How To Fix Iphone No Sound On Calls?

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How to fix iphone no sound on calls? Suppose you are calling someone with your iPhone. But you don’t hear any sound on calls. We all have been there. Moreover, it is one of the common problems of the iPhone. There are many reasons for no sound on call on iPhone.


Besides, every problem comes with solutions. We just need to get the right solution to our problems. Bear with us, and we will let you know how to fix iPhone no sound on calls.


Possible reasons for no sound on calls for iPhone


iPhone 7/8/8 Plus/11/12/13/X users have reported facing the issue. The problem of not getting the sound on phone calls on the iPhone is pretty standard. It can cause due to some reasons like –


  • Incorrect settings,


  • Hardware and software issues,


  • iOS system errors, glitches.


There are a lot of fixes for the issue. Depending on the fixes, you can find out the reason for your problem. You can try most of the solutions all by yourself.


How to fix no sound on calls for iPhone?


Now you will get some solutions to fix no sound on calls for iPhone. Let’s dive in.


Fix: 1- Restart


When facing a glitch/ any issue, the first thing to do is restart your phone. A restart helps to solve glitch issues instantly.


You can restart your iPhone by –


  • pressing any volume button and the power button together
  • sliding the “Power off” on screen,
  • and then, turning your mobile on back.


Fix:2- Increase the volume


Sometimes you might not get sound due to the lower volume on your phone. So before freaking out on the sound issue, check the volume level on your mobile. That would save you from wasting both time and energy.


Fix: 3- Turn off the Headphone mode


Sometimes the device gets stuck in the headphone mode even if it is unplugged. That might happen due to dust in the headphone jack. You can try plugging and unplugging headphones to disable the headphone mode. Also, you can try cleaning the dust by compressing air bursts into the jack.


Fix: 4- Turn the Bluetooth mode off


If you face sound issues, check if the Bluetooth mode is on. If so, you won’t be able to hear any sound on phone calls. A Bluetooth connection will lead the audio to the device connected via Bluetooth. So before going to any conclusion, check your phone’s Bluetooth mode.


Fix:5- Check your iPhone receiver


Your iPhone receiver can also block the sound on phone calls. If the receiver is clogged, it might be the reason for the sound block. Specks of dust can jam the iPhone receiver like the headphone jack. So do have a routine check on the receiver.



fix iphone no sound on calls




Fix:6- Turn off the Do Not Disturb feature.


The feature – Do Not Disturb mutes all kinds of alerts on your device. You have to check out the Do Not Disturb feature during a sound problem and turn it off.


Fix:7-Disable Third-party app


Third-party apps can cause harm to your device. It can also raise the issue of iPhone no sound on calls. So be careful while giving access to any third-party app on your device.


Fix:8-Check out the network connection.


A strong network connection is required to make calls. If you are in a weaker network zone, you may not get sound on calls.


Fix:9-Update the latest iOS version


Do you have the latest iOS version? If not, your iPhone might have a bug, and it can create a sound problem.


Keep your iPhone updated with the newest iOS version. Make sure to back up all data to your iCloud before updating iOS.


To update, go to Settings > General > Software Update (you would get the available update here) > Download and Install.




fix iphone no sound on calls




Fix:10-Reset your iPhone


iPhone no sound on calls might be a software issue. If any of the fixes mentioned above don’t work, you should try resetting your device.


You can reset the iPhone in two ways –


  • Hard Reset – Hard reset is the way of forcefully restarting the device to solve a trouble. It does not clean the data of your device.


  • Factory Reset – In this way, you can regain the device as new as you bought it for the first time. It will clean all your data. So make sure to back up all data to your iCloud before factory reset.You can choose between them as per your need.


Fix:11-Contacting Apple Support


If none of the mentioned solutions works out, it might be a hardware problem. At this stage, contact Apple support. They might give the perfect solution to your problem.


Wrapping up


Considering all these, you can understand how to fix iPhone no sound on calls. If you follow any of these solutions, we hope you can fix iPhone no sound on calls.


We have provided good solutions to get you out of this trouble. As long as it’s not some serious hardware issue, you can fix it yourself. If you can’t make it, you have to take your iPhone to the servicing center.



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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What to do if my phone has no sound during calls?


If you have a ‘no sound on calls’ issue, try the fixes given in this article. You would surely get the expected result.


2. How do you fix an iPhone that only works on a speaker?


You can try restarting your phone at first. If your iPhone no sound on calls unless on speaker, you have to try increasing volume. After that, check your headphone jack.


Also, you can check the iPhone receiver network connection as well. Try hard reset or factory reset at last. iPhone no sound on calls unless on speaker.

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