apply to forget the Wi-Fi on your iPhone, this action will wipe all Wi-Fi data. And then try to reconnect to the Wi-Fi by providing the password again.


Disabling Wi-Fi Assist is a viable option. This feature on your iPhone automatically turns your cellular data on as it fails to find a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Turn this off and see if the issue is fixed.


If you still face the issue, it’s most probably something to deal with the router or Wi-Fi connection itself. Try restarting your router. If this doesn’t work, contact your provider and ask for rechecking your connection.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do I have a Hotspot on my iPhone?


The answer is yes. Every single iPhone is blessed with a Personal Hotspot feature.


How many hours is 15 GB of Hotspot?


If we consider mathematically, you can use 15GB of data for around 50 hours, provided that you use data at a low definition. Consuming data at a high level will affect the duration.


Does the iPhone hotspot cost money?


The simple answer is no. iPhone Hotspot doesn’t cost you anything. But you must pay for the data bundle you are sharing through your iPhone Hotspot.



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Final Words


When you are using your iPhone’s Hotspot option, it means you are out of a Wi-Fi facility, and it’s urgent for you to access the internet in one way or another. If your iPhone hotspot keeps disconnecting at this crucial time, nothing can be more irritating. So, the above-stated ways to fix the issue must be handy for you.


You can keep the internet speed high by maintaining how many devices connect. And for security purposes, make sure to protect the password. Don’t just spread it randomly. Otherwise, you will find yourself at a loss when you find that your cellular data bundle is finished out of the blue!

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