How to Fix Nodemon Command Not Found Error?

In order to work on node.js based projects or applications, the nodemon tool tends to help the developers. But with its benefits, it comes with some minor errors as well. And due to the error, you will not be able to run your project properly as the system will not find some commands.


If you are facing the same error, do not worry as we will break down how to fix “nodemon command not found” error.


Some of the workarounds might not fit well based on your system requirements. For that reason, we will include the alternative steps or commands that you can try out to resolve the issue. Ready to dive right in?


What Triggers the Nodemon Errors?


While installing the Nodemon tool, you need to keep several factors in mind. Otherwise, the wrong installation process can sometimes trigger an error. Or if you have not accessed the global package, it also can conflict with the program.


Sometimes installing the tool without the root or sudo access becomes problematic. And if bugs or some software messes up with the NPM path variable, it can also cause the error.


How to Resolve the “Nodemon Command Not Found” Error?


Some versions of the Nodemon tool and its package do not work correctly. Instead, it triggers repetitive error messages. And you can fix the issue with these methods below –



  1. Properly Update the Package


The package.json file or the entries need a proper update so that the Nodemon tool can work without any minor errors. Follow the instructions given below in order to update it:


  • The Nodemon server will not be able to start correctly if you get the error shown in the image below. And in such a scenario, you need to update the dependencies that belong to the server in package.json entries.




How to Fix "Nodemon Command Not Found" Error?





  • Now have a look at the picture below, and to start updating, you need to add your version of the server.js in place of the server.js version you can see in the picture.





How to Fix "Nodemon Command Not Found" Error?




  • You shall not skip the above-mentioned step if you do not have the entry shown in the picture below in your package file.





How to Fix "Nodemon Command Not Found" Error?




  • Enter and perform the following action, if you want to run the app.js file, and enter the scripts shown in the next picture,




How to Fix "Nodemon Command Not Found" Error?





How to Fix "Nodemon Command Not Found" Error?




Finish the process by running the server.



How to Fix "Nodemon Command Not Found" Error?




  1. Newly Install the Nodemon


Sometimes all your problematic nodemon needs is a new installation. It will remove the minor bugs or glitches from the tool and load it as a fresh one. So, to delete and newly install the tool, here are the steps to look for:


  • You need to enter the following scripts one by one and perform the commands. After that, the tool and its package will be newly installed.




How to Fix "Nodemon Command Not Found" Error?



  1. Properly Set the Path Variable


If the npm path variable is not properly set, you will most likely deal with the command not found error. Even after setting up the path properly, some apps or software can mess up with its variable. And you need to fix it with the following instructions:


  • From the start menu, go to the Control Panel window followed by the Environment variables section.


  • Then you need to click on the Edit environment variable to open the “Advance” tab. From there, go to the environment variable.


  • Give a name NPM in the variable name and make a new variable, then you can finish the nodemon installation path as shown in the image below





How to Fix "Nodemon Command Not Found" Error?




  • In the Path Variables, you need to add the npm variable, after that, you can close the Command Prompt and re-open it to enter the following scripts. After executing it, you will be able to see the nodemon version.


nodemon –version



  1. Install the Tool with Proper Permission or Access


If you do not have the proper access or permission to install the package or the tool, you will not be able to run your projects. To try out the method, all you have to do is:


  • With the following commands, you can easily install and run the nodemon with proper access.





How to Fix "Nodemon Command Not Found" Error?




  • Or you can get access to the ownership on NPM directories by asking your Linux admin, then following the commands is also useful to access the ownership.





How to Fix "Nodemon Command Not Found" Error?




After that, you will be able to get the package and tool without root or sudo access.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s): 



  • Will Installing the Nodemon Globally Fix Its Glitches?


If you install the Nodemon and its package locally on your system, you are most likely to encounter the error. But after updating or installing it globally, you can expect to get rid of the “not found” error.



  • Why Do Some Programs Conflict with the NPM Variable?


Sometimes other software or their bugs can interfere or conflict with some of the safe tools you are running. And that is the reason some programs mess up the NPM variable.



  • Does Nodemon Occur in MacOS?


Yes, the Nodemon error can occur in different types of OS. So, whether you are on Windows or macOS, you can encounter the issue.



  • Is the “nodemon cannot recognize the command” Same as the “Command Not Found” Error?


When you fail to run the projects, the nodemon sends some notifications. And “cannot recognize the command” is the same as the “command not found” error.





Once you figure out how to fix “nodemon command not found” error with some primary methods discussed above, you can try them to solve the similar issues that nodemon shows. However, if you are a beginner, we do not recommend following the methods on your own.


In this case, if you have enough experience with the nodeman, only then you can attempt the workarounds. Otherwise, you might mess up with the scripts, keep in mind!




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