How To Fix Kmp External Codec cpu arm64-v8a?

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Within a while, you will get the solution of how to fix KMP external codec cpu Arm64-v8a. To have an amazing video streaming experience, we rely on different video players. KMPlayer is one of those video players that provide an amazing experience with its user-friendly interface.


This is one of the most popular video players for Android and iPhone users. Sometimes, you may get this error notification “This media requires an external coded to play” while playing videos on KMPlayer.


Are you also facing a similar issue? You have arrived at the right place. After reading this article, you will be able to play videos of any format without any interruption. That would be great, won’t it?


Let’s skip the intro and dive into the solution.


KMP External Codec cpu arm64-v8a


Do you know what KMP External Codec cpu arm64-v8a is? Well, permit me to tell you. Video players like KMPlayer, MX player use their internal codec to play videos. Most of the videos are playable with the available default codec of KMPlayer. But some videos require high power and CPU.


In that case, KMPlayer fails to play that type of video with its internal built-in codec. It indicates that videos with this notification “This media requires an external codec to play. Do you want to detect Codecs”.


What do you do when you get a notification “This media requires an external codec to play”?


You will get the “Confirm” option below this notification. If you touch on the confirmation, your default browser will open a new tab to download “KMP External Codec CPU arm64-v8a”. After downloading the external codec, you have to extract it to a specific folder. Next to that, you will be able to play the unsupported video.


Does it sound too confusing? Relax, I’m here to make it easier for you. Below you will get step-by-step explanations of how to download and fix KMP External Codec CPU arm64-v8a. Here you go.


How to Download and fix KMP External Codec CPU Arm64-v8a on Android and IOS?


You can do that with several methods. I am going to introduce you to the easiest one.


1st Step: Download KMP External Codec Compressed File


At the very first, you have to download the compressed file of the kmp external codec libvlcjni. You can download the compressed file directly from this link.


2nd Step: Extract Zip File


Have you downloaded the file from the above link? Alright, you have to go to the “Download” folder and extract the zip file in the same folder. You can do that with the default zip file extractor of your mobile. If there is no default application available for unzipping, you can use “ZArchiver”. After unzipping, you will find a file named “”.



kmp external codec cpu arm64-v8a




Make sure that you have saved the file in the “Download” folder of internal storage.


3rd Step: Allow KMPlayer to Use External Codec


At this point, we have to grant KMplayer permission to use the downloaded external codec. To grant permission, you have to open the KM player.



kmp external codec cpu arm64-v8a




After that, you have to touch on the General and you will get the ‘ ‘External Codec Use ” option. Simply, put a pick on the box.



kmp external codec cpu arm64-v8a




That’s it. It will allow the KM Player to use our downloaded libvlcjni Codec file. Restart your device and play the previous unsupported video. At that point, the video will play without showing any error.


Which Video formats can I play after downloading KMP External Codec cpu arm64-v8a issue?


You can play almost all types of video formats after downloading the external codec libvlcjni on KM player. To be more specific:


  • MPEG-1
  • MPEG-2
  • VP3
  • VP5,
  • VP6,
  • WMV
  • DivX
  • Cinepak,
  • FFV1
  • VCR1
  • HDML
  • Theora
  • 263(+)
  • 264
  • 265
  • ASV1/2
  • SVQ1/3
  • And So On


Wrap Up


Now, you know why KMPlayer shows “This media requires an external codec to play” notification. Besides, you have got step-by-step- explanations about how to fix KMP external codec cpu Arm64-v8a. However, if you face any further issues, you should update the KMPlayer from the Play Store or Apple Store. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.



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1. How to install a codec in KMPlayer android?


You need to download the codec and save the file in the internal storage “Download” folder. Then, you ought to allow permission to use the external codec.


2. Where can I download the free KMPlayer external codec for android?


XDA developers provide free KMPlayer external codecs for Android.


3. How can I change KMPlayer audio in Android?


Play a video and go to the “Audio” option. You can change the Audio from the “Open” option.


4. How do I make KMPlayer my default player?


Open the setting and select the “Default” application. Then, you have to select KM Player as the default player.

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